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Cough during pregnancy: causes, types, treatment tactics

Image 2397 Cough is quite common, and during pregnancy it can cause a lot of trouble for both the mother and the developing child.Let's try to consider what are the causes of coughing in the future mother, are there any differences and peculiarities in the clinical picture and principles of treating the disease during this period?

Pregnancy makes special demands on the health of women, forces all its organs and systems to function in a strengthened mode.Despite the adaptation of the body to pregnancy, which is a physiologically normal condition, women often have failures in immunity, leading to the development of painful processes and the development of cough.

Table of contents: Why does a cough occur and what does it happen during pregnancy? What is dangerous for a cough during pregnancy, the reasons for its development and the consequences of . Read:

Why does a cough occur and how it happens during pregnancy

Cough occurs in humansAs a protective cleansing reaction that allows you to get rid of foreign body, mucus, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, dust that irritate the mucosa of the respiratory tract.

There are many kinds of cough.Consider the main types of it, most common in pregnancy.

Coughing happens:

  • Image 2398 dry, arising in the initial stages of inflammatory diseases or foreign bodies:
  • is wet, which is accompanied by sputum discharge corresponding to the 2nd phase of inflammation( exudation);
  • mixed, i.e. alternating dry and wet;
  • is specific, occurring in certain diseases and having its own picture.For example, cough with pertussis: paroxysmal, spasmodic with difficulty in inhaling and free exhalation.Its kind of coughing is with bronchial asthma( free breath and shortness of breath), diphtheria, tuberculosis, heart diseases, thyroid gland diseases, allergies;
  • reflex cough;
  • is neurotic.

In addition, there is a day and night cough.

In pregnancy, the most frequent cause of cough are inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.Certainly, that in its treatment paramount importance is given to the elimination of the underlying disease.

How dangerous is the cough during pregnancy, the reasons for its development and the consequences of

Consider the causes, types of cough and dangers that the expectant mother and child can expect in different periods of pregnancy.

Causes of 1 trimester cough

The very fact of the onset of pregnancy is a powerful stress for most women.Along with the joy of the upcoming motherhood, fears of illness, fear of bearing pregnancy, fear of complications and childbirth arise.Simultaneously, a deep hormone-enzymatic alteration of the organism occurs, often provoking the onset of diseases, a predisposition to which has already occurred.

It is during this period that the woman's immunity becomes particularly vulnerable, which in the end can lead to inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract accompanied by a cough.Immune malfunctions and stresses lead to allergization of the body to a pregnant woman.Cough causes sudden changes in pressure in the abdominal cavity, which negatively affects the tone of the uterus and can cause hypoxia( oxygen starvation) of the fetus.

Note: Cough accompanies a very dangerous infection for the child - rubella, which causes anomalies in the development of the developing organism.Therefore it is very important for any variant of a cough to visit a doctor for the purpose of diagnosing and treating the existing pathology.

Diseases that cause a cough in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy

Image 2399 The term from 12 to 24 weeks is no longer as dangerous in terms of harm to pregnancy from infectious diseases.The woman's organism underwent a full-fledged reorganization, possible deviations were overcome, in addition, the future child is protected by the placental barrier.Therefore, a cough caused by common infections rarely presents a threat to the mother and the developing fetus.But it must be remembered that it is in this trimester that the future nervous system and other tissues of the child form.Therefore, cough associated with difficulty breathing in a pregnant woman leads to fetal hypoxia, causing disruption of its development, in severe cases - leading to miscarriage.

By the end of the 2nd trimester, the uterus begins the process of preparing for childbirth, and its muscular apparatus periodically shrinks and relaxes.Therefore, an additional load of cough with pressure drops can adversely affect the development of the child.

Cough and its sequelae in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Closer to the term of delivery, the danger of complications from infectious diseases is taking second place.More and more often the uterus comes to a state of tonus, sometimes it occurs paroxysmally.Especially dangerous cough in the presence of pathology of placenta previa.In this case, coughing either provokes the presentation or aggravates it.

This trimester can occur:

  • premature placental abruption;
  • early discharge of amniotic fluid;
  • sudden uterine bleeding;
  • premature delivery;

Than to treat a cough during pregnancy

We recommend to read:

Image 2400 It is quite clear that cough during the period of bearing a child is a problem that requires special attention and the need for treatment.But it is absolutely not recommended to engage in self-medication, obligatory consultation and supervision of a doctor is necessary.

Please note: is important not to treat the developing child with treatment, so for any type of cough and any period of pregnancy, it is immediately necessary to make an appointment with a doctor.Treatment for a cough begins only after a clear diagnosis.

Before starting treatment, do not forget that the pregnant is absolutely contraindicated:

  • hot foot baths;
  • common heating bath;
  • use of mustard plasters and setting jars;
  • alcohol-containing preparations( tinctures, drops, solutions).

Treatment of a cough reduces to treatment of the underlying disease that caused a reflex response of the respiratory system.It is allowed during pregnancy to use syrups against coughing.A direct impact on the problem that has arisen should be carried out in the light of its nature.

So, with a dry cough after a doctor's consultation, you will see:

  1. Homeopathic syrup "Stodal".(1st trimester).Take as directed.
  2. Cough syrup "Stoptussin-Fito"( 2 and 3 trimester) in doses not more than 1 teaspoon per reception 3 times a day, for up to 5 days.More use of the drug is not recommended because of possible allergic complications.
  3. In the case of an infectious disease against the background of the main treatment at a body temperature above 38 degrees, Koldrex Knight is administered a 1 teaspoonful 4 times a day to treat a cough in a pregnant woman.(2nd and 3rd trimester).
  4. More powerful Libexin in tablets - only if you can not do without it.For example, with a very strong paroxysmal cough, which jeopardizes pregnancy.It should be used in the smallest doses and only at the doctor's prescription.If the condition improves, stop taking it immediately.

In case of a wet cough, the following are recommended:

  1. Bromhexine is a mucolytic containing a licorice root syrup.It is also used in severe cases in all trimesters of pregnancy.
  2. Muciltin, containing the root of Althea, is less pronounced but much softer.It is recommended in any trimester.
  3. Tussin is an expectorant, the use of which is also allowed throughout the gestation period.
  4. Herbion is a syrup containing extracts of thyme and primrose.Application requires care and with the appearance of any reactions - immediate cancellation.
  5. Propane, a herbal preparation.Observe special care during treatment.

Other drugs for treatment are not recommended because of frequent complications.

Important! The group of categorically contraindicated drugs during pregnancy is quite large.Particularly dangerous are Kodelak, Terpinkod, other drugs containing codeine.

Treatment of cough during pregnancy by traditional medicine


Image 2401 Very good effect when coughing pregnant women give inhalation:

  • infusions of chamomile, eucalyptus and sage;
  • solutions of soda with honey.Inhalation is carried out at the temperature of the prepared composition not higher than 50-55 degrees for 10 minutes, twice a day.After inhalation, you need to sit quietly for 15-20 minutes without talking, not eating or drinking.On the street do not go half an hour, especially in the cold season.At elevated temperature, inhalations are contraindicated.

In the treatment of a cough, pregnant women can use inhalers-nebulizers.

A dry cough with an existing sore throat is well removed by rinsing.

The infusions and solutions of are best:

  • eucalyptus and calendula,
  • soda solution.

A good folk remedy for treating cough at home in pregnant women is considered to be the rations of the rinsing rats:

  • Image 2402, the dried leaves of eucalyptus, marigold and sage flowers are mixed in equal parts.In a liter of boiling water, add 5 tablespoons of the prepared medicinal mixture, which must be cooked for 10 minutes in a water bath.Warm up on very low heat.Allow to cool, rinse before warming to body temperature.The resulting infusion is used throughout the day;
  • take equally crushed and dried raspberry leaves, powdered chamomile flowers, mint leaves, althea root raw material, dried clover flowers.Add 4 spoonfuls of the mixture to a liter of boiling water, heat on a water bath for 15 minutes, using a very weak fire, strain.To infusion does not cool, it is recommended to fill it in a thermos bottle.Drink - as necessary, but not more than 2 days.

Treatment of cough pregnant with a drink at home

A good effect in treating a cough is to ingest warm milk with honey, carrot juice, rosehip broth.

Pregnant shows the use of infusion berries of Kalina, brewed at home from the calculation of two cups of boiling water for half a cup of raw materials.In this composition, a teaspoon of honey is added.Dried medicinal drink is taken 3-4 times a day, dividing the entire volume by the multiplicity of receptions.

Cough and boiled for 20 minutes on very low heat fig fruits in milk( 2 fetuses per glass of milk).Drink warm in the night.

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