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How to lower cholesterol in the blood: recommendations of specialists and traditional medicine

GQ9k47eHjMA The word "cholesterol" in recent years has become, perhaps, one of the most popular.Fear of this substance sometimes reaches the point of absurdity.Otherwise, how can you explain the labeling "without cholesterol" on bottles with sunflower oil, in which it never was and could not be?

Yes, it is with this oily substance that the lion's share of heart diseases is associated.Yes, articles with recommendations for reducing cholesterol are full of Internet.But is it really so terrible and is it really worth fighting against it without sparing your stomach?

Table of contents: What is cholesterol Effect of cholesterol on the body Physiological methods of lowering cholesterol in the blood Diet with high cholesterol in the blood Physical activity Medication methods for lowering cholesterol How to reduce cholesterol by folk remedies?

What is cholesterol

Before you start fighting, you should know "the enemy in person."Cholesterol is a fatty alcohol, which is 80% produced by the liver.The remaining 20% ​​of the body receives from food.

In its pure form, cholesterol in the blood is not contained, as it is not able to dissolve in water.However, it is part of complex compounds - lipoproteins, which transfer this substance to tissues.It is their level that doctors examine and they influence the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Two types of lipoproteins affect the likelihood of disease development:

  • of high density( HDL);
  • low density( LDL).


The former are considered "good" because they dissolve well in the blood, do not precipitate, and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.The second - this is the same cholesterol, the elevated level of which leads to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Cholesterol norms( total, LDL and HDL cholesterol) are given in the table:


Cholesterol action on the body

Cholesterol is an integral part of the human body.It is contained in the wall of each cell of any tissue of the body, on its basis, bile acids and vitamin D are synthesized, a chain of chemical reactions begins with it, at the end of which sex hormones and corticosteroids are formed.Thanks to him, red blood cells can withstand the poisons that destroy the wall of red blood cells.

It is obvious that there are many advantages in cholesterol, however, most of us know only the known disadvantage - an increased risk of atherosclerosis leading to heart attack and stroke. It happens this way:

  • Normally, cholesterol "seals" the microdamages of the inner walls of blood vessels;
  • in the case of dyslipidemia( impaired fat metabolism), excessive cholesterol is deposited at the injury site;
  • on the formed clot settles more and more of this substance;
  • forms a complete atherosclerotic plaque;
  • under the influence of adverse factors, the plaque detaches from the vessel wall and flows into the heart or brain, provoking hypoxia in the corresponding site of the organ, leading to necrosis.


Physicians describe the effects of cholesterol on the body and the causes of high cholesterol in the blood:

Physiological methods of lowering cholesterol in the blood

Physiological conditions can be called methods to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol, for which use is notIt is necessary to run around doctors, buy medicines and do some unnatural for a person's movements.In fact - these are the rules of a healthy lifestyle, which are known to everyone, and which not all respect.

Diet for high blood cholesterol

This is not about fashionable diets aimed at emergency weight loss, like Dukan or the Valley, but the very style of eating.Cholesterol is found exclusively in animal fats.Most of it in egg yolks, internal organs of animals and butter, as well as fatty varieties of cheese and liver fish.By simply eliminating these products from your menu, you can already significantly reduce your blood cholesterol level.

Doctors, nutritionists recommend also include in the diet some foods that prevent excessive absorption of cholesterol.First of all, it is vegetable fiber and pectins.According to one hypothesis, these substances have the ability to bind cholesterol in the intestine, transfer it to an inactive state and remove it from the body.

You should definitely eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.Being antagonists of saturated fats, these acids suppress the synthesis of LDL( "bad" cholesterol) and stimulate the production of HDL, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

About the products that help reduce cholesterol in the blood, says the specialist:

Physical activity

According to many experts, adequate physical activity not only contributes to weight loss, but also helps to normalize cholesterol. Detailed studies of this phenomenon have not been made, but it can be assumed that the normalization of the content of LDL and HDL in athletes is associated with several factors:

  1. To achieve high sports results, the athlete simply must eat healthy food.In his diet, the content of all nutrients is carefully balanced.He does not abuse any saturated animal fats.And the more so trans fats.He consumes a sufficient amount of protein and does not exceed the norm of carbohydrates.
  2. Even in the off-season, the athlete does not allow the increase in body fat volumes above the normative indices.
  3. Physical exercise trains vessels and the heart, increasing their resistance to harmful influences.
  4. Finally, the vast majority of athletes do not smoke, but tobacco smoking is the main provoking factor of atherosclerosis.

Thus, it becomes clear that a healthy lifestyle, including avoiding bad habits, sports and proper nutrition, can significantly reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol even without taking medications.

Medical methods for lowering cholesterol

HG475_blood-vessel-cholesterol_FS A certain part of dyslipidemia( namely, the violation of fat metabolism, due to which the cholesterol content deviates from the norm) is not caused by nutritional reasons.In about 25% of cases, hereditary factors are the "culprit" of the disease.In this case one healthy way of life can not manage and it is necessary to take medicine.

The most well-known are statins, drugs that block the levels of LDL by blocking certain enzymes and increase the level of HDL.The effectiveness of their maximum only in middle-aged people.These drugs are absolutely not suitable for self-treatment, as uncontrolled intake of them can lead to the destruction of cells of muscle tissue.

The second group of hypolipidemic drugs is fibrates.This category of drugs has the same effect as statins.However, it develops according to a different mechanism, which, however, is of interest only to specialists.

Nicotinic acid is another tool that regulates fat metabolism and allows you to achieve fairly good results.In fact, it is a vitamin PP found in many common foods( beans, buckwheat, meat, mushrooms).However, the amount of "nicotine" that is sufficient for the development of the therapeutic effect can not be used with food, so it is prescribed in the form of tablets or injections.

How to reduce cholesterol by folk remedies?

The incredibly high awareness of people about the dangers of cholesterol could not pass the attention of those who "stand at the helm" of alternative methods of treatment.At present, dozens of dietary supplements are being produced, which are supposedly better than any medicine to help normalize fat metabolism.And if supplements based on vitamins B and nicotinic acid somehow help, then using garlic and soy protein is all much more difficult - evidence of their effectiveness does not exist, and therefore the reception of such supplements may not give the desired effect.

By a strange "coincidence" in the instructions to most of these funds, an indispensable condition for success is the observance of a diet.And if you consider that most of the dyslipidemia is caused by food factors, then there is no sense in taking dietary supplements simultaneously with the diet.Proper nutrition in most cases will help reduce cholesterol, despite dietary supplements.

However, vitamin complexes and omega-3-containing capsules contribute to the reduction of cholesterol, especially in people who do not eat enough of these substances.

Before dealing with lowering cholesterol, it would be nice to figure out if it's increased.To do this, you need to visit a doctor who will send for appropriate tests.And it should be remembered that not only cholesterol is the cause of heart disease.Smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight - all this can provoke atherosclerosis even at a normal level of lipoproteins in the blood.Compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent the occurrence of any disease.So observe them!

Volkov Gennady Gennadievich, medical reviewer, ambulance doctor.

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