Genital Herpes: Symptoms of Treatment

In our time, the theme of genital herpes: symptoms, treatment - is very relevant, as this disease scares many, despite the fact that in essence it is harmless. Herpes pathogen is a herpes simplex virus( HSV) of two types. The most unpleasant thing in this disease is that it is currently considered incurable.

There is a fairly common misconception that genital herpes can be infected by taking advantage of an infected one towel, swimming pool, toilet seat, common utensils or in a steam bath. This is an erroneous opinion, the virus is transmitted by sexual contact( vaginal, oral or anal).There is also the possibility of transmission of the disease during pregnancy from the mother to the fetus. Despite the fact that the disease is most contagious in periods of onset of symptoms, most infections come from people in the asymptomatic phase of the disease.
It should be noted that with a single unprotected sex with a partner who has herpes, women are infected in 90% of cases. Under the same conditions, the chance of infection in men is 50%.

In rare cases, the symptoms of infection with genital herpes can occur in the oral cavity, but only when the infection occurs with oral-genital contact.
Primary genital herpes has an incubation period of up to 26 days, but sometimes this period can last only 24 hours.

Symptoms of
Symptoms of herpes are divided into two types: primary( when manifested for the first time) and the form of relapse( all cases after the first), describe the symptoms in more detail, so genital herpes: symptoms.
In primary genital herpes, pain, burning and swelling occur at the site of the lesion in most cases. There may also be headache, fever and general malaise, and in a few days small bubbles begin to appear with a clear liquid.
After a while, the bubbles begin to burst and at the same time red painful sores remain in their place. The period of complete healing of the rashes is approximately two weeks.
Relapses of the disease go much softer in comparison with the primary herpes: without headaches, fever, malaise and the rashes themselves are much less. Relapses in most cases always appear in one place and their appearance provokes other infections, illnesses, emotional stress, alcohol consumption or hypothermia. Recurrent rashes last a week or one and a half.
The most infectious are those patients who are currently experiencing symptoms of recurrence or primary genital herpes.
Many people have no symptoms at all, but they are still sources of infection.
It should be noted that the symptoms, the treatment of herpes in men and women almost does not differ. The only thing worth paying attention to is the danger of contracting the genital herpes of a pregnant woman. Herpes newborns can cause neurological disorders in the child or even lead him to death. The most dangerous infection in the last three months of pregnancy.
Sometimes women have an atypical form of herpes, which can manifest as a chronic inflammation of the internal genital organs, but no bubbles and erosive elements are formed. This form of genital herpes sometimes causes minor redness on the genitals or painful cracks in the skin, and in some cases only itching appears without any visible changes.
Symptoms of genital herpes are not only outside the genitals. They can also be on the legs and hips, inside the vagina or urethra.

Diagnosis of genital herpes

If you suspect a genital herpes infection, you should visit a doctor. The problem is that the manifestations of genital herpes can be very similar to the symptoms of syphilis, which is why it is so important to clarify the diagnosis, because if it's syphilis, then the danger is much greater.
Primary genital herpes in rare cases gives complications in women, it can be meningitis, neuralgia, cervical cancer, ascending myelitis and spontaneous abortion.

Treatment of

As it was written above, modern medicine does not know how to get rid of genital herpes, and even herpes in general. All that can be done is to ease the course of the relapse and accelerate the healing of the rashes, the virus itself is not destroyed at the same time. Most of the time, the virus is inactive and manifests itself as a relapse at moments of weakened immunity.
Antiviral drugs such as famciclovir, valaciclovir and acyclovir are commonly used to treat genital herpes. It should be noted that acyclovir is much cheaper than valaciclovir and famciclovir, but the latter are more modern. The use of various topical antiviral drugs( ointments and creams) has almost no effect.
It is worth noting that when taking antiviral drugs, when the rash has not yet appeared, but began to disturb the pain and burning, it is very effective and often prevents the appearance of rashes.
When the rash has already appeared, taking antiviral drugs significantly speeds up the rate of their healing. People who experience relapse too often can prescribe prophylactic treatment, usually this is an addition to antiviral therapy in the form of restorative drugs, immunotherapy, physiotherapy, etc.

First, you should use a condom with casual sexual intercourse. But the most effective methods still remain faithfulness to their regular sexual partner.
If you suspect the presence of genital herpes or you know exactly about this, you need to inform your sexual partner( even if there are no symptoms at the moment), and only have sex in a condom.