Ichthyosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Ichthyosis has much in common with disease of dermatosis. The disease is hereditary. There is a violation of keratinization on the surface of the skin and scales are visible. This disease is quite unpleasant. Today we will consider its causes and symptoms.

Causes and Symptoms of

Disease Studies have shown that it is the gene mutation that leads to ichthyosis. The disease can be transmitted through a generation. So far, the biochemistry of this process has not been fully elucidated. A clear sign of abnormality is an increased level of cholesterol and a metabolic disorder in the body.

Mutation leads to ichthyosis. All metabolic processes decrease activity and thermoregulation is impaired. In patients, a decrease in the functions of the adrenal glands, the functions of the gonads and thyroid gland is revealed. Meanwhile, there is still a lack of humoral and cellular resistance. The body does not absorb vitamin A, so there are difficulties with the functioning of the sweat glands. The human body is covered with scales, which are a bit like fish.

Patients with ichthyosis have dental problems. And also they have very fragile nails and hair. Man suffers from brittle and dry hair. Virtually all teeth suffer from tooth decay. Often the disease is accompanied by conjunctivitis and retinitis. If a person is located from childhood to nearsightedness, then there will be problems with vision. The disease is accompanied by a decrease in the immune system. Allergic reactions occur.

Children have vulgar or else it is called ordinary ichthyosis. It appears from children under 3 years old. Carry out a diagnosis at 3 months of life, but not earlier. This type of disease is the most common at the moment. At the usual form the skin of the child acquires a roughness and dryness. Then the body is covered with gray-black or white scales, which are connected together. The vulgar form of the disease does not affect axillary cavities and inguinal part, as well as popliteal and ulnar folds. With a weak course of the disease, small peeling of the skin is visible.

There is a congenital and vulgar ichthyosis. So the innate affects all areas of the skin. When vulgar large scales are attached to the skin in the center, they show that it is a pearly ichthyosis. In children, serpentine ichthyosis may subsequently manifest. That is, on the surface of the skin there are pronounced skin patterns of the snake. Scales can take the form of warts, needles and thorns.

During the illness, the body temperature rises, especially during the hot season. There is dermatophytosis, eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, etc. Now the vulgar form has not been fully studied. It was revealed that the level of tryptophan, histidine, tyrosine increases.

Treatment of ichthyosis today

Usually therapy is prescribed by a doctor depending on the severity of the disease. Seek help from a dermatologist. It is best to fight with an ailment with a hospital. To eliminate the disease should take nicotinic acid, vitamins C, E, B and A in high doses. Vitamins help to reduce the appearance of scales on the skin. Apply a variety of creams and ointments, which in the composition have a lipid. To improve immunity, blood transfusion is prescribed and calcium is punctured with iron. Also recommend aloe and gamma globulin. If the pancreas and thyroid are affected, then insulin and thyroidin should be used. Often requires hormone therapy.

An excellent result in the fight against ichthyosis is ultraviolet irradiation, heliotherapy, thalassotherapy and baths. When relapses use mud and peat mud. Also used are aromatic retinoids. The prognosis of the disease is not very pleasant. Pathologies almost always have health consequences.

Treatment with ointments based on medicinal plants

We will try to prepare an effective ointment according to a folk prescription. To do this, take 500 gr of St. John's wort oil, 100 g of pine resin, 100 g of beeswax, 250 grams of home-made butter, 30 g of celandine( crushed), and 30 g of crushed chalk.

To prepare the ointment, we throw the mashed wax, butter, and mix everything in a saucepan. We bring the mass to a boil and add gum. Cook the mixture for 10-12 minutes. Now we can fill the celandine, mix and cook for another 5 minutes. Pour neatly the St. John's wort oil and add chalk. This mass should be simmered for another 2.5 hours. Add propolis to the resulting mixture and let it sit for another 30 minutes. You can shoot from the fire. We insist 12 hours. Now again boiling, we cool and filter through gauze. Our ointment is ready for use.

Medicinal herbs to help

For the treatment of ichthyosis, we will need medicinal herbs that have miraculous properties. We will need tansy, levzeum, peony evading, cardiac motherwort, mountain ash, sowing oats, sea buckthorn, aralia high, Eleutherococcus spiny.

You can prepare a remedy from one medicinal plant or from a mixture. We take 2 pieces of tansy( flowers), 1 part of the motherwort, 2 parts of the plantain, 4 parts of the root of the crocheted fork and one part of the horsetail. Grass pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist for about an hour, then strain the drink. It is necessary to drink 1/3 st 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 1 month. After that, break the week and repeat the course again.


As we said earlier, doctors prescribe to take vitamins E and A inside. It is best to drip intravenously. It is necessary to take also vitamins of group B. For stimulation of immunity use iron and arsenic. Assign hormonal drugs to control the adrenal and thyroid gland. Bracing procedures are needed. Therefore, you should do morning sunbathing. But you can not overheat. Instead of baths use ultraviolet radiation, only in small doses. It is helped by bathing in sea water. If there is no such possibility now, then it is possible to take baths with sea salt. At least 20 procedures. Baths should be alternated. Once add borax and glycerin, another time salt and borax.

We recommend the use of soda and starch baths. Calculate about 100 grams per bath. Still it is possible to do or make baths from a hay rubble or coniferous. Excellent calming skin tea bath. Mix for this black and green tea for 1 tbsp. And pour a liter of boiling water. Necessarily after the procedure you need to treat the skin with a fat cream or ointment with vitamin A. In the cream, add olive oil.

Before using folk methods of treatment, we recommend that you consult with a dermatologist. We wish you good luck!