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Treatment of dandruff in children: tips on how to get rid of dandruff in a child

Dandruff in children Dandruff is one of the most common scalp diseases caused by both external and internal health problems.In children, this pathology of the scalp may be accompanied by heavy hair loss, itching, increased salon formation and general discomfort.You need to start treatment immediately, but for this you need to visit the narrow specialists, in particular, the trichologist, to undergo a survey and to reveal the true cause of anxiety.

Table of contents: Causes of dandruff in children Characteristics of dandruff Treatment of dandruff in children A guide to action for the treatment of dandruff in children Folk remedies for dry dandruff Folk remedies for fatty dandruff Prevention of dandruff

Reasons for dandruff in children

Reasons for abundant detachment of keratinized cellsSkin set.

The basis for the occurrence of dandruff can be:

  1. Baby dandruff Inadequate or incorrect hair care for a child is one of the most common causes of drying out the scalp and the formation of dandruff.Often such a manifestation provokes an incorrectly selected shampoo, the use of various balms for hair and other cosmetics intended for adults.
  2. Skin diseases such as seborrhea, microsporia, psoriasis and dermatitis .They cause scaling on the scalp.In addition to peeling, there is a lot of hair loss, which is a serious reason for going to a dermatologist.
  3. Reduced immunity to after illness and administration of certain antibiotics.
  4. Allergic reaction - dandruff can occur if in the near future the child took any medication, consumed allergenic products or manifested a reaction to animal or plant allergens.
  5. Avitaminosis is a common cause of dandruff.So the body makes it clear that it lacks nutrients, vitamins and trace elements.In addition to dandruff, with avitaminosis, hair loss and dryness are observed.
  6. Hormonal disorders of - they often provoke dandruff in a teenage child.At such displays of a pathology it is necessary to address to the endocrinologist and the therapist.
  7. Dandruff against the background of weak digestion of food - it appears if the child suffers from a digestive disorder.Together with it there is a fragility of nails, dryness of integuments.
  8. Pathogenic fungus - it settles on the upper epidermis, multiplies, penetrates into deep layers, releases toxins and disrupts the vascular system and sebaceous glands.As a result, the right substances do not reach the scalp, the skin dries up and forms white flakes.
  9. Neuroses and psychoemotional bursts is the destiny of sensitive children and children who are exposed to stress.Due to such reactions, a vasospasm occurs, the sebaceous glands cease to nourish the scalp, blood circulation is disrupted, and the upper layers of the skin are flaky.

Any of these diseases can lead to peeling of the skin, which gives the child emotional and physical discomfort. To timely start treatment, and prevent hair loss, you need to visit the trichologist.It is possible that there will be issued referrals to other doctors - the endocrinologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist.

Characteristic signs of dandruff

Dandruff can be dry( sebaceous glands do not produce the right amount of lubricant) and oily - active production of subcutaneous fat is observed.

Dandruff in a child Fat dandruff has the following characteristic features:

  1. Hair has become coarse, unruly, tough.
  2. On the entire surface of the skin there are pustular formations that appeared due to infection in the wound.
  3. Hair looks greasy, need daily washing.
  4. Scales of dandruff have a yellowish tint, stick to the skin and hair, it is difficult to wash off.

Dry dandruff looks different:

  1. White and gray scales easily fly off the head and settle on the clothes and face of the child.
  2. Hair is dry, thin and brittle.
  3. Skin overdried, in places there are microcracks and red areas.

Any manifestation of dandruff should be eliminated as early as possible, as the consequences can be severe: hair loss to baldness, fungal damage to the entire head area, infection in the bloodstream and infection of individual internal organs.

Basic principles of treatment for dandruff in children

To solve the problem with dandruff, the child should be treated in a comprehensive way, that is, use medication if there are internal diseases, normalize nutrition and use folk and local drugs to cleanse the scalp .Parents should understand that the most important thing is to reveal the real cause of the disease, so the use of local drugs will only slow the course of the illness for a while.

General principles for the treatment of dandruff in children mean several points:

  1. The child's menu is revised, harmful products are replaced with useful, fortified foods.
  2. The child must sleep for the required number of hours and avoid increased mental activity.
  3. The doctor appoints special drugs and medications that help fight the inflammation focus.

It is equally important to carry out local treatment that will help to eliminate hair loss, clean the skin from scales and accelerate the regeneration of the scalp.

Treatment of scalp is carried out with such preparations:

  • Natural curative shampoos containing natural ingredients.
  • Useful hair masks with healing mud and herbal decoctions.
  • Vegetable, nutritious oils - they will soothe dry skin and fill with useful elements.

You will find detailed information about all anti-dandruff medications here.Please note: not all shampoos and medical masks are suitable for children, therefore the doctor should be engaged in the choice of a remedy!

Guidelines for action on the treatment of dandruff in children

After the examination, the attending physician prescribes a set of medications.

Parents can help to speed up the recovery by following the following rules:

  1. For the treatment period, you need to appoint a dietary, vitaminized diet.In the diet should be present low-fat meat and sea fish, cereals, fruits, dairy products, greens.
  2. If a vitamin was detected by a doctor, a complex of multivitamins with the maximum content of useful elements is recommended.
  3. It is very important to establish a psycho-emotional state of the child, the disorder of which is manifested by restless sleep, fears, neuroses, hysterics.Parents need to pay more attention to the child, protect him from stress and unnecessary worries.
  4. Carefully choose hair care products.They should be hypoallergenic, natural and as safe as possible.Do not dry your head with a hairdryer, use cosmetics with odors and preservatives.
  5. If the cause of dandruff has become a fungal disease, then you need to start using local antifungal shampoos and sprays.Treatment is carried out only under the control of a dermatologist.

Folk remedies for dry dandruff

Dandruff in a child The general complex of treatment for dandruff includes recipes of traditional medicine, which have a positive effect, supplement therapy, relieve inflammation, accelerate the healing of pustules, promote hair growth.When dry dandruff is not recommended to wash the head with hard water, soften it can be a pair of drops of vinegar.Also avoid washing your scalp with excessively hot water, it drains the upper layer of the dermis.

Please note: for the treatment of dry dandruff in children is best suited for oil masks, which fill the skin with vitamins and moisturize the hair well.At treatment it is necessary to use such kinds of oils: lemon, burdock, peach, tea, oil from a balm, from grape pits, olive.

Effective recipes for traditional medicine, recommended for the treatment of dry dandruff in children:

  1. 3 spoons of warmed burdock oil spread on the scalp, cover with a film and wrap with a towel.This heat effect should be kept for 20 minutes, then thoroughly wash the hair.
  2. 1 tablespoon of onion juice mixed with a teaspoon of peach oil and applied to the skin with gentle massage movements.The duration of the thermal effect is 10 minutes.
  3. Add 20 drops of vitamin E and 10 drops of retinol to the crushed aloe vinaigrette blender.Warm the composition spread over the scalp and leave for 20 minutes under a film and towel.

Masks that include fatty dairy products, honey and decoctions of herbs like oak bark, nettle, chamomile, linden, balm are also effective.Rinse hair with a decoction after masks or washing your hair.To conduct phytotherapy recommend 2-3 times a week, for three months.

Folk remedies for fatty dandruff

Dandruff in a child Treatment of fatty dandruff in children begins with the removal of fat, high-calorie and carbohydrate food from the diet.Preparations, prepared according to folk recipes, act as antiseptics.They normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and help nutrients penetrate deep layers of the epidermis.

Note: for oily dandruff in children does not use essential oils and fatty dairy products, only herbal infusions that can rinse the skin after washing your head or use them as compresses.

Any herbal composition can be prepared independently, including components such as burdock root, marigold, hops .Herbs should be taken in equal proportions, pour boiling water and insist 30 minutes.Then you can wet the bandage and apply on the skin, or rinse your hair with infusion after washing.

The course of treatment is 2-3 months, then further prophylaxis is carried out during the next half-year.If there are pustules on the skin, it is necessary to avoid recipes that include such ingredients as onions, garlic, hot peppers.Such substances irritate the scalp, deliver a lot of painful sensations and do not solve the main problem.

Prevention of dandruff

Prevention of scalp disease is simple enough and will not require a huge amount of effort from the parents.

To avoid dandruff disturbing your baby, it's important to follow simple rules:

  1. Dandruff in a child how to treat Normalize the nutrition and the regime of the child's day.
  2. Correctly choose the means for hair care.
  3. Teach hygiene rules, and tell why you can not use someone else's combs.
  4. Do not ignore the child's complaints of abdominal pain, and promptly visit a specialist.
  5. In cold and hot weather, protect the skin with headgear.
  6. After the end of treatment, change the comb, it is good to wash the headgear.

Dandruff is an unpleasant disease that can be a signal of a more serious illness.If the child has been found dandruff, you must try to eliminate it as soon as possible, using a whole set of therapeutic measures.

Do not self-medicate and hope that advertised shampoo will definitely help in solving the problem.Most often after the application of local drugs, there is only a short-term result, since the true cause was not detected.So do not ignore such a "trifle" as dandruff - contact the specialists at the first appearance!

Chumachenko Olga, medical reviewer

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