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Pain in the left side in the lower abdomen - possible causes

Bolslev Abdominal pain is a serious symptom, which can be covered by a variety of diseases.Indication of the exact location of pain will help the doctor to make a correct diagnosis.So, a common symptom - pain in the left side in the lower abdomen, also has its own very specific reasons.

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Causes of pain in the lower abdomen on the left

The lower abdomen on the left in the anatomy has received a special name "left iliac region". Sigmoid colon and small intestine loops are projected into this area.Therefore, the pain in this part of the body can be a manifestation of the pathology of this department of the gastrointestinal tract.

In women, the left ovary with the fallopian tube is projected into the left iliac region.Indeed, the pain here in the fair sex is often caused by gynecological problems and therefore gynecological examination is mandatory.

Bowel Diseases

Diseases of the intestine can be a source of pain from the lower abdomen on the left.Sometimes the cause of this pain is hidden in the errors of nutrition, as well as banal flatulence.But it's not worth to be careless about pain in the abdomen, especially if there are accompanying symptoms.After all, this sign can hide, for example, bowel disease.

Acute intestinal infections

Symptoms-and-possible-complications-dysentery Abdominal pain can be caused by an acute intestinal infection .Thus, shigellosis( dysentery) often occurs in the form of colitis - inflammation of the large intestine.The patient complains of distinct pains in the lower abdomen, much more pronounced on the left( at the site of the projection of the sigmoid colon).When shigellosis the chair is quickened, mucus and blood are found in the stool.

In addition to this, intoxication of the body is caused by the explosive activity of the bacteria.Intoxication syndrome manifests itself as weakness, body temperature rise, chill .It is worth noting that pain in the left ileal region in combination with general toxoxic symptoms can be noted even in helminthiasis.

Noninfectious enterocolitis

In medicine, inflammatory colitis of non-infectious origin is also distinguished. For example, such a disease as nonspecific ulcerative colitis( NNC) is a consequence of autoimmune processes.With this pathology, there is often a left-sided lesion of the intestine, so the patient does not give rest to pain in the left side, especially from below .In addition, there are false desires for defecation( also called tenesmus), frequent diarrhea with blood, mucus.A moderate rise in body temperature is typical.

ulcerative colitis

Another disease that should be mentioned is Crohn's disease .In this case, any part of the gastrointestinal tract can be affected, accordingly, painful sensations can arise in any part of the abdomen.If the pathological process affects the small intestine( namely, the skinny and ileum), the pain occurs in the lower abdomen.The patient with Crohn's disease is also concerned about diarrhea, flatulence, loss of appetite, weakness, moderate fever.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It is estimated that about 10-20% of the world's population live with irritable bowel syndrome.One of the typical signs of an ailment is a pain in the abdomen.Pain is localized mainly in the iliac regions, more often on the left.Discomfort sensations decrease after defecation and do not disturb at all during sleep.Patients with irritable bowel syndrome are disturbed and stool disorders.Characteristic are also psychoemotional disorders in the form of chronic fatigue, headaches, anxiety, depressiveness.

Gynecological Disease

If a woman suddenly has pain in the abdomen, the doctor will initially suspect a gynecological pathology, as the most likely cause. Pain in the lower abdomen on the left is typical for such pathological conditions:

  • Left-sided salpingo-oophoritis;
  • Torsion, as well as cyst rupture of the left ovary;Ectopic( tubal) pregnancy.


Salpingo-oophoritis refers to the inflammation of the uterine appendages( ovaries and fallopian tubes). Inflammation is provoked by bacteria, viruses or fungi.The culprits of salpingo-oophoritis can be microorganisms of the girl's own microflora or pathogenic microorganisms( chlamydia, gonorrhea gonococcus, etc.) received from a partner.


Pain in salpingo-oophoritis is localized in the iliac region and spreads into the groin of the .With acute salpingo-oophoritis, pains occur suddenly.In addition, a woman's body temperature rises, she feels "broken", weakened.There may also be frequent urination, purulent vaginal discharge.

In the chronic process, the pain is of a periodical pulling character.As a result of prolonged inflammation, menstruation is disrupted, irregularity, abundance, and tenderness are noted.

Ovarian cysts and its complications

In the presence of cysts on the left ovary, women often note the heaviness in the left lower abdomen, as is the violation of menstruation .In the formation of complications( for example, torsion or rupture of the cyst) the feeling of heaviness is replaced by severe pain that spreads over the stomach and often radiates into the rectum and even the foot.This symptom is soon joined by nausea, a violation of the stool, a jump in body temperature.


When a left ovarian cyst ruptures, a woman suddenly feels an unbearable pain in the lower abdomen on the left, which irradiates into the lower back, crotch, and leg of the .At the same time, the body temperature increases significantly, and the pressure drops.There may also be bloody vaginal discharge.

Ectopic pregnancy

If, in addition to the pains in the lower abdomen, a woman has a delay in menstruation - it is necessary to exclude ectopic tubal pregnancy.A frequent complication of tubal pregnancy is the rupture of the fallopian tube. When the tube ruptures, there is an unbearable pain in the lower abdomen, which soon gives back to the lower back, the rectal area.From the vagina spotting is noted.The condition worsens quickly, the skin pales, the heartbeat decreases, the pressure drops, and loss of consciousness is possible.

What to take with pain?

If there is pain in the lower abdomen, especially if this fact is accompanied by weakness, a rise in body temperature, you should visit a doctor. It is recommended for a woman to immediately consult a gynecologist, a man - to visit a therapist who will give directions to either a urologist or a gastroenterologist or proctologist. Such conditions as torsion of the ovarian cysts, rupture of the fallopian tube and do require immediate medical attention.

It is not necessary to put a heating pad on your stomach, this contributes to the progression of the existing inflammatory process of .Until the moment of treatment in the hospital, it is better to refrain from the use of pain medications and antispasmodics, because this can distort the picture of the disease and make it difficult to determine the correct diagnosis.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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