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Trichomoniasis urethritis: symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

For laboratory diagnosis, it is necessary to take biological material from the patient. The following is suitable for the study:

  • fresh urine;
  • is separated from the urethra;
  • vaginal discharge;
  • secret of seminal vesicles and prostate.

In addition to the tests to identify the pathogen, the doctor conducts a survey and examination of the patient, as well as some instrumental studies, for example, ultrasound.They allow to determine the presence and extent of the inflammatory process, as well as exclude other diseases.

Methods for treating trichomoniasis urethritis

Trihomonadnyy-uretrit Treating trichomoniasis urethritis is carried out even when there are no symptoms, and the patient is only the carrier of infection .Therapy allows to exclude the further spread of the disease.More often, carriers are men who transmit the infection to women who have a pronounced symptom of inflammation.

Attention! For the period of diagnosis and treatment, any sexual intercourse is prohibited.

The examination is recommended not only for the patient, but also for his sexual partner.

Treatment of trichomoniasis urethritis is carried out by the following methods:

  • antibacterial therapy;
  • Metronidazole and its analogs;
  • instillation in the urethra;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs.

These measures are sufficient for recovery if the treatment was started in a timely manner.

Therapy for chronic disease lasts longer.In addition to drug treatment, it is necessary to follow the diet and drink plenty of .Sometimes prescribed immunomodulators and diuretics.In this case, physical activity is limited.The patient must strictly monitor that there is no hypothermia.Duration of treatment is determined individually.

Important! After the course of treatment, the material from the urethra is taken and a study is conducted for the presence of trichomonads.The patient can be considered healthy if trichomonads are absent.A positive result requires a repeat of the course of treatment.

In addition, they can carry out vitamin therapy for general strengthening of the body.


Prophylaxis of trichomoniasis urethritis is simple.It is necessary to avoid casual sexual relations, especially with representatives of a risk group( prostitutes and drug addicts).Using a condom in almost 100% of cases protects against infection.

If symptoms of a disease appear, you should immediately notify your sexual partner and consult a doctor.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, the doctor of the sexopathologist-andrologist of 1 category

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