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Foot fungus: symptoms and treatment

Fungus_arhoderm Fungus of the foot - a very common pathology, treated by dermatovenereologists.Among all skin diseases, the foot fungus ranks second.The disease occurs as a lesion of the skin of the feet, less often - the skin of the hands.You can get infected with a fungus from a sick person if the hygiene rules are not respected.We will analyze in more detail, from what the mycosis of feet arises, how it manifests itself and how to properly treat the fungus on the legs.

Table of Contents: Foot Fungus: Causes Foot Fungus: Symptoms Treatment of Foot Mycosis Folk Remedies for Foot Fungus Prevention of Foot Fungus

Foot Fungus: Causes of

The causative agent of this disease is the microscopic fungus of the genus Trichophyton.Some of these fungi can also occur on the skin of a healthy person, but they do not cause the disease itself.Only under certain conditions is the development of the disease noted.

These predisposing factors include:

  • traumatizing the skin of the legs;
  • wearing uncomfortable shoes;
  • increased sweating of the feet;
  • chronic diseases that occur with circulatory disorders in the legs( Raynaud's disease, atherosclerosis of the arteries of the legs);
  • hypothermia, especially local hypothermia of the feet;
  • marked decrease in immunity.


Most often, the foot fungus and accompanying nail fungus on the legs are seen in men.This is due in part to the characteristics of the male skin( more sweating), and also the fact that men often wear uncomfortable shoes.A high probability to catch this disease in public places, where people walk barefoot: in swimming pools, baths, saunas and in beauty salons, where they practice pedicure.

Foot fungus: symptoms

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The fungal infection of the legs can manifest in different ways - several basic forms of this disease are identified that are simultaneously its stages:

  1. Squamous - manifested by skin peeling in the interdigital spaces, at the base of the fingers, On the arch of the foot.In this case, nothing can disturb a person.
  2. Squamous-hyperkeratotic - on the background of peeling skin appear areas of densified skin with increased pattern and deepening of cutaneous furrows.There is an itch between the fingers.
  3. Intertriginoznaya - the condensed skin starts to become inflamed, it is possible the appearance of deep cracks in the skin.Itching passes into a burning sensation, which is accompanied by severe discomfort when walking.At this stage, the nail fungus most often joins.


  1. Dyshidrotic form.Against the background of inflammation, there are bubbles with serous fluid.The opened bubbles leave after themselves areas of erosion.This form of the disease manifests a pronounced itch, a pain in the area of ​​the opened blisters.An increase in body temperature may be noted.Dyshidrotic form is highly likely to have a purulent complication.

Treatment of mycosis of feet

Effective treatment of foot fungus is possible only after consultation with a dermatologist.The doctor must confirm the diagnosis, as there are other diseases that show similar symptoms;The cure for the fungus in these diseases will be ineffective.More details on how to treat the foot fungus, you will find out below.

Fungus preparations:

  1. Antifungal ointments and creams - contain substances that kill the immediate pathogen.
  2. Chatterboxes are specially prepared preparations for the foot fungus, which may include a variety of components with the indicated effects: analgesic, decongestant, antifungal, drying and others.
  3. Antiseptic ointments - used to relieve inflammation and prevent the suppuration of the skin and nails.
  4. Trays from antiseptic agents allow to soften a skin that strengthens effect from ointments and talkers.
  5. Antifungal varnishes are used mainly for fungus nails.
  6. Systemic drugs - for severe disease, especially with a dyshidrotic form, in the treatment of foot fungi, drugs are prescribed for oral administration - this is so-called systemic therapy.

Apply-cream-on-your-feet-dont-let-the-cold-season-ruin-your-pedicure In the treatment of foot fungus, preparations can be used that are inexpensive but effective.

Important: any ointment from the foot fungus is applied to the affected area and surrounding areas, including the nails.

In the early stages of foot fungus treatment is most effective, but requires consistency and scrupulousness in the performance of the doctor's prescriptions.

Folk Remedies for Foot Fungus

For peeling of the skin on the legs and the presence of erosions, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, used as a bath, has a positive effect.The foot fungus at home is treated only after removing the scales, which prevent the penetration of drugs deep into the skin.

Treating foot fungus with folk remedies - the following recipes are used:

  1. Fungus-image-2_tumb Cleanness.A half-liter of hot water is added 3-4 tablespoons of celandine juice.Legs affected by a fungus are immersed in a hot bath for 25-30 minutes.The course of treatment usually recommend up to 20 procedures.
  2. Treatment of fungus with sea salt.A liter of water requires 1 tablespoon of salt.The resulting "pickle" daily poured feet for 2-2.5 weeks.
  3. Feet stop and vinegar.Vinegar creates a pronounced acidic environment, which is very poorly tolerated pathogens of the fungus.Especially effective is vinegar in the initial stages of the foot fungus.To prepare a bath in a liter of water, pour 100-150 ml of 9% vinegar into a tray and place the legs in the foot bath.If the feet a few minutes later began to pinch, you should reduce the concentration of vinegar - pour another 250-500 ml of water into the tub.Be careful - with a high concentration of vinegar, you can burn the skin on your legs.
  4. Compresses with burdock leaves: soften the burdock leaf( you can use a hammer).Then wrap the sheet with your sheet and fix it with a bandage.The compress should be changed twice a day.The course of treatment usually lasts up to 3 weeks.

Please note: listed folk methods of treatment of foot fungus do not always give a positive result, therefore, before using them, always consult a doctor!

Prevention of foot fungus

The best way to treat a foot fungus is to prevent infection.

To prevent the pathogen from getting on its feet, it is necessary to adhere to simple rules:

  • and not to wear someone else's shoes and not allow to use their strangers;
  • if the family has a person with a fungus, he should have personal hygiene products - leg files, scissors and the like;
  • , when visiting a swimming pool, sauna or sauna, have your own change shoes;
  • periodically handle worn shoes with antiseptic( 1% chlorhexidine suitable) or vinegar;
  • wear comfortable, "breathable" shoes;
  • daily change socks;
  • use talc or other powders if the feet are very sweaty;
  • if possible, wash your feet several times a day during treatment.

You will learn about effective methods of treating foot fungus with folk remedies by watching this video review.The questions are answered by a dermatovenereologist:

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