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Modern methods of treatment of female infertility

12069-dunyada-her-yil-1-milyon-kisi-450x0 Diagnostic results are fundamental when choosing a method of infertility treatment in women.If necessary, additional tests or examinations may be prescribed, taking into account the features of the course of the disease.Infertility in the ICD 10 can be complete, relative, provoked by a tubal, cervical factor, the absence of ovulation, a congenital uterine defect.

If the cause of infertility is established, the physician selects the most effective method of therapy.

Table of contents Planned intercourse as a method of treatment of female infertility Treatment of co-morbidities Hormonal therapy Elimination of obstruction of fallopian tubes Insemination in the treatment of infertility in women Stimulation of ovulation infertility IVF - in vitro fertilization Treatment of infertility by intracytoplasmic injection Stem cells in the treatment of female infertility Donation Surrogate motherhood MethodIVM infertility

Planned sexual intercourse as a method of treating female impotenceLody

It is recommended that when no abnormality was detected in the analyzes and no physiological reasons are found during the examination.This method consists in the planned intercourse on certain days when a woman has ovulation.It would be better if the doctor calculates the date himself.

Note: also check for the presence of ovulation at home.This will help a special test, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Treatment of concomitant pathologies

If the cause of infertility in a woman is a somatic or other pathology, then its correction is carried out first.Only after treatment, attempts are made to become pregnant, since it is inexpedient and risky taking into account the teratogenic effect of some drugs on the fetus during its carrying out.

Hormone therapy

1433325429_Hormonal therapy2

It is prescribed to women with a hormonal form of infertility.The selected drugs correct the hormonal background of the body, which creates favorable conditions for conception.Their reception at times increases the chance for a woman to become pregnant.Most often, the cause lies in the pathology of the thyroid gland and the imbalance of female hormones.

Elimination of obstruction of the fallopian tubes


The physiological patency of the fallopian tubes can be restored by laparoscopy or hysteroscopy, depending on the indications.Today, more and more often reliable and ultra-precise robotic surgery is used for this purpose.

Insemination in the treatment of infertility in women

IUI The procedure is used for hormonal failures in the female body.It consists in carrying out hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, after which ultrasound tracks the maturation of the follicles.In the most suitable period, the prepared sperm is introduced into the uterus, where natural fertilization already takes place.The main condition of its conduct is the patency of the fallopian tubes.This method is recommended for infertility of unexplained genesis, results of analyzes at the lower limit of the norm, anovulatory cycles.If after it still does not occur, then in vitro fertilization is recommended.

Important: insemination procedure is absolutely painless for a woman.It increases the probability of getting pregnant by 30%, has an affordable cost and is as close as possible to the natural conditions of fertilization.

Induction of ovulation infertility

In this method of treatment, a number of preparations are used:

  • Stimulation prophase, pregnil are agents with human chryonic gonadotropin that induce ovulation;
  • staff, menogon - contain menopausal gonadotropin;
  • Puregon, Gonald-F - FSH hormone;
  • serofen, clomid - are representatives of antiestrogenic drugs.

Their reception should also be accompanied by medicines containing progesterone( dyufaston, morning, lutein).

Please note: the scheme of stimulation and medication the doctor always picks up personally for each woman.Self-medication in this case is unacceptable.

ECO - In Vitro Fertilization

Iksi1 In modern reproductive medicine, IVF is the most effective way of treating infertility.50% of infertile couples in our country resort to it at least once.

The IVF is performed if, after infertility treatment, pregnancy does not occur naturally.The essence of IVF in the fertilization of an egg is selected fully healthy sperm outside the female body and subsequent embryo implantation into the uterine cavity.After a few weeks, an ultrasound is prescribed, which helps evaluate the effectiveness of IVF.This method is sometimes the only way for patients with tube obstruction, their complete absence or in the case of relative medical indications.Despite the fact that the procedure is quite expensive, in most reproductive clinics, after 3 unsuccessful attempts to return the money.The probability of pregnancy with IVF is 30%.

Infertility treatment by intracytoplasmic injection

Image 489

This is a minimally invasive procedure, during which one single, pre-selected and quality sperm is implanted in the ovum.The fertilized egg is introduced into the uterus.Unlike IVF, which requires a lot of spermatozoa, one sex cell is enough for intraplasmic injection.In some cases, with the age of a woman older than 40 years, IVF is necessarily accompanied by this procedure, because over the years, the oocyte envelope thickens, through which normal sperm can not penetrate.

Stem cells in the treatment of female infertility

Stem cells In the presence of an excessively thin endometrium( hypoplasia) in the uterus, a woman can use stem cells to treat infertility.In this case, the patient takes a tissue from which the stem cells are extracted, after they are introduced into the uterine cavity.As a result, the endometrium increases, and the embryo is successfully attached.The first child was born with the help of this method in 2011.



Donation of ova and sperm is applicable in the case of severe infertility in women.In particular, this type of treatment is indicated in the absence of their own eggs in a woman or their poor quality.Despite the fact that this method assumes the carrying of a genetically non-native child, sometimes it is the only way for a couple to have a child.

Surrogate motherhood

Image 490 This method of treating infertility is to carry out the embryo of a married couple by another woman.If your own eggs are bad quality or they are completely absent, then at the request of women use donor cells or embryos.This method is proposed for those women who have no uterus completely or have diseases in which normal pregnancy is impossible or pregnancy carries a risk to the health and even the life of the patient.It's no secret that such a service is worth a certain amount of money, but for those who want to become real parents, there is nothing insurmountable.Given the specificity of this method, there is an ambiguous attitude to it in society, but to use it or not, only the husband and wife decide.

IVM method for infertility


This is a modern method, based on the removal of an immature egg from a woman, and placing it in special conditions before maturation.After this, the cell is fertilized and placed in the uterus.IVM is used in those women who are contraindicated in the treatment of ovarian stimulation, there is a thrombophilia or oncological disease in the anamnesis.

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