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Striae( stretch marks on the skin): the causes of the appearance, the ways of treatment

Striae( stretch marks on the skin)

Stretch marks on the skin( striae) are familiar to most women - this cosmetic defect appears, as a rule, during pregnancy and remains after the birth of the child.May striae appear and with a sharp weight loss - for example, when a person for a short period of time gets rid of 20-30 kg of excess weight.Stretch marks on the skin are not unique to women, doctors often note their appearance in men.

As a rule, striae are present on the hips, buttocks, chest, abdomen.They are, in fact, the scars that have arisen during stretching and micro-trauma of collagen and elastin fibers.Of course, such a cosmetic defect brings a lot of problems in life, so the medicine not only found out the causes of the appearance of striae on the skin, but also determined possible methods of getting rid of them.

Table of Contents: Reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on the skin Appearance of stretch marks on the skin

Reasons for the appearance of stretch marks on the skin

The main reason for the appearance of the cosmetic defect in question is the small elasticity of the skin, its low ability to recover.The origin of stretch marks on the skin is explained very simply: in the places of microfractures of elastin fibers and collagen, a connective tissue begins to form, which externally manifests itself in bands of various colors.

The causes of the appearance of stretch marks on the skin

Factors that may lead to decreased skin elasticity:

  • endocrine system diseases - more precisely, some of them( for example, Cushing's syndrome);
  • long-term use of steroid preparations;
  • disorders in the hormonal plan during pregnancy or adolescence;
  • sharp and constant fluctuations in weight;
  • heredity.

Some doctors claim that the cause of the appearance of stretch marks on the skin can be established even by their location - vertical striae are observed in people who quickly gained weight or are in the postpartum period, but horizontal - with hormonal imbalance.

Please note: itself does not present any danger to health and human life, being only a cosmetic defect.But if they did not appear on the background of pregnancy and childbirth or a sudden fluctuation in weight, it is necessary to visit an endocrinologist - most likely, some disease of the endocrine system is progressing.

Appearance of stretch marks on the skin

The striae of different people look absolutely different, as it depends on the individual features of the structure of the skin and the hormonal background.For example, the color of the stretch marks can vary greatly from white to violet, and the intensity of the color of the stretch marks will depend not only on the structure of the skin, but also on the "limitation period" of the striae - the newly appeared ones have a red-violet color, but after a while they lighten, sometimesTurning into completely white bands.

Appearance of stretch marks on the skin Interesting fact: striae on the skin almost never tan - they will definitely stand out against the background of a general appearance.This is due to the fact that the connective tissue practically does not contain melanin, although there are single exceptions.

The dimensions, number and relief of stretch marks on the skin - the indices are also highly individual.Some women note only narrow striae striae, which are slightly impressed against the general background of the skin, while many simply suffer from wide stretch marks with a convex relief.Doctors say that many factors can influence the formation of the appearance of the cosmetic defect in question, and it is impossible to predict what will become with stretch marks a few years after the appearance.

Features of Stretches for Cushing's Syndrome

The most typical appearance is the stretch marks appearing on the skin with Cushing's syndrome( endocrine disease):

  • skin becomes thin;
  • vascular skin pattern is noticeable even to non-professionals;
  • on the skin surface there are various kinds of rashes - for example, acne or subcutaneous hematomas;
  • the skin begins to peel off - clearly localized foci of this phenomenon are formed;
  • striae often have strict localization - chest, abdomen or shoulders.

Features of striae with Cushing

In addition to stretch marks on the skin with Cushing's syndrome, there are:

  • intensive pigmentation of the skin;
  • moderate obesity;
  • incorrect distribution of adipose tissue( disproportionate).

People with such stretch marks will first of all take various measures to eliminate them, but remember that until the therapy against Cushing's syndrome is performed, no procedures will relieve the patient of the striae. As part of the treatment of the main endocrine disease, doctors make the following appointments:

  • surgical removal of pituitary cortitropinoma;
  • surgery for the removal of the adrenal gland;
  • Drug therapy with steroidogenesis inhibitors - for example, Aminoglutethimide or Chloditan.

Methods of treatment of stretch marks on the skin

Methods of treating stretch marks on the skin Striae are treated only if this cosmetic defect disrupts a person's habitual life, his psycho-emotional background.But we must remember that the earlier the treatment of stretch marks on the skin is started, then success is more likely.For example, striae at the age of 12 months are much less suited to even the most modern procedures than those that appeared only a month or two ago.But even old stria can be corrected and made almost invisible.

Various methods can be used to eliminate the cosmetic defect in question:

  1. Mesotherapy.In changed skin areas, enzymes, stimulants of collagen production, vitamins - special preparations that can improve the process of skin repair and make the structure of the main part of the skin and stretch marks the same.
  2. Chemical peeling.Special acid is used for the procedure, which literally burns the "incorrectly formed" epidermis in stretch marks and creates conditions for the body to produce its own collagen.
  3. Microdermabrasion.As a matter of fact it is a skin grinding, rough / mechanical, which is performed by special equipment.The procedure creates favorable conditions for the growth of new healthy tissues at the site of scars.
  4. Laser peeling.The procedure is carried out by special equipment, which exudes powerful laser beams.They burn out altered tissues and thereby create conditions for the growth of healthy cells.
  5. LPG massage.This is an ordinary vacuum massage, which improves blood circulation and normalizes metabolic processes in specific areas of skin.In addition, the course of these procedures stimulates the production of natural collagen.02
  6. Medical wraps.Various active substances are applied to the skin that promote skin elasticity and stimulate the production of its own collagen - for example, algae spirulina are widely used for this procedure.

Please note: medical wraps are recommended to be performed as part of the treatment of stretch marks on the skin only if the cosmetic defect has appeared recently and has a small spread.

  1. RF-lifting.On the skin is a radio-frequency electromagnetic effect, deep layers of the cover warm up to 40 degrees - this activates the recovery processes in specific problematic areas.

Abdomino1 Very rarely stria treated with a radical method - plastic surgery.For example, if there is excess skin with stretch marks on the abdomen of the patient, the doctors conduct abdominoplasty and remove the skin area together with the stretch marks.But such treatment of the cosmetic defect in question is always associated with the risk of purulent complications, blood loss and other undesirable consequences.

Please note: is ineffective for the treatment of stretch marks on the skin of advertised creams, ointments and gels - they simply can not penetrate deep into the connective tissue and somehow affect its structure.Although such drugs can reduce the intensity of manifestation of cosmetic defect - striae simply become less visible, more pale.

Traditional methods of treatment of striae

If the stretch marks on the skin are little expressed, recently formed, then you can use folk methods of treatment. The most popular are:

  1. Olive oil.It is necessary to prepare a remedy from half a glass of aloe juice and the same amount of olive oil, add to the mass of 5 drops of vitamin A and 10 drops of vitamin E, mix everything thoroughly.It is stored in the refrigerator( do not freeze!), Before use it needs to be warmed up.Apply olive oil with these additives to the problem areas of the skin once a day, rubbed in until completely absorbed.
  2. Yoghurt peeling.Mix a peel of one lemon, a tablespoon of almond oil and 150 ml of natural yogurt.The resulting agent is applied to the striae, left there for 20 minutes, then the treated areas of the skin are lightly massaged.After the procedure, you need to take a warm shower.The schedule of the procedure: 2 times a week.
  3. Coffee-wrapping2 Mumiye.It is necessary to mix 1 gram of mummy with a teaspoon of water, add to it a tablespoon of usual baby cream and apply the remedy on stria twice a day.
  4. Fatty oils.On areas with stretch marks, it is necessary to apply a preparation prepared from oils of wheat germ, jojoba and almond, taken in 20 ml.To a mixture of these fatty oils 3-4 drops of essential oil of neroli are necessarily added.The received weight rub in extensions, spend with it massage.
  5. Peeling with palm oil.Mix 200 ml of red palm oil, a glass of sugar and a glass of salt.The resulting mass is applied to the problem areas of the skin and massage them for 15-20 minutes.The schedule of the procedure: no more than 2 times a week.

Prevention of stretch marks on the skin

To prevent the appearance of the striae, doctors recommend that certain preventive rules be followed:

  • a day to drink at least 2 liters of ordinary clean water - this amount does not include teas, coffee, drinks;
  • regularly take a contrast shower, and after this procedure, apply to the skin funds with a moisturizing effect;
  • to adjust the diet - in the menu there should be foods rich in vitamins A and E, various minerals;
  • additionally take fish oil and preparations of vitamins A and E;
  • periodically conduct wrapping courses, vacuum massage.

Prophylaxis of stretch marks on the skin

These simple rules will help prevent the appearance of the cosmetic defect in question during pregnancy and breastfeeding, with weight fluctuations.But if the stretch marks have already appeared, then you need to immediately seek help from a doctor - first visit a dermatologist, and he, if necessary, will send the patient to a narrower specialist.

Stria is an unpleasant phenomenon, so you need to know not only preventive measures, but also ways of eliminating the problem.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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