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Skin peeling: causes and treatment


Excessive separation of dead cells of the epidermis is manifested by skin peeling.This problem is well known to women, although it does not bypass the men.This phenomenon can be subjected to absolutely any type of skin - dry, normal and oily skin, but still, most often the peeling is present on dry skin.

Table of contents: Reasons for skin peeling Skin peeling on the face Skin peeling Age Skin peeling Skin peeling on hands Skin peeling on the legs

Reasons for skin peeling

The main factor that causes skin flaking is the external environment - dirty air and water, Improper hygiene, the use of aggressive chemicals and so on.

Scaling But there are a number of dermatological diseases that are always combined with the phenomenon under consideration.One of these is the ichthyosis .This is a hereditary pathology, the nature of the appearance of which is still a mystery both for medicine and science.Ichthyosis is characterized by severe peeling of the skin, accompanied by itching.The color of the skin with the progression of the disease becomes gray-white, small scales appear on it, which can have different shades - from pearl to pink.The skin of a person who has ichthyosis is constantly in the process of inflammation and even slight irritation from the outside can lead to an exacerbation of the process and development of complications in the form of purulent dermatitis.Especially often complications of ichthyosis develop against the background of the application of ordinary soap.

In addition to ichthyosis, skin scaling is accompanied by the following dermatological diseases:

  • seborrhea;
  • psoriasis;
  • red systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • dry erythema;
  • pink lichen.

In addition, some fungal infections, internal diseases of a chronic nature, secondary syphilis can lead to the development of skin peeling.

Separately it is worth mentioning dermatitis - contact, allergic, atopic and other types of disease.There is an increased formation and accumulation of dead skin scales and skin cells, which ultimately provokes the appearance of ecdysis.

Please note: treatment of skin peeling in case of any specific disease should only take place in the compartment with the main therapy and be under the supervision of the doctor.

Very often, the following causes give rise to the characteristic features of the phenomenon under consideration:

  1. Exposure to skin from the outside .The point is that people themselves provoke peeling of the skin using lotions and tonics on an alcohol basis, carrying out frequent peelings, preferring to stay in the sun for a long time, using soap and shower gel.All this leads to an increase in the level of dryness of the skin, hence the appearance of scaling.
  2. Avitaminosis .Specifically - the problem in question leads to a deficiency in the body of vitamin A. In addition to skin peeling, with a deficiency of this vitamin, there is the appearance of pustular eruptions and dryness of the mucous membranes of the eyes.Also, doctors say that a deficiency in the body of vitamin B2 provokes peeling of the nose, cheeks, forehead and ears.Additional symptoms of the problem will be cracks in the corners of the mouth and purple color of the tongue.
  3. Disorders in the hormonal background .Especially strongly on the condition of the skin is affected by female sex hormones and thyroid hormones.With their lack or disruption of synthesis, the skin becomes dry, there is peeling, the elasticity of the skin is significantly reduced.A vivid example of the relationship between the level of hormones and the phenomenon under consideration is hypothyroidism, a disease characterized by a decrease in the level of hormone production by the thyroid gland.And women clearly have a lack of sex hormones during the menopause - their skin becomes excessively dry, flabby and flaky.
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Skin peeling on face

Most often this problem is present in women, as their sebaceous glands work somewhat differently than men. The causes of skin peeling are:

  1. Menopause in a woman - a lack of sex hormones( particularly estrogen) affects the elasticity of the skin.
  2. Wrong skin care for the face of - illiterate cosmetics, frequent use of lotions and tonics containing alcohol and so on.
  3. Peeling-after-peeling-1 Sensitive facial skin. Women with this type of skin should be extremely careful - even intensive wiping the face with a towel can trigger skin peeling.Doctors recommend just wetting your face with a soft towel or napkin.
  4. Avitaminosis .It can be prevented quite easily - first of all, you need to adjust the diet and enter more fresh fruits and vegetables on the menu.And it is desirable to choose special nutritious creams with the content of plant extracts and vitamins.Do not forget that the problem of peeling of the skin due to beriberi can be solved by the use of multivitamin complexes.
  5. Allergic reaction .And it is absolutely not necessary that in the street spring and flower pollen overcomes allergic people!Just in the composition of many cosmetics there are allergens - for example, to these include various essential oils, lanolin acid.It is enough only to carefully study the composition of the acquired cosmetic to protect yourself from peeling of the skin.

The main reason for peeling skin on the face is dehydration, excessive dryness of the skin. You just need to take a number of actions to eliminate this factor:

  • , instead of the usual soap and toner for washing, use delicate products with hypoallergenic effect;
  • after each face wash on the skin, apply a moisturizer;
  • any cosmetics with alcohol content in the composition must be eliminated;
  • use a protective cream exactly according to the category of seasons - it should be applied to the face skin at least 30 minutes before going out.

Skin peeling age

This phenomenon can also be associated with dry skin, but it is worth knowing that eyelid exfoliation is often a symptom of serious diseases.First, this phenomenon can be associated with trichinosis - parasitic disease caused by worms.Secondly, the peeling may be due to the presence of a ciliary tick or the progression of demodectic .

In any case, if the skin of the eyelids has appeared peeling, then it is necessary to seek the help of specialists - the dermatologist and the cosmetologist should examine.

Skin peeling

Skin scalp may also peel for various reasons.Each of them requires intervention from the specialist.

Izbavlenie-ot-perhoti- Firstly, the phenomenon under consideration can provoke an incorrectly selected shampoo or hair conditioner.Often after using such detergents, a person observes dandruff in his body - this is the scalp peeling, which can only be corrected by selecting the "right" shampoo.A help is made by a cosmetologist or trichologist - experts will determine the type of hair and skin type, establish the true cause of dandruff.

Secondly, scalp peeling is also observed with some dermatological diseases - for example, with psoriasis and / or seborrheic dermatitis.In this case, only the doctor will help to solve the problem.

Thirdly, such commonplace factors as prolonged exposure to the open sun, frequent use of styling products( hair varnishes, foams, gels, hairdresser's wax, etc.), constant shampooing, permanent hair styling with a hairdryer can also lead toPeeling scalp.You can solve the problem yourself, but it is advisable to visit a specialist to get qualified and effective medical care.

Skin peeling on the hands

Naturally, this phenomenon can lead to frequent use of aggressive chemicals, but most often the phenomenon on hand is provoked by any health problems.

The most common causes of skin peeling:

  1. Scaly-skin-on-hands-4 Avitaminosis. It, by the way, can be manifested not only by the peeling of the skin on the hands, but also by the appearance of the discolored spots.
  2. Psoriasis and dermatitis of different etiology .These diseases are chronic, so the phenomenon in question will then appear, then disappear.Of course, you need to contact a dermatologist - he will give recommendations on the use of medical and cosmetic products to solve the problem.

Note: if the peeling on your hands appears suddenly and is accompanied by severe itching and burning, then you need to see a doctor.Most likely, dermatitis is actively developing, and this disease implies not only examination of the patient, but also the appointment of a full-fledged drug therapy.

Skin peeling on the legs

This phenomenon on the legs may be a sign of the development of serious diseases .If peeling of the skin on the legs already takes place, then it is worth consulting a doctor - it is possible that they will be diagnosed:

  • fungal infection of the legs;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • lack of fluid in the body;
  • excessive sweating of the legs( hyperhidrosis).

In each case, the doctor will give a recommendation that will help get rid of peeling of the skin on the legs.

Skin peeling in a child

In some children skin peeling persists up to adolescence and it is usually associated with the features of the structure of the skin in childhood. In general, several factors that can lead to skin peeling in a child are distinguished:

  1. Scaly head Allergic reaction .Especially often it occurs at the age of 3-6 months, when the lure begins - vegetable purees, juices, berry and fruit purees can cause an allergic reaction, which manifests itself as skin peeling.
  2. External stimuli .The skin of children is imperfect, acutely reacts to any uncomfortable conditions.For example, skin peeling in a child can begin after a stay in the cold wind, under the sun's rays.
  3. Glistular invasion of .In children, the presence of pinworms, ascarids and other parasites in the body is considered common.But the only sign of such a problem in most cases becomes skin peeling.Therefore, if the child is away from educational institutions, you should regularly undergo examinations for the presence / absence of worms.

Please note: has to solve the problem of skin peeling in a child only after consulting with a doctor, because often this phenomenon hides quite serious diseases.

Skin peeling is a problem that at least once in a life concerns every person.To prevent its appearance in most cases is possible - choose the right cosmetic means, do not use soap, do not forget to make a full menu, drink more water, avoid harmful influence on the skin of external stimuli.If the phenomenon under consideration is provoked by any serious disease, then only doctors will come to the rescue.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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