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White spots on the skin - what is it?

White spots

Often people have a question about what white spots are on the skin, and what are the reasons for their appearance.This pathology, as a rule, brings only moral and aesthetic suffering, not delivering a person physical problems.Spots appear anywhere, without any precursors.They can arise without any reasons, and can be caused by a number of provocative factors.

Modern medicine distinguishes a group of dermatological diseases, in the symptomatology of which the appearance of white spots is observed.Among these diseases, the most common are multicolored or otaroid lichen, vitiligo, leukoderma .Disturbance of pigmentation may occur after burns and other injuries, or appear on the site of disappeared rashes caused by other diseases( rubella, chicken pox).

Table of contents: Vitiligo Shingles Lichen Leicoderma


Vitiligo-prichini-simptomi This is a fairly common skin disease that affects both sexes and any age.Characterized by white spots with clearly defined boundaries and without signs of inflammation and flaking of

.During the development of the disease, spots can become larger in size and merge into a continuous field, the hairline in the lesion region also loses its color.The cases of spots on the soles and palms with vitiligo were not recorded.Although quite rare, there were moments when the spots disappeared spontaneously.

The etiology of vitiligo has not been adequately studied, and it is rather difficult to name the causes of the defect.Meanwhile, a number of pathological conditions have been noted that provoke the disease.It is believed that one of the main causes is functional liver disorders. The appearance of vitiligo can provoke stress, the consequences of infectious diseases, disruptions in the endocrine system.A certain role is played by hereditary predisposition.

Note: The process for treating vitiligo is very lengthy and not simple.Initially, it is required to cure all associated diseases, especially those related to the liver and endocrine system.

After the restoration and stabilization of the operation of these systems, measures are designed to remove the spots themselves.First of all, ultraviolet irradiation is used in conjunction with the use of photosensitizing drugs. In especially severe cases, when treatment does not have a positive effect, it is possible to surgically treat it - by skin transplantation.


Pityriasis Perebryastic or variegated, lichen - a dermatological disease caused by a fungus.People with congenital predisposition are usually exposed to the disease. The course of this disease has a pronounced seasonal character - the period of exacerbation coincides with the increase in the activity of the sun exposure, that is, the symptoms of the disease intensely manifest in spring and summer.

White patches of irregular shape and with blurred outlines appear on the upper half of the trunk.Their surface is peeled and looks as if it has been specially sprinkled with bran, due to what the disease has the name - pungent lichen .Discoloration occurs because the fungus suppresses the functional of melanocytes, and they produce an insufficient amount of melanin pigment.Sites of the skin, less melanin, noticeably brighten and stand out strongly on the rest of the background.

There is usually no difficulty with the diagnostics of pityriasis in a dermatologist.Treatment is assigned individually, since different methods are used to help different people. The most common treatment is as follows:

  1. Antifungal agents and ointments are prescribed.
  2. It is possible to treat affected areas of the skin with a weak solution of apple cider vinegar or salicylic alcohol.
  3. There is a method of processing according to Demjanovich.


Necklace-Venus In this disease, the amount of pigment melanin in the skin is significantly reduced, or it disappears completely.

The most common leukoderma is syphilitic, from the name of which it becomes clear that the cause of its occurrence is syphilis .Possible false leukoderma, appearing in places of various rashes with some diseases, such as pink lichen, seborrheic eczema, psoriasis.Formed in the process of the disease, crusts and flakes do not pass ultraviolet rays, and the skin under them is not exposed to irradiation, as a result of which there is no sun tan at all in these areas.There is also a medicamentous leukoderma, in which white spots appear after the application of various creams and ointments.

Symptoms of syphilitic leukoderm are so specific that it is quite difficult to confuse it with another pathology.There are spots of various sizes, rounded with hyperpigmented edges of .The location of the spots is also very specific - the so-called Venusian necklace is observed, that is, the localization of white spots occurs on the décolleté zone, closer to the neck.

For curing of syphilitic leukoderma, it is enough to get rid of the cause, that is, to cure syphilis.With false leukoderma, the pigmentation levels off on their own after the passage of time.

Regardless of the reasons for the appearance of white spots, this sign indicates a malfunction in the operation of human body systems.Therefore, at the slightest of their manifestation, you need to seek advice from a dermatologist.

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