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Bullous dermatitis: symptoms and treatment


If large or small bubbles with liquid contents( cloudy or transparent) appear on the background of reddening of the skin, the doctors consider this pathology as bullous dermatitis .This disease has an acute inflammatory character, in ordinary life people call it allergy, burn, frostbite.

Table of Contents: Causes of Bullous Dermatitis Disease Symptoms of Bullous Dermatitis Diagnostic Measures Treatment of Bullous Dermatitis

Causes of Bullous Dermatitis

This disease develops only when the skin is exposed to external or internal irritant factors.Doctors conducted numerous studies and concluded that bullous dermatitis can provoke absolutely any factors, but there is also a selected list of the most common.

External factors that induce bullous dermatitis:

  1. Dermatitis-deringa-734ks436

    Short-term or prolonged exposure to skin at extreme temperatures.At too high a person gets burns, if too low - frostbite.

  2. Direct skin contact with chemicals.It can be cleaning and washing agents, acids and alkalis, decorative and therapeutic cosmetics, hair dyes.
  3. Direct contact with some plants.Medical science knows more than 300 representatives of the plant world, which can cause the development of bullous dermatitis.
  4. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays.If a person is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, a burn is formed on the skin - this is bullous dermatitis.
  5. Prolonged intake of medications.It is about individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to certain medications - this factor is strictly individual.

Internal factors that induce bullous dermatitis:

  1. Progressive diseases of the viral etiology.The disease in question can arise as a complication of acute respiratory-viral infections or herpes diseases.
  2. Serious disorders of metabolic processes in the body.It is often enough bullous dermatitis is diagnosed in people with diabetes, and they are affected by the hands and feet.
  3. Genetic predisposition.There are many cases where the disease in question occurs in people whose genus already has people with bullous dermatitis.

Symptoms of bullous dermatitis

Symptoms of bullous dermatitis

The variety of symptoms of the disease in question is due to the fact that their specific manifestations depend on the cause of bullous dermatitis.

If the disease in question has occurred against the background of contact of chemicals, the skin will turn red, become swollen and will be covered with strained vesicles.The patient complains of severe itching and burning sensation in the lesions.Most often, bullous dermatitis occurs against the background of contact with ursol - a dye that is used when working with furs, for dyeing hair.According to the research, this aggressive substance can provoke the development of generalized dermatitis, therefore it is categorically forbidden to use it for cosmetic purposes.

When exposed to skin with too high temperatures, a burn is formed - in this case, bullous dermatitis is manifested by rapid reddening of the skin, the appearance of painful blisters with liquid contents( clear or bloody).Further, the blisters begin to burst and in their place long healing ulcers are formed, in the subsequent in their place there are scars.

If the skin is exposed to too low temperatures, the person gets frostbites - this is also one of the manifestations of bullous dermatitis.On the skin there is a strong reddening, bubbles of a flabby appearance and with bloody or transparent contents are formed.They, as well as with burns, burst and heal for a long time, forming crusts and scars.

Solar burns can occur 12-24 hours after direct exposure to sunlight on the skin.But first( after 2 hours) the skin begins to turn red, small bubbles with transparent contents are formed on them.The severity of the course of bullous dermatitis, which arose due to sunburn, depends on how long the ultraviolet light affected the skin.

Diagnostic measures

As a rule, the diagnosis of the disease under consideration does not present any difficulties - doctors diagnose even on symptoms, visible manifestations on the skin.

If a specialist has suspicions of metabolic disturbances in the patient's body, he will be assigned urine and blood tests.

In case of infection, doctors pierce the formed blisters in the areas of skin lesions and study their fluid contents.It is necessary to find out the causative agent of an infectious disease in order to choose a competent and effective treatment.

Treatment of bullous dermatitis

The patient is examined by various narrowly specialized specialists for what reason the disease in question has developed and how it can be used - you may need the help of a surgeon, an allergist, a pediatrician, a therapist, a dermatologist.

The most important thing is to eliminate the cause, which provokes the progression of bullous dermatitis.Most often, this is enough to make the symptoms of the disease completely disappear. But in some cases, doctors prescribe and symptomatic therapy:

  1. Treatment of bullous dermatitis If there is infection, doctors use antibacterial drugs for treatment - cephalosporins, penicillins, antibiotic ointments - for example, Gentamicin ointment.
  2. To dry the bubbles and speed up the process of getting rid of crusts, they are processed with greenery or Fukorcin.
  3. To relieve pain and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, patients can use Voltaren or Ibuprofen ointments - they have an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. If bubbles were opened or they were opened naturally, it is advisable to use wound healing creams and ointments - for example, Bepanten or Metilitacil ointment.
  5. As a physiotherapy, ultrasound and laser treatment is performed on the affected areas of the skin.

Bullous dermatitis is not considered a dangerous disease - it is quickly and easily diagnosed, doctors know many methods of treating this disease.If patients adhere to preventive measures( protecting the skin from sunlight and exposure to aggressive chemicals, observance of safety precautions with hot objects / substances, etc.), then it is quite easy to avoid the development of bullous dermatitis.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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