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How to get rid of lice and nits at home for 1 day


Lice are small insect parasites that inhabit the hair follicles of a person and feed on the blood of their carrier.There is an opinion that only low-income people can live with lice, living in dysfunctional social conditions and not caring for a person.But in fact, lice can be caught by everyone, especially often with children attending school and kindergarten.

The main signs of pediculosis are itching of the scalp, which increases at night, the presence of black crumbs between the roots of the hair( this is excrement of lice) and oblong white seals on hairs that are difficult to comb or remove with fingers( nits).Such phenomena will upset everyone, but you should not panic. Lice can be disposed of at once - if everything is done correctly, using folk or professional remedies to fight lice.

Table of contents: Sources of infection Types of lice in humans How to detect lice?Licking lice and nits What else is important to know?

Useful information: lice are insects, sizes can vary from 4 to 12 mm, have 3 pairs of extremities, can not fly, but very quickly creep and are able to jump over.An adult detains up to 40 eggs or nits a day, they need 7 to 20 days to ripen - one can imagine how fast the entire scalp of the head of a lice infested with lice will be covered with lice and their larvae.

Sources of infection


It is impossible to infect lice from an animal - a person who already suffers from pediculosis is always the carrier.An adult is most often infected with lice from his own children.As a rule, a child brings lice after resting in a children's camp or sanatorium, from a school or kindergarten. Also, pediculosis can be obtained in places of large concentrations of people:

  • open beaches;
  • baths and saunas;
  • hairdressing salons.

Very often, infection occurs through personal hygiene and household items - towels, hats, combs.

Kinds of lice in a person

Depending on where exactly lice settled, these kinds of lice are distinguished:

  • head;
  • pubic;
  • is a wardrobe.

The first type of louse settles exclusively on the head.Pubic lice can live not only in the perineum, but also on the eyebrows, eyelashes, in any hair covering on the person's face.Clothes or linen louses live in bed-clothes and clothes, they start biting a person only with direct contact.

How to detect lice?

Getting rid of lice is not so difficult, but the problem lies in the late recognition of the disease. The signal for the onset of active actions should be such symptoms:

  1. Very severe itching in the scalp.Lice with a bite release their saliva, which contains substances that cause skin irritation, swelling, redness.
  2. Bite marks, they look like a puncture with a needle with a red halo, in some cases small spots of gray are found.
  3. Skin peeling behind the ears and on the crown, if there are a lot of lice and they are not treated, wet sores form on the spot of the peeling.

Upon careful examination of the scalp and scalp of the scalp, it is possible to detect live, rapidly moving individuals and nits attached to the root part of the hair.

Symptoms of lice

Withdraw lice and nits

With live lice and nits, fighting should be done in a variety of ways and means, since that substance that is detrimental to an adult lice will not affect the nit, it is more enduring .The best, fastest and easiest method is to cut your hair.But it is not suitable for everyone, with a long head of hair, not all girls and girls are ready to say goodbye.Therefore, this method of getting rid of lice can only be considered as the most radical for guys or very young children.

What you need to do at home to get rid of lice once and for all:

  1. How to drive lice Remove all bed linen and wash it at a temperature of at least 60 degrees.
  2. Pillows and blankets put on the balcony or courtyard and leave in the sun or in the frost( in the winter season) for several hours, after which it is good to knock out and shake out.
  3. Make a wet cleaning in the house or apartment.
  4. It is compulsory to wash all soft toys and other items with the hairy surface with which the child has been in contact.
  5. To deal with the treatment of the scalp of the head of the child affected by lice.

So, what to process the head of a person affected by pediculosis?There are two options: go to the pharmacy and buy a professional tool - lotion, spray or ointment.Or cook it yourself.At the same time, we must not forget that it is necessary to comb out the hair for at least one month to accurately get rid of the young individuals hatched from the larvae.

A very popular recipe is:

  • combine in a glass or ceramic container one tablespoon of shampoo and vegetable oil;
  • add two tablespoons of kerosene;
  • Stir until a uniform emulsion is formed and distribute to the skin and scalp;
  • wrap the head with a plastic bag and leave for 40-80 minutes.

How to get rid of a particular

Thanks to the addition of vegetable oil and shampoo to the mixture, it will not burn the scalp, but, nevertheless, it can not be used to treat children younger than two years and to treat eyebrows and eyelashes .After the specified time, the hair should be washed with a normal shampoo, then rinse with a solution of water and vinegar( for a liter of warm water, about two tablespoons of vinegar).

Then it is necessary to carefully comb out the hair with a comb with frequent denticles and blow dry with a hairdryer.Such a procedure should be repeated every 5-7 days for a month - if the nits remain on the hair, and new ones will hatch from them, they will surely die.

What else is important to know?

If you do not like kerosene, you can use professional remedies from the pharmacy to destroy lice - these are a variety of lotions or sprays.But they are worth a lot, but as practice shows, they are not always effective.Apply them in the same way as a mixture of home cooking or according to instructions.After the procedure, too, you must comb your hair.

From folk remedies, also often use crockery water.This is the best option for young children, it is not as caustic as kerosene .Some recommend rubbing your head with lemon or cranberry juice.In any case, you can not do without combing-this is the main condition for getting rid of lice and nits at home.If nothing has helped, you will have to go to the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station - they get rid of insect parasites in one session.

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