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Kuperoz on the face: the causes, treatment and diet with couperose

Kuperoz on the face: the causes, treatment and diet with couperose

Hardly anyone will be pleased with the appearance of a red vascular net on the face, which does not disappear after a few days.Such phenomenon as couperose( this is what the vasculature is called on the face) is not a disease, rather it is a cosmetic defect.Of course, this will not be easier, but it will be much easier to get rid of couperose.

Table of contents:

Causes of couperose

There are several specific reasons that can cause the appearance of the cosmetic defect in question. These include:

  1. Vascular disturbances.Capillaries( the smallest vessels) are located on the face very close to the skin, so even small problems can cause them to "shine through".It is noteworthy that the vascular network on the face appears on the nose, cheeks and chin - those areas that are most often exposed to environmental factors.
  2. Thin and dry facial skin.Knowingly cosmetologists insist that a person with a thin and dry skin of the face should regularly carry out procedures that will improve its structure.Usually for such a category of people there are also problems with the walls of the vessels - they become brittle and inelastic.
  3. Incorrect food and bad habits.It is these factors that can lead to violations in the work of internal organs and systems, and the body will give a "signal" about problems precisely by the appearance of a vascular network on the face.
  4. Endocrine diseases, violations of the liver, heart and stomach.Couperose in this case will also be only a signal to action - the body thus requires increased attention to itself, although all other symptoms of these diseases may be absent.
  5. Admission of hormonal contraceptives.Usually, couperose appears either against the background of too long use of contraceptive hormonal drugs, or when they are abruptly canceled.Doctors do not exclude that a vascular network on the face can arise and with hormonal imbalance, regardless of the use of specific drugs.
  6. 109443_640 Long exposure to the sun.Fans of beaches, solariums should know that ultraviolet rays can adversely affect the skin condition - it becomes more thin, dry.And already this fact contributes to the defeat of vessels with ultraviolet rays - the appearance of couperose on the face is inevitable.By the way, vascular mesh on the face often appears and at gardeners-truck farmers who with full return, selflessly work on beds.
  7. Work in the "hot shops".This applies to such professions as cook, bathhouse attendant, metallurgist - under the influence of too high air temperatures, the vessels expand, some lose their elasticity and the appearance of couperose on the face in this case can be considered a natural process.By the way, the cosmetic defect in question is not "bypassed" by those people who visit the sauna and / or sauna too often, like to bathe at very high temperatures.
  8. Cold air, frost and wind.Pay attention to traders on the street - practically everyone can reveal the signs of couperose.Thus, a prolonged effect on the skin of the face of cold wind and frost.

Do not ignore the factors that can affect the appearance of a vascular network on the face - they can not be called causes, because the ratio of the probability of the appearance of couperose to the exclusion of this phenomenon is 50/50. To such factors it is possible to attribute:

  • genetic predisposition - kuperoz will be a certain feature of the skin;
  • fascination with aggressive cosmetic procedures - peeling, laser procedures and other;
  • smoking - cigarette smoke negatively affects the vessels, makes them brittle and inelastic;
  • alcohol - in some cases, even quite moderate consumption of alcohol leads to the appearance of couperose, and even about the "professionals" and not worth talking about;
  • nerve overload - stress, irritability and even depression have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, which is manifested by couperose.

It is very important to understand that the cosmetic defect in question can be a consequence of a lack of minerals and vitamins in the body.For example, often couperose is noted in those people in the body of which there is a lack of silicon.The fact is that it is silicon that regulates the work of the brain, ensures that it receives "commands" from the vessels about expansion and contraction.If silicon in the body is not enough, it will be replaced by calcium - this mineral works in a completely different direction.And the lack of silicon leads to thinning of the walls of the vessels, increasing their fragility, reducing elasticity - it turns out that the lack of only one element leads to the appearance of two factors, which will serve as the cause of the appearance of a vascular network on the face.

Knowing all the possible possible causes of the appearance of the cosmetic defect in question, it will be possible to correct its actions with regard to getting rid of it.For example, if some internal diseases from the above are identified at the examination, then it is possible to safely cancel all cosmetic procedures - they will not bring any result without full treatment of the underlying pathology.

How to treat couperose

To get rid of the cosmetic defect in question, you need to follow the stepwise treatment:

  1. Identify the causes of couperose.If you can not do it yourself, it will be advisable to seek help from doctors - they will prescribe a complete examination of the body and quickly establish possible causes.
  2. Correction of the diet.We are talking about the exclusion from the menu of chocolate, alcoholic beverages, spicy and spicy foods, cheeses, fatty fermented milk products, pickles and marinades.
  3. Correction of a way of life.Means refusal from smoking and the use of alcoholic drinks, physical activity( at least to be engaged in a morning exercise), restriction of long presence in a bath, a sauna and on cold air.
  4. Strengthening of the vascular walls.Necessarily help to cope with this task of routine, grape seed oil, collagen, blueberry extracts, echinacea, chestnut, myrtle.
  5. Reception of vitamin and mineral complexes.Such drugs should contain a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins P, K, C and silicon.It will be advisable to consult a cardiologist in advance - such vitamin and mineral complexes strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve the work of the heart, so you need to select them individually.
  6. Use of products with anti-cure effect.It is necessary to know the rules of their use:
  • to work on the skin need gently - means with mint, honey, eucalyptus, aloe;
  • it is impossible to wipe the face with the vascular netting with ice cubes;
  • it is possible to use maxi for a face in which there is clay;
  • after washing it is impossible to wipe the face with a towel - it is necessary to soak the skin gently;
  • excellent collagen effect have collagen masks, they will help in the fight against mimic wrinkles;
  • it is extremely rare to apply scrubs and do peeling;
  • perfectly helps with the facial cosmetic defect in question, lymphatic drainage massage;
  • categorically it is impossible to carry out inhalations and manual cleaning of the face by masseurs.
  1. Use of professional procedures.We are talking about laser therapy, sclerotherapy, ozonotherapy and electrocoagulation - these procedures are performed either in beauty salons or in specialized clinics.


Home masks from couperose

All of the above recommendations can be added and treated at home.Such an integrated approach promotes the fastest disposal of the vascular network on the face, and in fact this is the solution of the task.

Mask for the night

It is necessary to take in equal proportions the flowers of calendula, dandelion root, софоору - all in the form of extracts.All components are mixed, to them is added grape seed oil in the same amount and again everything is mixed.The resulting product is applied to the cleansed face before going to bed.After 3-5 minutes, you can remove excess funds from your face with a tissue.

Day Mask

You need to take in equal proportions cypress seeds, grape seed oil, kalgan roots, bilberry and mimosa berries extract, leaves of the needle and mix thoroughly.Apply the received product to the cleansed face, from above it is necessary to cover all with a napkin.Dampened in hot water.The duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.Then everything is washed off with warm water without the use of soap.

Note: both day and night masks should be applied 1 time in 2 days for 2 months - just in 60 days the vascular network should disappear.

Winter mask

Mix any vegetable oil with glycerin( all take 1 teaspoonful), add a small amount of talc to the mixture.The mask is applied to the cleansed face for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water or chamomile broth.Such masks should be done before going out on the street - for example, every morning.

Mask with raw potatoes

It's simple - you need to grind 1 raw potato in a blender( you can use a small grater) and apply to the cleansed face for no more than 10 minutes.To wash off such mask is better decoction from flowers of calendula or chamomile chemist's.Raw potatoes quickly and effectively relieve redness of the face.

Masks from fresh berries

It is necessary to mix puree from any fresh berries with potato starch( 1 teaspoon) and apply to the cleansed face.The mixture is applied generously, in a thick layer and lasts 20 minutes.Such masks are washed off with usual warm water.Masks from fresh berries

Cream from couperose

It is necessary to take your usual day cream and add to it a crushed ascorutin tablet - this vitamin contains vitamins P and C. Use the ready-made cream against couperose should be done in the usual way - applied to the cleansed face in the morning.

Compress with couperose

Brew chamomile pharmacy in the proportion of 200 ml of steep boiling water and a tablespoon of raw materials.Then moisten the napkin in a hot broth and apply to the cleansed face skin.The time of the procedure is 10-15 minutes, until the napkin has completely cooled down.There should be at least 2 such attachments a day - in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

Note: if you have a history of skin disease, then you need to consult a dermatologist before using kuperoza treatment at home.If a plant is used for the first time, it is first necessary to carry out an allergotest - many of these herbs / flowers can cause a strong allergic reaction.

Treatment of couperose is always long, but to speed up the process, you can resort to a combination of all the recommended procedures.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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