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How to treat a nail fungus of a neglected form


If the fungus on the nails is already leaking, then its treatment should only take place under the supervision of the doctor.And, the patient needs to have patience - fungal diseases in general are treated too long and hard, and already in neglected form, and it will take 6-12 months to get rid of pathology.

Table of Contents: Why the fungus of nails goes into a neglected form What is dangerous is the neglected shape of the nail fungus The basic rules for the treatment of nail fungus How to treat a neglected form of nail fungus Nail fungus and pregnancy Folk medicine Fungal disease and hydrogen peroxide

Why does the nail fungus becomeThe started form

Quite often doctors diagnose the considered form of a fungal disease on the background of the lack of correct treatment, or reception of inefficient prParaty.The launched form of nail fungus is very difficult to treat, for a long time, it is often necessary to resort to surgical methods.

Most often in the treatment of fungal diseases of nails "bring" lacquers - they, of course, have a curative effect, but really help only at the very beginning of the disease.Patients, on the contrary, continue to use this medication even in the absence of any result, hoping for a "miracle" - the fungus spreads, deepens and more and more worries a person.

What is dangerous is the neglected shape of the nail fungus

In principle, any disease occurring in neglected form, harms the entire body, nail fungus is no exception. Consequences of the long course of the disease under consideration:

  1. Gribok-nogtej-zapushhennaja-forma-5 --- copy Decreased immunity.Against this background, people are too often sick with viral and infectious diseases, the cold "happens" literally from the slightest draft, angina - from the throat of a cold drink.
  2. All previously diagnosed diseases of internal organs, which proceed in chronic form, are aggravated.
  3. There are pathological changes in the skin - in some patients with a fungal form of nails, eczema and various types of dermatitis were diagnosed.
  4. With a probability of 79% of the patient develop conjunctivitis, urticaria, bronchial asthma, rhinitis is an allergic reaction of the body to toxic substances.
  5. As the disease progresses, the fungal infection enters the bloodstream and affects the internal organs.

Please note: neglected form of nail fungus is dangerous for general health!Therefore, it is necessary not only to properly treat this pathology, but also to carry out preventive measures against all the relatives of the family - the fungus is contagious with .

Basic rules for the treatment of nail fungus

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To treat the disease in question it was really effective, you need to know some rules( they may even be called principles) for the course of antifungal therapy. These include:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that provoke the growth and reproduction of fungal colonies.This can be tight shoes, socks and tights made of synthetic materials, increased sweating of the feet.
  2. A nail fungus of neglected form always "beats" the immune system, weakening it, and this does not allow the body to fight the pathology on its own.Therefore, complex antifungal therapy includes vitamin-mineral complexes - it is necessary to support the body in a "difficult moment".
  3. In the course of treatment, it is necessary to take anti-inflammatory drugs - they will help to get rid of itching, irritation and flaking in the places of fungal attack.
  4. It is necessary to destroy pathogenic microorganisms - the optimal choice will be creams, ointments, antimycotic action gels.

How to properly treat a neglected form of nail fungus

Nail fungus Of course, first you need to visit a dermatologist and undergo a test - the doctor will take a scraping from the affected area of ​​the nail and determine all the characteristics of pathogenic microorganisms that triggered the development of a fungal disease.

Patients must take inward tablets with antifungal action - they belong to a group of general effects, help fight the disease from within the body.Such antifungal drugs include Fluconazole, Mikomaks, Lamisil, Exifin, Diflucan, Terbizil and others. How to take tablets in the treatment of fungal nails lesions of neglected form:

  1. Fluconazole - 150 mg once a week.The course of treatment is 30 days.It is strictly forbidden to use this drug to treat the disease in question during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.
  2. Fucis - 150 mg once every 7 days.The course of treatment is selected strictly on an individual basis, in especially neglected cases, patients are forced to take this medication for 6-12 months before the fully healthy nail grows.Pregnant women and the lactating period Fucis is strictly prohibited.
  3. Terbinafine - these tablets can be used to treat the disease in question for both pregnant and lactating women.But the dosage and duration of the course of admission should be determined by the attending physician.

Spray-against-fungus-nail-on-legs Treatment of a fungus of nails of a neglected form can not be complete if the patient takes only antifungal tablets.A course of therapy must include the use of topical drugs - creams, ointments, gels.Most often, doctors appoint Zalain, Lamizil, Nizoral, Mykonorm, Termikon and others.Such means are realized with a kit, which includes the drug itself, a scraper and an adhesive plaster.

To get rid of a fungal disease of a neglected form, it is possible only under condition of passing the full course of treatment with systemic and local antifungal medicines.

Nail fungus and pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman is not allowed to use most medicines.Therefore, if the future mother discovered a nail fungus, then the treatment should be postponed to the postpartum period.But if the disease in question is already in advanced form, then it will be necessary to take certain therapeutic measures - this form of the disease presents a real danger to the health of the fetus.Of course, there are some antifungal medications that, according to official instructions, can be used during pregnancy, but still you need to consult a doctor - first with a gynecologist, then with a dermatologist.


Specialists recommend during pregnancy to treat the nail fungus with folk remedies at home - they will help get rid of unpleasant symptoms of the fungal disease, but will not harm the fetus.But even in this case, a doctor's consultation is mandatory!

Traditional medicine

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There are many recipes from the category of "folk medicine", which are designed to cure the fungus of the nail.Most of them are quite effective, but if the disease under consideration is already in a neglected form, then drug use can not be avoided.

The most popular and effective folk remedies against nail fungus of neglected form:

  1. Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties have a valuable product of beekeeping - propolis .If you make 20% alcoholic tincture from it and make lotions to the nails affected by the fungus daily, then quickly enough fungus will be destroyed.Do not be frightened if the "convergence" of the aching nail occurs - this is a normal process in the treatment of propolis, and subsequently an absolutely healthy nail plate will grow.
  2. Treatment of nail fungus A popular drink a tea mushroom can help in the fight against fungal nail disease of neglected form.It is necessary to take a fragment of the tea mushroom and chop it - preferably not with a knife or blender, but with hands / fingers.Then you need to make a bath with a manganese solution for 5-10 minutes for the legs, and only after that the chopped "body" of the tea mushroom is applied to the sick nails / fingers, covered with a cotton disc and fixed with a bandage or band-aid.Next, a polyethylene bag and socks are put on their feet - it's all done at night so that the procedure lasts 6-8 hours.The course of treatment in this way is 7-30 days.
  3. If the itching is very troublesome in the affected areas, and cracks appear on the skin of the foot, should be prepared with a specific ointment.In the dishes mix 200 g of melted butter with 100 ml of table vinegar and put into the mixture one raw chicken egg( in the shell).Mixing nothing, the dishes are put in a dark place, covered with a lid and left for 7 days - during this time the eggshell is completely dissolved, which means that the remedy is ready.Apply the ointment on a damaged area of ​​nails and skin with a thin layer, leave until absorbed.
  4. An excellent antifungal agent is the roots of the ara - it should be taken orally and used externally.To prepare the broth, pour boiling water( 250-300 ml) 15 grams of dry and crushed roots of the calamus and insist 30 minutes.Take a decoction of the roots of calamus four times a day after meals in the amount of ¼ cup.In parallel we make foot baths - we put 30 g of dried roots of ayr into a glass of boiling water and brew for half an hour.In the foot bath, add the resulting concentrated broth and soar each night for 5-10 minutes.Literally after a week the fingernails affected by the nail will begin to crumble, after treatment and drying they should be treated with an antifungal cream( the doctor will pick it up).If we carry out a similar complex of medical measures, then within 40-50 days the fungal disease will be defeated.
  5. Collect 50 "jointers" of the plant as gold , pour in 500 ml of vodka( diluted alcohol) and insist in a dark place for 14 days.Then the ready tincture is diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 3, where the last figure is the amount of water, and applied to the affected nail fungus twice a day.If the patient is very concerned about the itching, then 15 ml of pure tincture is mixed with honey in the amount of 100 grams and applied to problem areas in the form of a compress at night.
  6. juice of onions very well helps to mix it in equal proportions with honey and lubricate affected skin and nails once a day.Keep this tool in the refrigerator.
  7. Foot baths with sea salt should be done twice a week.Then, after the procedure and complete drying of the feet, immediately the nail and the skin around it are treated with celandine juice.The course of this treatment is three months.

Note: celandine juice is very aggressive, it can provoke a skin burn, so for treatment, get ready, diluted juice of this plant in pharmacies.A similar method of treatment can be used with a fungus of a neglected form during pregnancy, but the foot baths should be minimally warm.


  1. Prepare a mixture of 30 g of lilac flowers, 15 g of celandine, 45 g of oak cortex and 30 g of calendula flowers .Herbal collection pour 500 ml of water, boil and insist for one hour.Then with the help of a ready-made infusion it is necessary to make compresses on the affected areas of the skin of the feet and nail plates, necessarily covering them with a plastic bag and something warm( scarf, shawl).Treatment should last until the symptoms of fungal disease do not completely disappear.

Fungal disease and hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is often used to treat the disease in question, but this is a big mistake!The fact is that hydrogen peroxide does not kill the fungus, but only disinfects and destroys microbes.Therefore, doctors recommend the use of this tool only as an auxiliary in the treatment - treatment of damaged areas prevents the penetration of other pathogenic microorganisms in them and protects against fungus infection of healthy nails and skin areas.

Hydrogen peroxide should be used as follows:

  • Fungus-4 make a bath with copper vitriol for the feet, steam the sick nails;
  • skin is wiped dry, especially carefully - interdigital spaces;
  • hydrogen peroxide is applied to wadded disks, which are applied to the nails and fixed with plaster, we leave for 30-40 minutes;
  • lightened nails( this will happen just under the influence of hydrogen peroxide) scraping the manicure scissors to a solid layer;
  • on cleaned nail plates, we apply an antifungal drug of topical application.

The described procedure with hydrogen peroxide is recommended to be done twice a day with a break at 12 o'clock.

You can use hydrogen peroxide and in another way: in 2 liters of warm water you need to dissolve 100 ml of the drug and use it as a foot bath.After 15 minutes of this steaming, the nails, affected by the fungal disease, will become soft - they need to be scraped with manicure scissors or processed with a rough nail file.The cleaned nail plates are then treated with local antifungal agents.

Note: use hydrogen peroxide as part of a comprehensive therapy against fungus of a neglected form, and in pregnancy - just do not do too hot a foot bath, just plain warm water.

Treatment of a fungal disease of a neglected form always takes a long time and is difficult.Therefore, doctors insist on seeking medical help at the first signs of fungal nail development, so far it has not gone into neglected form.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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