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Dry skin of face


The conjunctival ( this is how cosmeticians call the dryness of the facial skin) is manifested by the feeling of tightness, the skin often shows signs of irritation and it begins to peel off much, mellowing sufficiently large pieces.With dry face skin, a woman should carry out special care, as otherwise her condition will deteriorate rapidly, the skin will become dull, and the most unpleasant thing that can happen is the early appearance of wrinkles.

A similar sensation of tightness on the face skin may appear due to the improper work of the sebaceous and / or sweat glands, and there may be disturbances in water and / or acid-base metabolism.The excellent appearance of the facial skin depends on the degree of moistening, and the lack of moisture in the cells leads to a decrease in elasticity and elasticity, thinning, the skin can become more sensitive.The level of skin moisture is affected by a variety of factors - for example, bad habits( smoking), sunlight, low or too high air temperature, frost, wind, aggressive peeling, application of alcohol-based lotions, lack of vitamins and others.


Dry skin: causes

There are clearly defined causes for the development of dry skin of the face:

  1. Suhaja-kozha-lica Disruption of the sebaceous glands.This can happen due to illiterate selection of cosmetics, age changes and individual characteristics of the body.Regarding age changes - women over 40 often suffer from a change in the hormonal background, which affects not only the psycho-emotional state, but also the health of the facial skin - it is during this period that it often becomes dry.
  2. Lack of used fluid.Doctors perfectly know that the health of the epidermis directly depends on how many people use fluids per day.Normally, you should drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day( this does not apply to drinks, juices, tea and coffee), because due to lack of fluid, not only dry skin can develop, but other unpleasant problems( for example, may increaseAmount of pimples and acne).External unfavorable factors.It's not just about winds, too hot weather, frost and ultraviolet rays.Under external factors, there are also incorrectly selected / used cosmetics, and inappropriate nutrition, and diseases of the central nervous system, and work in adverse conditions( hot shop, kitchen).
  3. Incorrectly conducted procedures for skin care.If the sebaceous glands of a woman work unintensively, then the woman is categorically contraindicated to wash with soap, to use lotions on an alcohol basis.In addition, even a slight dryness of the facial skin is a contraindication to peeling, the use of scrubs and tightening masks.

Please note: for dry face skin does not necessarily completely abandon peeling, it is only necessary to choose the best option - for example, an enzyme peeling that cleanses the face and moisturizes the skin at the same time.

Dry skin of the face never "comes" alone - as a rule, some more unpleasant and pronounced factor is added to the classical xerosis.

Classification of dry skin of the face

Peeling and dryness

This combination is more common for women than for men, and this is due primarily to the fact that the sebaceous glands of the stronger sex work in a slightly different mode.

The causes of peeling and dryness can be:

  • long-term administration of medications;
  • exposure to external factors( cold, heat, wind, sunlight, sea water and so on);
  • food poisoning;
  • lack of moisture in the body.

When this combination of dermatological problems occurs, special attention should be given to skin care products - use only special( soft / gentle) gels and foams for washing, use only lotions without alcohol in the composition.

To get rid of peeling and dry skin of the face, the following recommendations of cosmetologists should be observed:

  1. Soap for washing should have a moisturizing cream or cosmetic oils.After washing, immediately wipe the face with a napkin( do not wipe!), Treat the skin with a tonic without alcohol and apply a moisturizer.
  2. As an excellent cleanser, you can use cosmetic oil, in this case, the optimum choice will be oil from sesame seeds - after its use there will be no feeling of tightness.
  3. It is important to choose the right day cream, for which you need to take into account the time of the year.For example, this remedy may have protection from ultraviolet rays( for summer) or low air temperatures( for winter).Apply day cream on the face skin should not earlier than half an hour before going out.Another nuance - choosing a cream, it is desirable to purchase a product with fat components that will help create a protective film on the epidermis and prevent loss of moisture.

Dry-skin There is an excellent recipe from the category "folk medicine", which will help to get rid of peeling and dry skin of the face - you need to dissolve the honey in a small amount of water, then apply the resulting mass to the previously cleaned skin and lightly massage your fingertipsWet in honey solution ).This procedure will not only qualitatively moisturize the skin of the face, but also exfoliate the dead layer of cells.After such a massage you need to thoroughly rinse your face and apply a moisturizing cream.

Dryness, redness and irritation

This trio appears on the face skin for a variety of reasons - allergic reactions, improper care, being in a room with dry air, stress, inadequate nutrition, food poisoning.

To get rid of dryness, redness and irritation, it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  1. Redness on the face Do not get involved in facial skin care procedures - for example, you can not wipe ice cubes in the winter time, and use steam masks in the summer.
  2. Clear the face of dust / dirt and decorative cosmetics only with the help of special tools - gels, foams, milk.Refuse from lotions and tonics containing alcohol, but as a tonic, you can use fresh cucumbers and various masks from vegetables.
  3. Before going out to the street, a layer of protective cream should be applied to the previously cleansed face.
  4. If the cause of the appearance of the trio of symptoms under consideration is allergy, then contact with the stimulus should be avoided.The best option is getting a consultation with a doctor who, if necessary, will prescribe antihistamines.

Dryness and reddening

Most often, this combination of skin problems takes place with unfavorable external factors, so a woman will have to pick up a special protective cream and use it before going out.And the most common cause of dryness and reddening of the skin of the face is allergy, and such various reactions can cause such an inadequate reaction of the body - food, pollen, house dust and so on.

To restore the health of the facial skin, women must follow the recommendations of cosmetologists:

  1. If redness and dryness appear after going out, you will need to pick up a soothing and moisturizing cream.
  2. An allergic reaction will require the exclusion of contact with the irritant, or the administration of antihistamines, which are prescribed by the doctor.
  3. Any facial skin care products need to buy only those that match the type of face.You can not use several tools at once.
  4. You can not do the peeling procedure and apply scrubs( even from natural products).If such procedures are shown by a cosmetologist, then they are allowed not more than once in 2 weeks.

Note: if reddening of the facial skin has a permanent character, then, most likely, the cause of this lies in the development of diseases of internal organs.Special attention is required by a sudden, sharp reddening of the face, which has arisen for no apparent reason.

Heavy dryness

Suhost koshi The first thing to do when the face is very dry is to give up a hard soap that contains alkali in its composition.Replace this harmful product with special cosmetic products that have both a moisturizing and cleansing action at the same time - gels, milk, foams.After cleansing, the face skin will need to be wiped with a lotion without alcohol and immediately apply a moisturizer.

Please note : if after such procedures the dryness of the facial skin does not become less pronounced within 3-4 days, cosmetologists recommend adding 2-3 drops of coconut or olive oil to the used moisturizer.

Before going to bed, it is necessary to apply a vitamin, moisturizing cream to the previously cleansed face and it is desirable that this remedy has the ability to restore cells.

Cosmetologists categorically do not recommend the use of masks with strong dryness of the face, in the composition of which there is alcohol, clay or peeling remedies.

Itching and dryness in the summer

These symptoms may appear after washing or applying cosmetic products, often with an itch and dryness there is a redness and a feeling of tightness / burning.And if such a combination is available, then the reason was the wrong choice of cosmetics for skin care.

Itching may be associated with an allergic reaction, but in this case, along with dry skin, a woman will be concerned about redness of the eyes, swelling and increased lacrimation.

Note: in some cases, itching and dryness of the facial skin can be associated with eczema, seborrhea, fungal skin lesions, as well as with hormonal disorders and abnormal liver function.To exclude such a possibility, you need to contact a cosmetologist or dermatologist - specialists who will accurately put the diagnosis and additional examinations, if necessary, will be sent.

Dryness can affect not the entire face, but only some of its parts.And in this case, the causes of the state under consideration are somewhat different factors.

Dryness of the skin of the individual parts of the face

Dry skin of the eyelids

The delicate skin of the eyelids is very susceptible to external and internal unfavorable factors - for example, its state of health can be affected by stress, bad habits, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbance.Worse skin condition of the eyelids, making it dry, and improper care, and cosmetics of poor quality, and, these factors can lead to irreversible consequences.

To help solve the problem of dryness, eyelids can:

  • soft cleansers;
  • moisturizing creams and masks.

Diseases-eyelids Cosmetologists recommend that when dry eyelids use a mask based on quail eggs and vegetable oil( preference should be given to the olive).For one yolk, you need to take 2-3 drops of oil, mix everything thoroughly and apply the resulting mixture to dry, clean eyelids.The duration of the mask is 15 minutes, then the mask is removed with a wet cotton swab, and the eyelid skin is treated with a moisturizer.

If the dryness of the skin of the eyelids is accompanied by irritation, inflammation and / or itching, then aloe will help alleviate the condition.It is necessary to take a leaf of this plant, peel and stretch.The resulting mass is applied to the eyelids, and after 10 minutes, they are removed with a damp cloth.

Note: if the eyelid skin is dry even with proper care, then the reason is most likely hidden in eye infections, inflammatory processes, allergic reactions or abnormal operation of the sebaceous glands located just near the eyes.In this case, you need to visit a doctor and get a medication.

In addition, the following may appear:

  1. Dryness of the lips.As a rule, this condition is associated with being in the wind, under the sun's rays.To correct a situation it is possible special humidifying lipstick, for the night it is possible to process dry lips medical вазелином or an olive oil.
  2. Dryness of the nose.May appear on the background of a protracted runny nose, lack of vitamins.To get rid of dryness in the nose, cosmetologists recommend using soap with olive or sea-buckthorn oil in the composition for washing.

Treatment of dry skin of the face

What-cream-with-hyaluronic acid-choose This problem among cosmeticians is considered quite serious and therefore it is necessary to solve it with the help of professional tools and procedures, but all masks prepared at home should act only as auxiliary procedures.

Modern cosmetology uses various procedures for treating dry skin of the face - for example, masks with collagen, salt cleansing of the epidermis, the introduction of hyaluronic acid, hot compresses, cosmetic massages. But without fail it will be necessary to get appointments from a specialist about the choice of cream and mask:

  1. The cream should have powerful moisturizing properties.It can be a serum, which contains hyaluronic acid.Excellent moisturizing properties are cosmetic products, which contain fatty acids, ceramides and phospholipids.
  2. Masks for the face.There are many methods from the category of "folk medicine", which will help reduce the dryness of the skin of the face.But they solve the problem temporarily, so appeals to the beautician can not be avoided.The most effective of home remedies are:
    • compress with cold milk, it can be replaced with kefir or whey;
    • mask on the basis of beeswax - mix lanolin( 2 tablespoons), beeswax( 1 teaspoon), aloe juice( 1 teaspoon) and olive oil( 1 tablespoon), the obtained composition wipes the areas of the face where there is a sensationTightness.
  3. In the cream that can be used for dry face skin, there should be:
    • vitamins A, E and C, group B;
    • natural oils - jojoba, olive and avocado;
    • components for protection against ultraviolet rays;
    • extract of passion fruit, brown algae;
    • palm wax;
    • honey.

Dryness of the facial skin provides a lot of unpleasant sensations, so you need to fight it.It is not advisable to use for this solely home remedies, but also the independent selection of professional cosmetics, and even more so of medicines, is strictly prohibited - it is the prerogative of specialists.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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