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Skin care in winter

Skin care in winter

Cosmetologists firmly believe: nothing so does not spoil the face like heating in an apartment / house.It is hard to "survive" the skin and sudden changes in air temperature, and how many times do we go from winter to frosty air in a warm room and go out again?That's why experts recommend that in the winter season pay special attention to skin care.


Basic rules for skin care in winter

In order not to damage your skin and save it from the negative effects of cold and dry air, women should follow some recommendations of cosmetologists.

We change the tactics of washing

skin care Against cold and dry skin itself creates a protection - the so-called hydro lipid mantle.Washing with plain water and even more so with the use of soap, cleansing foam and lotions for alcohol destroys this very protection and the skin gets all the aggressive effects in full.What to do?

Cosmetologists recommend that women replace the usual washing for skin cleansing with alcohol lotion, cosmetic milk and soft tonic.Safe lotions and tonics behave loyally in relation to the skin of the face, sparing excessively sensitive.But cosmetic milk does not dry the skin at all, which helps to prevent the worsening of existing dermatological problems.

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How to take care of dry skin in winter

Cold rain and wet snow do not completely moisturize the skin, they severely injure it.But frosts make any moisturizers generally dangerous!Yes, until frostbite cheeks it will not come, but the moisture that is part of the cream, literally freezes and spoils the skin of the face, "scratching" it.Of course, this is all exaggerated, but it is important to understand the essence of the potential danger, rather than manipulate complex and incomprehensible terms.

Skin care in winter There is one more danger of using moisturizers in the winter - in too dry room air, the ingredients that make up the creams in question can "lead" themselves completely inadequately.These ingredients have the ability to attract moisture, but after all, in the overdried air it can not be taken from anywhere and then a "fence" of moisture from the deep layers of the dermis occurs.The result, oddly enough, is the drying of the facial skin.

Please note: is an exception to this rule only hyaluronic acid and chitosan, since they not only moisturize, but also cover the skin with a protective film, which ensures the preservation of moisture in the deep layers of the dermis.But even these funds can be applied to the skin of the face in the winter time not earlier than 60 minutes before going to the street .

Humidifying agents, in principle, can be used in winter, but experts recommend applying them directly before night sleep and immediately after the shower, directly on the damp skin.And in the daytime you can spray the skin with thermal water from the can, and, directly on top of the makeup.

The choice of face cream in the winter and recommendations for replenishing the fluid

Chem mazat lico It's not about expanding the menu and adding some special dishes to the diet, just do it and do not cost to avoid the appearance of weight problems.But to adjust the nutrition of the skin of the face in the winter period is absolutely necessary.First, it is necessary to replace the usual day cream with a nutritious cream - active ingredients, oil, beeswax and vitamin-minerals are present in its composition. But it is necessary to take into account your skin type - for example, for fatty, the cream with unsaturated fatty acids in the composition will be the optimal choice.

Secondly, you need to immediately respond to external changes in the skin - if it is hard to tolerate the cold, the face will look greyish, pale, sleepy, all roughness and roughness will appear.At this point, you need to provide the skin with intensified nutrition - retinoids, cedar oil, plant extracts, jojoba oil, antioxidants are present in many cosmetics for care, so there will be no problems with the expansion of the menu.

In addition, it is worth remembering some of the nuances:

  • Mazat lico in too cold weather, you need to use a cream that contains both vitamin E and vitamin D;
  • if a woman has a tendency to have vascular asterisks on her face, then she needs to give preference to creams with vitamin K;
  • in frosty weather it is not advisable to use dry cosmetics, it is better for this time of year to get fat blush, fatty eyeliner and creamy eye shadow;
  • if the skin is very dry, then in the foundation, add a little moisturizer and apply the resulting mass to the skin of the face for at least half an hour before going out;
  • you need in winter to drink enough fluids, it means clean water, which requires at least 2 liters a day;
  • Do not take a hot shower or bath - high temperatures will definitely enhance the peeling, will make the skin excessively dry.

"Winter" facial masks

Masks are considered a natural and effective protection of the face skin in winter.Such drugs have no contraindications, but they can solve most of the problems that are associated with the cold time of the skin and unadapted to this skin.

At the heart of any "winter" mask for the face skin should be vegetable oil( quite literally a few drops) - olive, linseed or pumpkin. They are able to form a protective barrier to the skin, which will save it from low temperatures, wind and dry air in the premises, but the auxiliary / additional components can be:

  • Mazat lico bananas - they are natural moisturizers, have in their compositionVitamin A, so will have a nourishing and soothing action;
  • lemon juice - rich in vitamin C, which in winter nourishes and strengthens the skin of the face, reduces pores and has a cleansing effect;
  • gelatin - has a rejuvenating effect, is able to tighten flabby skin, soothe the "tired", improve and strengthen blood circulation, bleach pigment spots;
  • Chamomile officinalis - relieves inflammation and soothes the skin, which is irritated due to systematic exposure to winds;
  • carrots - not only improves skin color, but also tones it.

Recipes of "winter" masks

To choose a specific prescription mask for facial skin care in winter, you need to take into account the type of skin.If there are any doubts, then the best option will be an appeal to a cosmetologist.

For any skin type

  1. Take ΒΌ of the ripe banana, mash and add 1 teaspoon of any nutritious cream to the puree.Stir and add 3 drops of lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil.Now all the ingredients must be thoroughly whipped.This mask is especially effective on dry face skin, you can also use it for hand care.
  2. Mix two teaspoons of fat-free cottage cheese with brewed tea and linseed oil, which should be taken 1 teaspoonful.

Rejuvenating masks

  1. Mask-for-dry-skin-face 10 grams gelatin( usually just as much in one sachet) with cold water and leave for 50-60 minutes for swelling.Next, you need to grind into it 10 grams of zinc oxide and 40 grams of glycerin( all these components can be purchased at pharmacies).Now the mass must be heated in a water bath so that it becomes liquid.Then, a gauze napkin with eye slits is taken, wetted in warm and liquid mass and applied to the skin of the face.
  2. Take 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and mix it with a teaspoon of fat cream( nutritious) and half a teaspoon of sour cream( you need to buy a quality product).

For oily skin

One egg whites egg whisk before forming a foam, mix the mass with a teaspoon of lemon juice, bran and crushed lemon peel( these ingredients are taken in 2 teaspoons).

For dry skin

  1. Take 1 teaspoon of mint, chamomile and psyllium, mix, pour a little water( so that it only covers the dry raw materials) and boil for 2-3 minutes.Then the broth should be filtered, cooled and add starch in it so much that the result is a thick, creamy mass.Such a herbal mask will help to get rid of strong peeling of the skin of the face, will provide full hydration.
  2. Mix one teaspoon of apple juice with 2 teaspoons of fat-free cottage cheese, add a teaspoon of camphor oil and half of egg yolk.

Toning masks

  1. One teaspoon of honey to warm up to a liquid state and mix it with 40 drops of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of white clay( sold in pharmacies).
  2. Grate carrot on a small grater, take 1 tablespoon of the obtained mass and add a few drops of olive oil to it.

Anti-inflammatory mask

Whisk egg yolk with a teaspoon of olive oil and the same amount of the drug daisy.This mask will relieve the skin of the face from peeling and redness.

Note: all the above masks can trigger the appearance of allergies, so before using them, you need to make sure that there is no inadequate reaction of the body, applying a small amount of the prepared product to the inner side of the ulnar fold.Redness, itching or burning indicates that you need to give up the mask being tested.

Apply "winter" masks in accordance with certain rules:

  1. Before applying the mask, you need to thoroughly clean the skin using lotions and tonics that do not contain alcohol.
  2. Apply any mask to the face for a maximum of 15 minutes, and then it must be washed off with warm water.If the skin is of a greasy type, then it is advisable to wash with cool water.
  3. After applying any mask on the face, it is highly desirable to assume a horizontal position, since a full relaxation of the facial muscles will occur, and all components of the mask will "work" more productively.
  4. To get the desired result, the mask should be applied every other day.

It's not hard to take care of your face in winter, even if you have to study and get used to the rules of caring procedures, the result is sure to please - in spring the skin will look absolutely healthy.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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