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Lentigo: Symptoms and Treatment

Lentigo: Symptoms and Treatment

If, after being in the sun, dark spots appear on the skin, many people panic to the dermatologists.Of course, with a banal sunbathing, such spots are unlikely to appear, but a sunburn, even insignificant, serves as a kind of push to such changes in the skin.What it is?Is it considered a disease?How dangerous is Lentigo?All of these questions can be answered only by an expert, so you can not delay - you need to seek medical help when you first find dark spots on the places of sunburn.

Table of contents: Reasons for the appearance of the lentigo Lentigo classification Lentigo treatment methods Lentigo prevention

Reasons for the Lentigo

1432754817_ace1 Lentigo is a dark brown or bluish spot on the skin that can occur in the elderly and young people, girls and men.This pathology belongs to the group of benign pigmented spots and "soften" the grief from the unaesthetic species can only realize that lentigo never degenerates into a malignant form of the flow.

This disease occurs after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Classification of lentigo

In medicine, there is a clear gradation of the disease in question. First of all, doctors distinguish two main types of lentigo:

  1. Solar.Stains in this case appear exclusively after a sunburn.Most often, solar lentigines are diagnosed in people with white or hypersensitive and thin skin.

Classification of Lentigo

  1. Elderly.This type of disease is also called hepatic lentigo, spots do not appear in places exposed to sunlight, but on the face, neck and back of the palms.They differ in a lighter shade, many people generally perceive them as large freckles.


Note: senile lentigo can degenerate into a malignant disease( skin cancer), but this happens extremely rarely.

There are two more types of the considered disease, which are rare and refer to genetic abnormalities, can be inherited. These include:

  1. Periodic Lentiginosis.A characteristic sign of such a disease are brown spots( "coffee with milk") on the face with localization in the mouth or lip rims, they can pass to the mucous membrane.There was no connection of this type of lentigo with the sun's rays.Patients feel fine, but in some cases, there may be severe pain in the abdomen, many polyps in the intestine and stomach grow - this leads to the exhaustion of the patient.

Periodic Lentiginosis

  1. Lentiginosis Turena central.This hereditary disorder, which is characterized by dark spots on the face, covering the nose, forehead, lip rim and cheeks, rarely spots on the shoulders.The fact that this disease spoils the appearance of a person is considered the smallest problem!The fact is that this type of lentigo is accompanied by epileptic seizures, mental and physical retardation, urinary incontinence.

Lentigo treatment methods

This disease is accompanied by the appearance of brown spots, which in some cases look like dense nodules with a rough surface.If it is a normal lentigo, the skin can be affected not only in open areas of the body, but also in the area of ​​the external genitalia.

Lentigo is a disease that requires professional medical care.And the doctor, in the first place, will determine the type of disease, carry out the necessary examinations, on the basis of which the choice of method of treatment depends.

If a solar lentigo is diagnosed, the doctor will give the following recommendations:

  • Como-pueden-eliminar-o-quitar-manchas-cara-L-jXkgsR use on the affected skin areas cosmetic products with exfoliating and whitening action;
  • with light spots perform procedures for retinol peeling;
  • undergo a course of laser skin resurfacing - this reduces the amount of protruding spots( deprives them of convexity);
  • to obtain photoprotection - under the flash of light with high temperature, the pigment layer is destroyed;
  • if necessary, undergo diathermocoagulation - exposure to affected areas of skin tissue with pointwise high temperatures, which leads to protein folding.After a similar procedure, a pink scar remains on the skin, but eventually it disappears.

In the case of diagnosing a congenital lentigo, the doctor can prescribe X-ray therapy - this is the only treatment that gives an effect.When polyps are detected in the stomach and intestines, the patient is directed to an operation to remove them.

Prevention of lentigo

Prevention of the disease in question is possible only if it is a question of solar lentigo.An old or hereditary form of the same disease can not be prevented by any preventive measures.Prevention of lentigo

Prevention of solar tape:

  • during sun exposure, treat the skin with special sunscreen;
  • time to visit the beaches you need to monitor - the optimal period is from 9 to 11 hours and from 17 to 19 hours.

By minimizing exposure to sunlight, it is possible to protect your skin from damage to the lentigo.But when the described spots need to visit a dermatologist and get advice and appointments about the therapeutic procedures.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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