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Symptoms and methods of treatment of tonsillitis during pregnancy

Tonsilitt Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to avoid infectious diseases, in particular, acute tonsillitis during pregnancy.This is not surprising, because a woman does not fall out of social life, but continues to go to work, communicate with people who can get sick.What are the methods to fight tonsillitis during pregnancy?

Table of contents: Symptoms of tonsillitis Treatment of tonsillitis in pregnancy Treatment with antibiotics Auxiliary treatment

Symptoms of tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is called inflammation of the tonsils( glands).Tonsillitis is chronic, when the infection is not completely cured and makes itself known periodically as an exacerbation.There is also acute tonsillitis, which is also called angina.

Tonsillitis in pregnancy is not a harmless condition. The whole point is that the disease is caused by bacteria, often streptococci and staphylococci.That is, the tonsils become the focus of infection. The rapid activity of microbes affects the mother's body and the bearing of the baby.

Symptoms of tosilitis

A woman can be suspected of acute tonsillitis by such signs as the appearance of severe weakness, aches in muscles, chills, high fever.A typical symptom of the disease is a severe pain in the throat when swallowing. If a woman approaches the mirror, opens her mouth, she will be able to notice enlarged, red tonsils, and sometimes even with purulent plugs or white coating.

Chronic tonsillitis can last for a woman for years and manifest as nonspecific symptoms, like fatigue, periodic body temperature rises of up to 37-38 degrees and sore throat.To determine the presence of a chronic process in some cases is only possible by a doctor when examining a throat.With chronic tonsillitis, the structure of the tonsils is loose, in its lacunae are caseous-purulent plugs.However, in case of exacerbation of tonsillitis, all the same symptoms develop as in angina.

Untreated sore throat, first of all, is dangerous for the mother.The infection can go beyond the tonsils and affect the heart, joints, and kidneys of .In this case, the infection process complicates the very course of pregnancy.So, sore throat can lead to the development of late toxicosis and even miscarriage, premature birth.

Principles of treatment of tonsillitis in pregnancy

At-pregnancy-cold-than-treat-cold Important! Any medications can only be used after consultation with your doctor!

For chronic tonsillitis, a course of treatment and sanation of the tonsils is necessary before conception, during the planning of pregnancy .Treatment of chronic tonsillitis includes lavage of tonsils, physiotherapy.The presence of chronic tonsillitis in women is not an excuse for active treatment during pregnancy.But always it is worth remembering that with chronic tonsillitis there is a risk of aggravation of the disease.But if the acute tonsillitis is still overtaken by a woman during pregnancy, do not panic, you need to see a doctor and observe all of his appointments.

With acute tonsillitis a woman is shown a bed rest in the first days.The disease itself is a significant burden.Therefore, the pregnant woman should limit her motor activity, so as not to overwork and do not force the body to work for wear.Of course, with a sore throat no appetite, you do not want to eat, but you need to eat fully.You need to eat soft food so as not to irritate an already sore throat.It is possible to combat intoxication by consuming enough liquid.It can be fruit drinks, compotes, broth of wild rose and even ordinary still water.

Treatment with antibiotics

Pills_and_pregnancy Etiotropic treatment of acute tonsillitis involves the use of antibiotics. No matter how afraid women take medication during pregnancy, this can not be avoided.The potential harm from infection is much higher than that of drugs.In addition, a woman needs to remember that the infectious process also has a detrimental effect on the bearing of the child.

If you take in hand an annotation to any antibiotic, there you can read that during pregnancy it is used with extreme caution.The reason for prescribing an antibiotic is a situation where the potential harm of the disease exceeds the potential harm to the child from the drug.Angina just refers to this case.

During pregnancy, women are usually prescribed antibiotics of three groups:

  1. Penicillins( Amoxicillin - Flemoxin Solutab, Amoxiclav, Ampicillin);
  2. Macrolides( Azithromycin, Josamycin);
  3. Cephalosporins( Cefuroxime, Cefadroxil).

Important! Modern preparations of these groups of antibiotics are safe enough and not toxic, which allows them to be used in the treatment of pregnant women and children. There are antibiotics that have a teratogenic effect on the fetus - Streptomycin, Biseptol, Levomycetin, Tetracycline and some other .Such drugs are not prescribed by doctors during pregnancy.

Auxiliary treatment

Angina Excellent addition to the treatment of the throat rinse .To prepare a rinse solution, you can dissolve a teaspoon of soda in a glass of warm boiled water.Or to prepare a decoction of medicinal plants, for example, chamomile.Gargle is also possible pharmacy antiseptics: Chlorophyllipt, Chlorhexidine.The essence of rinsing is that during this process there is a mechanical purification of the tonsils, bacteria are washed from their surface.

All kinds of sprays and troches from angina are not capable of completely destroying microbes, and are not able to wash them off the tonsils.Therefore, these dosage forms are used for symptomatic treatment, because sprays and lozenges can reduce sore throat.

If high temperature( above 38 degrees) and after consulting a doctor, you can use some antipyretics( Ibuprofen, Paracetamol) .These drugs not only reduce the temperature, but also reduce inflammation.

Thus, the treatment of acute tonsillitis with pregnancy by suitable modern means poses no danger to either the mother or the child.While the lack of treatment for sore throats can lead to serious complications.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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