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Pimples and irritation after shaving: prevention and treatment measures

Pimples and irritation after shaving

Pimples after shaving may appear at any time, even if before this did not happen.You need to know the rules for the treatment of acne and irritation after shaving, to quickly and permanently get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon.

Table of contents: Causes of post-shave after shave care Prevention of after shave rashes How to deal with shave irritation

Causes of acne after shave

If acne and irritation appear after shaving the face, on the legs or in the bikini zone, then the cause of thisPhenomena can be the following factors:

  1. Causes of acne after shaving Improperly selected razor.People use different shaving devices - someone prefers electric shavers, someone uses disposable machines.It often happens that when the "instrument" changes, irritation and pimples disappear.
  2. Mechanical damage to the skin.Under the bristles there may be areas of inflammation that are completely invisible.During the shaving with sharp blades, the upper layer of the epidermis is removed in places of inflammation, and microtrauma is formed.As a result, these wounds become infected and irritation and pimples appear on the skin.
  3. Improperly selected cosmetic for shaving.Gels and shaving foams should not only correspond to the skin type, but should not be allergenic to a particular person.When choosing such a tool, you need to focus on the degree of sliding of the razor over the skin, and not on the cost or promotion of the brand.
  4. 726340_html_4af0114c Blunt razor blades.If you forget to replace the dull blades in time, then the bristles with each procedure shaved off incompletely and you have to repeat shaving often.As a result, the epidermis is injured, dirt and dust enter the wound, which leads to acne.
  5. Competently selected after shave lotions.This type of cosmetics should also be selected only according to the type of human skin.It is worthwhile to pay close attention to the fact that the composition of the remedy did not contain substances that could provoke an allergic reaction.By the way, incorrectly selected lotions can lead to irritation and the appearance of acne, even in the absence of micro-trauma epidermis.

Please note: should never be shaved in a dry way - without water, foam or gel.Doctors say that repeated holding of such procedures leads not only to acne and irritation, but also to the development of skin cancer.

Special attention should be paid to shaving the intimate area - here the skin is tender and sensitive, so irritations are almost inevitable.You can not shave the procedure too often, even if you need to repeat shaving to improve the result.

Prevention of post-shave rash

Treatment of a rash after shaving is hard enough, so it is much easier to prevent it. To avoid the appearance of acne and irritation after shaving, you need to follow specific recommendations from specialists:

  • never shave dry hair - they must be thoroughly moistened;
  • if you use an electric shaver, then the hair should be absolutely dry;
  • depilation is advisable to hold after bath or shower - the hair will be well moistened, and the skin is steamed;
  • when using an ordinary razor, you need to buy a special cream, foam or gel - these products do not allow inflammation / irritation of the skin and facilitate the process of shaving;1369381996_57653
  • it is desirable to regularly use scrubs to cleanse the face, get rid of dead scales;
  • many cosmeticians recommend that women use shaving machines for men;
  • for depilation of an intimate area it is necessary to use only special gels and lotions.

How to deal with irritation after shaving

How to deal with irritation after shaving If the rash and signs of irritation do appear, then you need to take steps to eliminate them.The fact is that acne, places of reddening not only cardinally change the appearance of a person for the worse, but also itch, hurt.Therefore, it is unreasonable to wait for the considered phenomena to disappear on their own - it is necessary to take measures.

First, immediately after shaving on the skin you need to apply a special cream for sensitive skin and it is desirable that it contains an extract of aloe.You can use for this purpose and lotion based on witch hazel, but make sure that it contains no alcohol( or its amount is minimal).

Secondly, thin flakes of fresh avocado can be applied to the inflamed skin - it will cool / soothe the skin and saturate it with vitamins.

Thirdly, you can safely use for the treatment of skin cream with a tincture of flowers of calendula and almond oil.By the way, these funds can be used in case of severe acne, and as a preventive measure.

Some people get rid of this phenomenon after shaving helps the usual baby powders and creams.They contain plant extracts, which provide anti-inflammatory properties to the products.

Note: if acne after shaving does not pass within 2-3 days, the presence of purulent contents is clearly traced and the body temperature rises, this is the reason for an urgent call to the doctor.

To get rid of pimples and skin irritation after shaving, you just need to adhere to certain rules of skin care.And, if we are to prevent the condition in question, then in 98% of cases the shaving procedure ends without any unpleasant consequences.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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