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Eustachyte( tubo-otitis): symptoms and treatment

Eustachyte Eustachiitis, salpingoitis, or tubo-otitis is an inflammatory process that occurs in an acute or chronic form with localization in the auditory( Eustachian) tube.This pathology leads to poor ventilation of the auditory tube( it is often absent), which is the first cause of the progression of otitis media of a catarrhal nature.

Contents: Eustace: the causes of symptoms tubootitis

Eustace: the causes of


this disorder can occur for a variety of reasons, but most doctors diagnose evstahiit as a complication of certain pathologies:

  • acute respiratory- virus infection - viruses and pathogenic bacteria penetrate from the nasopharynx into the auditory tube and beyond;
  • fungal infection - cause evstahiita can be hit on the mucosa of the eustachian tube tuberculosis pathogens, chlamydia, syphilis and other nonspecific microflora;
  • pathologies of the nasopharynx, proceeding in a chronic form - for example, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, adenoiditis, sinusitis;
  • allergic reactions - often manifested in the background of allergic rhinitis( rhinitis) and polyposis;
  • of the nasopharyngeal cavity neoplasms;
  • hypertrophy of nasal concha;
  • curvature of the nasal septum.

Also clearly identified causes of tubootitis, doctors and secrete several contributing factors:

  • low level of immunity in chronic diseases - such as diabetes or general vitamin deficiency;
  • long-term coughing and sneezing - with these actions, the pressure in the tympanum rises sharply, the ventilation of the auditory tube deteriorates;
  • improper cleaning of the nasal cavity of mucus with a protracted runny nose, when a person begins to flaunt simultaneously with two nasal passages.

In medical practice, Eustachiitis was diagnosed, the cause of which was a sharp change in atmospheric pressure - the entrance to the auditory tube is squeezed, which leads to damage to the structures of the middle ear.

Symptoms of tubootitis

Since eustachiitis can occur in two different forms, the symptoms will also differ.

Symptoms of acute evstahiita


Most often this form of the disease in question is diagnosed on the background flu or acute respiratory viral infections for which there is obstruction of the nasopharynx.Signs of acute evstahiita are:

  • nasal ear( or ears if bilateral inflammation progresses);
  • autophony is a condition in which a patient hears his own speech in the form of echoes in the ears;
  • permanent or periodic presence of tinnitus;
  • a sense of the presence of water in the patient's ear - "as if the liquid is poured" when the head is tilted or turned;
  • headache from the problem ear.

The acute form of the disease under consideration is never accompanied by an increase in temperature, an intense pain syndrome in the ear / ears - a person feels within normal limits.If the treatment of acute eustachyte is started in time, then the doctors' predictions are favorable - the therapy does not last long, no consequences are observed.Otherwise, the inflammatory process in the auditory tube is transformed into a chronic form - it can be treated worse, and it is fraught with deterioration of hearing.

Symptoms of chronic eustachyte

The chronic form of the disease under consideration is characterized by deformation of the tympanic membrane and cavity - atrophic changes occur in their structure. The examination of the patient the doctor will mark the clouding of the eardrum and the following features:

  • tympanic membrane is deformed and is drawn;
  • some areas turn red( they are clearly limited);
  • hearing is broken.

Eustachyte The patient will complain about the decrease in the level of sound perception, the periodically occuring ear / ear stuffiness, the feeling of heaviness in the head( from the side of the diseased ear).

It should be noted that eustachyte in children develops on the same principle as in adults - tinnitus, congestion and some hearing loss are not accompanied by deterioration in overall health( fever, drowsiness, headaches, etc.).The child can point out that an excellent audibility returns to him when he sneezes, after a deep yawn and cough.

Principles of treatment of eustachyite

The disease should be diagnosed by an otolaryngologist - it is necessary to exclude other pathologies of the hearing organ.The doctor also chooses the treatment scheme - it is always only therapeutic.

What the doctor recommends for eustachyte:

  1. Take a course of antibacterial drugs .It is a question of antibiotics in the event that at diagnosis the presence of a bacterial infection was established.Simultaneously with such drugs, the doctor can prescribe antihistamine drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and probiotics.

Note: can not do any medications on its own in case of symptoms of the disease under consideration - treatment with potent medicines is only indicated for bacterial infection.Moreover, all of the above mentioned means can provoke the development of an allergic reaction, or give side effects - it will only worsen the patient's condition.

  1. Constantly perform a large number of chewing movements .This method will help improve / accelerate the outflow of fluid that has accumulated in the aisle of the auditory tube.Excellent coping with this task is the usual chewing gum - doctors recommend using it and with eustachyte in children.If the chewing gum is not suitable for some reason, you can eat raw carrots, apples are solid foods that imply a large number of chewing movements to grind them.Http: //www.rmolsumsel.com/images/berita/normal/ 199560_09293827022014_Makan-Permen-Karet.jpg
  2. Pneumatic massage of the tympanic membrane .This procedure is performed by a doctor by an otolaryngologist and consists in applying low / high pressure to the membrane with a special device.

Note: in many sources indicates that this massage can be done with a palm - it is tightly applied to the diseased ear and begins to perform opening / closing movements with a certain amplitude.Note that this self-massage can be done only after consulting a specialist - you need to learn the rule of doing this procedure.

                Through the installed catheter, a solution of epinephrine or hydrocortisone is injected, which improves the patency of the auditory( Eustachian) tube.This procedure is extremely rare, when the patient asked for medical help at the stage of a protracted eustachyte.

              Eustachyte Physiotherapeutic procedures are of great importance in the treatment of the disease in question.We are talking about magnetotherapy, laser therapy and UHF heating.But which procedures are suitable for a particular patient, the attending physician will decide the otolaryngologist.In many cases, a specialist does not prescribe medication, but only physiotherapy.It is well known that magnetotherapy, for example, has a complex effect-it reduces the swelling of the auditory( Eustachian) tube, "works" as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

              In addition to these therapeutic measures, it is necessary to take a course of vitamin-mineral medications - to increase immunity is important for the speedy disposal of the disease in question.

              Traditional medicine in the treatment of tubootitis

              Folk remedies for the treatment of the inflammatory process in the auditory can only be used after consultation with an otolaryngologist - it is necessary to diagnose the diagnosis correctly and to get medication appointments.It is not necessary to perceive folk remedies as a panacea for eustachyte - they are called only to support the body, increase its immunity and speed up recovery.

              Folk remedies for eustachyte:

              1. Mix in equal proportions clover, immortelle, nettle and pine buds.Then take a tablespoon of the finished dry herb collection and pour a glass of steep boiling water( 250-300 ml).Infused for 5 hours.Take should be 1/4 cup 3 times daily after meals.
              2. Prepare a collection of leaves of eucalyptus, yarrow, dandelion roots and celandine - all components are taken in equal proportions.Then 2 tablespoons of the collection fall asleep in a thermos and pour 1 liter of steep boiling water, leave for 8-10 hours( it is convenient to do it at night).This drug is taken 1 glass per day( divided into several receptions) simultaneously with the course of taking antibacterial drugs.
              3. Pour 1 tablespoon of calendula flowers with a glass of boiling water( 250-300 ml), insist for 30-60 minutes and strain.Take the drug for 1 tablespoon 3 times a day after meals.

              Eustachyte Note: the above mentioned agents can provoke an allergic reaction, so you must first make sure that the body reacts adequately to medicinal plants.If these remedies are used for the first time, then literally 2-3 cups of broth / infusion are drunk first, then for 30-60 minutes they observe the "behavior" of the organism.

              Traditional medicine recommends once a day to make inhalation with boiled potatoes - dry steam will penetrate into the auditory( Eustachian) passage and expand it, providing an outflow of accumulated fluid.But before conducting this particular procedure, it is necessary to undergo a survey - it is possible that the doctor will put a ban on any heating procedures.

              Prevention of eustachyte

              Since the disease in question is a complication of acute respiratory infections, nasopharyngeal diseases, the prevention will be as follows:

  • Seasonally take vitamin-mineral complexes to maintain immunity;
  • timely and fully treat any viral and / or inflammatory diseases of the nasopharynx / upper respiratory tract;
  • during the epidemics of colds regularly wash the nasal passages with salt solution;
  • avoid overcooling.

Eustachiitis is considered to be a fairly safe inflammatory disease, but only if there was a timely call to a doctor and a full treatment was carried out in strict accordance with the appointments of an otolaryngologist.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

Eustachyte( tubo-otitis): symptoms and treatment

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