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How to get rid of traces of acne: proven methods

How to get rid of traces of acne: proven methods

Scars after acne can cause a strong enough "blow" on a person's self-esteem, significantly change his psycho-emotional background and cause a violation of the usual rhythm of life.Agree, this "marking" on the face or body is not a simple problem, which must be somehow solved.In fact, there are several methods of getting rid of scars after acne - "in the course" can go and folk medicine, and traditional therapy, and innovative procedures.

Contents: What is acne scars? How to get rid of acne scars?

What is scars after acne?

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This phenomenon can happen in every person and it does not matter - it crushes acneSpecifically or waiting for an independent solution to the problem.And the reason for this is simple - when the content of the acne leaves the crater, which normally should be tightened by a new layer of skin.In some people, everything happens as it happens - there are no traces of pimples, and in many cases unpleasant pockmarks remain.

Acne scars It does not matter where the scars remain - on the face, neck or trunk, the nature of their appearance is the same.Since after the exit of the contents of the pimple there is a crater, it can be regarded as a wound - an infection, pathogenic bacteria can penetrate it, so it is so important to carry out disinfecting procedures and take measures for the speedy healing.A big role is played not only by the choice of specialized medicines and cosmetic procedures, but also by the state of the human immune system.

The growth of new cells in the body - the process is very long, depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.Of course, much depends on which pimple was the cause of crater formation - for example, if it was a large abscess, then the healing process will be long, difficult and complex.

Measures to prevent scars after acne

Even with exactly the same treatment for inflammation of the skin, two people will have different results.They depend on the activity of regenerative processes, the age of a person, his diet, the presence / absence of internal chronic diseases, the strength of the immune system and many other factors.But every person who has acne on the skin can prevent the appearance of scars - it is enough only to adhere to certain recommendations of specialists.

First, you need to revise your diet and sleep / wakefulness, saturate the body with vitamins.Very important for the normal skin condition is vitamin E - it can be obtained from products, or you can just periodically take a course of taking specialized medications.Banal rest, sparing cosmetic procedures on the skin, correction of nutrition in the direction of vegetables, fruits and cereals will help prevent the appearance of acne itself.

Measures to prevent acne scars

Secondly, if there are already pimples, then you should immediately visit specialists( dermatologist and / or cosmetologist) and start complex treatment.Do not use alcohol, lotions, any creams and ointments that helped the neighbor / mom / friend - these funds are selected in a strictly individual order.

Thirdly, in any case you can not independently remove pimples - press them, open with a needle.This can not only injure the skin, scratch it or transmit the sebaceous glands, but also put the infection in the pimple.

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How to get rid of acne traces

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There are several methods for solving the problem of scars, but this article will describe the most popular and effective.

Removal of acne traces by laser

This method of getting rid of scars after acne is considered the most popular - according to statistics, it is used by every 3 people suffering from the phenomenon under consideration.The essence of the procedure is laser skin polishing from the inside, burning of scars - absolutely healthy skin starts to grow in their place.

Removing traces of acne by laser

The advantages of laser scar treatment are the absolute painlessness of the procedure, although for particularly suspicious patients, doctors can offer both local anesthesia and the speed of laser resurfacing.


Medications In general, pharmacies sell quite a lot of specialized ointments and gels, creams and lotions, which are designed to rid the skin of scars after acne.But they will be effective only if the funds are selected by the doctor, and the patient will strictly observe the dosage prescribed by the doctor and the scheme of application.

Among all the variety of such medicines, one can distinguish Antisark Cream, Kontraktubeks, Dermatix Ultra, RubtsovNet.

Masks from acne traces

Do not underestimate the recipes for home skin masks that help get rid of scars after acne - it is important only to properly prepare them and use regularly.

The most popular masks from traces from acne:

  1. Glina-ot-prischej Based on clay.Used in this case, the green clay, which must be mixed with warm water( clay take 2 tablespoons) and add 2-3 drops of any essential oil.All is thoroughly mixed and as a result, a thick enough and plastic mass should be obtained, which is applied to the previously cleaned skin of the face.The time of the procedure is 10 minutes, then the mask is washed off with cool water.Mask of green clay can be applied to the skin of the face every other day, all such procedures should be done. 10. Then a break for 2 weeks is made and the course is repeated.
  2. Based on Vishnevsky ointment.The procedure is fairly simple - you need to mix in equal proportions honey and the main ingredient, attach to the rumen for 40 minutes, but this should be a compress.Such a compress can be done every day until the scars disappear.
  3. Based on the pulp of a tomato.Many doctors claim that it is this ingredient that heals the skin, helps remove toxins from it and smooth the scars.The procedure is very simple: a ripe tomato is taken, the core( pulp) is extracted from it and applied to the scar for 20 minutes.No bandages and compresses do not need to be done, you can carry out such procedures every day for an unlimited time, up to obtaining the desired result.

Note: tomato is one of the products provoking allergies.Before applying the mask from the pulp, a tomato must be sure that the organism reacts adequately to this vegetable.

Folk remedies for scars

The problem of scarring after acne is not new - our ancestors fought with it, that's why you can turn to folk medicine for help.Specialists recommend the following tools:

  1. Cucumber extract.This tool can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can simply grate the inside of the cucumber and apply it to the scars.The duration of the procedure is only 15 minutes, then everything is washed off with cool water.Such procedures can be carried out every day and without time limits - cucumbers do not cause allergies( this is an extremely rare phenomenon), but they perfectly saturate the skin with vitamins and help smooth the scars.
  2. Almond oil.It is also purchased in pharmacies or beauty salons, then gently rubbed into the problem areas of the skin with fingertips.Experts recommend that for 5-10 minutes massage the skin with almond oil and achieve complete absorption.The procedure can be carried out daily, without interruptions and any restrictions on the duration.
  3. Parsley.This is truly an ancient folk remedy - you need to grind a bunch of green parsley and pour boiling water for 40 minutes( the water should completely cover the green mass).After this, the infusion is filtered and poured into ice molds.Ready-made ice should be used to wipe areas with problem skin, and experts recommend a long course - up to 60 days.Broth-from-greens-parsley

Scar after acne should be treated on a professional level.You can resort to dermabrasion or filling the scars with fatty tissue, you can stop your choice on specialized medications, you can confine yourself to folk methods.It is important with available scars after acne to seek help from doctors - it can be a beautician or dermatologist.Specifically, experts will assess the extent of skin lesions, find out the cause of scar formation and identify problems with overall health.Only after that doctors will make some appointments and recommendations about therapeutic measures.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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