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Treatment of nail fungus

Treatment of nail fungus

To completely get rid of the fungus on the nails, you will need to be patient.Great patience!The fact that it will not be enough to apply even the most active, modern, effective medicinal product 3-5 times - as a rule, the process of treatment of nail fungus lasts from 6 to 12 months.

Contents: What is dangerous nail fungus?How important it is to see a doctor Distribution of a fungus Preparations for the treatment of a fungus - a general overview Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus Treatment of nail fungus with laser Nail fungus rules

What is dangerous for nail fungus?

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If no therapy is performed, the fungus will quickly spread to all nail plates, then it will begin to "settle" on the skin surface.In addition, that the nail fungus harms the appearance of the legs and hands, it, simultaneously with its progression, delivers a lot of common problems. For example, when developing a nail fungus, the following may be present:

  1. Violations of a psycho-emotional background - a patient can not bare his legs on the beach, in a sauna or bath, pool, and in the summer you have to wear either closed shoes or socks.
  2. Weakening the immune system - the body's strengths are directed only at fighting( and, unsuccessfully!) With the fungus of the nails, so all the viruses and bacteria meet no resistance.This leads to the development of allergies, frequent diseases of a physical nature, infection with viruses.
  3. There is a high probability of infection of close relatives and even friends / acquaintances.The fact that the fungus spores have tremendous vitality even outside the human body, so the spread of fungus in the family is common.
  4. There are painful sensations when walking.Moreover, in the initial stage of development of the disease under consideration, non-intensive pain in the legs( feet) is noted only when walking, and if the progression of the process continues and no therapeutic measures are taken, the pain will bother the person and at rest.

How important it is to see a doctor

How important it is to see a doctor

Many people think that the treatment of a fungus can be carried out without any expert advice - advertising of antimycotic drugs is present everywhere, instructions for use are available in each unit of the remedy.Why do doctors insist that when the first signs of a fungus on the nails appear, it is necessary to visit a medical institution and undergo a specific examination?

First, the doctor scrays the material from the affected area of ​​the nail for laboratory testing - a specific strain( strain) of the fungus is established.

Secondly, specialists in the laboratory find out the sensitivity of the established type of fungus to various medications.

Thirdly, only a doctor, based on the results obtained, can choose a truly effective drug.

Note: , each type of fungus can show sensitivity to completely different drugs, and in this case, its susceptibility to specific active substances that are part of antimycotic agents will be elucidated.

Distribution of fungus

Distribution of fungus Fungus strains can develop, in principle, on any part of the human body - in hair, skin, nail plates of the upper and lower extremities.As a rule, the fungus on the skin is manifested by the appearance of areas with reddening cover, with a peeling surface, with a touch of different colors.

Fungal infection can appear in the groin, on the palms, even inside the auricle - for the disease in question there are no barriers.All strains of fungi are characterized by the ability to spread - that is why doctors insist on timely application for professional medical care when the first signs of fungal attack appear.

Drugs for the treatment of fungus - general overview

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The pharmacological industry market has a large assortment of antimycotic( antifungal) products - some of them are capable only of destroying the colony of fungi, some also help soften and remove the damaged nail plate.

All medicines that are intended for the treatment of fungi are divided into several main groups:

  1. Tablets and capsules for oral administration( orally).They have a common effect on the body, destroy all the consequences of the development of fungal disease and contribute to strengthening the immune system.
  2. Gels, emulsions, ointments, creams are topical medicines that are applied directly to the affected nail plate or to the skin surface.Such external preparations are operated exclusively locally.
  3. Varnish for nails - these medicines contain active substances that have a harmful effect on the fungus colony.Apply varnish to sick nail plates several times a day, it is advisable to use this kind of drug at the initial stage of treatment of the disease in question.
  4. Creams, emulsions for softening the nail plate - these preparations do not contain antifungal substances, therefore, these creams and emulsions should not be considered as medicines.They are used as part of complex therapy, they are intended only for getting rid of a damaged, deformed nail.

Note: if the nail fungus is in a neglected state, the process is actively spreading, then doctors consider it appropriate to administer immunomodulating agents to patients.With this degree of development of the disease in question, it is necessary to restore, stabilize and strengthen the immune system so that the treatment is really effective.


Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus

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There is, and is actively distributed "to the people", various folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus.Doctors also argue that the use of folk remedies leads only to the progression of the disease, patients do not turn in time for professional medical care and the result is a fungal nail fungus.But in this case, and its treatment will be very long, and the methods will need aggressive, down to surgical intervention( doctors simply remove the affected nail plate).

Many folk remedies, which are recommended by sorcerers and ubiquitous grandmothers, can cause a burn of the skin surface, which will only exacerbate the situation.And some recipes include components that can cause a severe attack of an allergic reaction in the patient.

Doctors recommend not experimenting and seeking help with the treatment of nail fungus to specialists, but if there is a desire to use some folk remedies in the therapy, then let them be only an additional means, not the main one.

Treatment of nail fungus with laser

Treatment of nail fungus with laser It has been scientifically proven that medicines rarely have the ability to penetrate the nail plate - the effects of antimycotic( antifungal) drugs are limited to the surface layer of the nail.Therefore, doctors recommend paying attention to laser treatment of the fungus - the laser beam is able to penetrate all layers of the nail plate, it has a disastrous effect directly on the mycelium and the fungal body itself.The result is the folding and death of the fungus - it also consists of protein, which under the influence of high temperatures folds.

Please note: laser treatment of nail fungus is quite expensive, but the effectiveness of such therapy is at a very high level.A few procedures are enough to completely get rid of the nail fungus.

Rules for hygiene in nail fungus

If the nail fungus is being treated, it is necessary to remember the hygienic rules - without their observance the effectiveness of even specific, correctly selected therapy will be reduced. What can be attributed to the characteristics of hygiene during the treatment of nail fungus:

  • The rules of hygiene in the fungus of nails should be thoroughly washed at least 2 times a day;
  • Before each use of the medicine, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the feet and completely dry them;
  • after each washing of feet you need to change socks, tights, stockings;
  • no socks, stockings, socks and stockings in any case should be folded together with other dirty laundry;
  • except for washing, all hosiery must be boiled;
  • shoes must be disinfected with special antifungal agents, but if there is no such option, then you will have to change it.

Nail fungus is a very unpleasant disease that implies treatment under control and strictly in accordance with prescribing physicians.But the patient should know - it is necessary to apply complex therapy, which will shorten the duration of treatment at times.Many patients stop taking medical procedures, when the signs of the disease in question disappear - this is a big mistake!Only a doctor, through periodic laboratory tests of scrapings from the affected nail plate, can accurately tell the patient about the cessation of treatment.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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