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Treatment of genital warts in women


According to statistics, approximately 75% of young sexually active women around the globe are infected with HPV( human papillomavirus).About 15% of them have manifestations of infection.One of the manifestations of papillomovirus infection in women is the appearance of genital warts, which can bring a lot of inconvenience.How should we fight with condylomas and what methods of treatment exist?

Table of contents: What are genital warts?Methods for treating genital warts

What are genital warts?

The human papilloma virus can be infected in several ways: sexual, contact-household( when using other people's towels, linen), and also vertical( when the fetus passes through the genital tracts of the infected mother).

Acute condyloma

Genital warts are epithelial growths, often outwardly resembling cauliflower.They are localized on the labia, on the eve of the vagina, around the anus, in which case women can detect them themselves.Also, condylomas are able to localize in the vagina, cervix, cervical canal, their appearance often does not give the woman any discomfort and is found only with gynecological examination.


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Methods for treating genital warts

There is no etiotropic agent against human papillomavirus.This means that despite the ongoing treatment, the virus will not be completely killed, so even after removing the condylomas after a while they are able to reappear.By and large, the treatment of genital warts is symptomatic and is the removal of existing condylomas in one way or another.

Methods for treatment of genital warts:

  1. Spiky_kondilomy_social_to_danger_and_to_cure_data_disease Surgical removal;
  2. Cryodestruction;
  3. Diathermocoagulation;
  4. Laser therapy;
  5. Radio wave therapy;
  6. Chemical Removal;
  7. Combined treatment.

It should be noted that surgical removal of genital warts is currently used quite rarely, yielding to simpler modern methods of treatment.


Is the most common method of treatment.The parts of the mucous membrane( skin), affected by condylomas, are treated with liquid nitrogen.The substance has a freezing effect on the tissue, which leads to tissue death after thawing.As a result, condyloma disappears, and in its place a scab is formed.After removing the scab, scars usually do not remain.

The method is used to treat both single and multiple condylomas.If there are many formations for their removal, several such procedures may be required.This method has its advantages: it is a painless procedure, performed without anesthesia, is an inexpensive procedure.



Is a more aggressive method of treatment.However, this method is still very common in post-Soviet countries, since many state polyclinics and women's consultations are simply not equipped with more modern equipment( radio wave apparatus, laser).The essence of the method lies in the effect on the affected areas of the mucous membrane of high temperature, which leads to cauterization of condylomas with their further falling away.Scars often remain in their place.As a rule, diathermocoagulation is used if the condylomas are single.The method is painful, so it must be done under anesthesia.

Kondiloma Laser therapy

Lazer A modern medical method, the essence of which is the effect on the condylomas of a beam of laser radiation.It can be applied neodenovy or CO laser.The first has a pronounced hemostatic effect, and the second one affects the surrounding tissues less.The procedure requires anesthesia, local or local.

Laser therapy is indicated for multiple condylomata.Despite its effectiveness and undeniable advantages, this method is still rarely used in outpatient settings because of the lack of necessary expensive equipment and the need for special training of personnel.Nevertheless, the method also has its drawbacks.So, after laser therapy, complications can occur in the form of tissue scarring, ulceration, bleeding.

Radiowave therapy

The essence of the method is the destruction of tissue by the action of electromagnetic waves.In particular, on the basis of radio wave therapy, the popular apparatus "Surgitron" is based.In the apparatus there is a combined regime consisting of electrocoagulation and a radio knife.The advantage of this approach is that with its use it is possible to achieve effective destruction of tissues, while coagulating small vessels and thereby preventing bleeding.The procedure is carried out after preliminary anesthesia.Of the possible side effects, it should be noted soreness after manipulation, as well as tissue scarring.

Chemical methods of treatment

The chemical methods of treatment include the removal of genital warts with drugs.Among the most popular drugs are podophylline, solcoderm, trichloroacetic and nitric acid.

The main component of the preparation of podophyllin is a resin obtained from P. pelatum and P.emodi plants.For the treatment of genital warts, a 10-25% solution of podophyllin is used, in ethanol or benzoyin tincture.Its use leads to necrotizing and destruction of condylomas.

Podophyllin is very simple to use in outpatient and even home settings, which is an undeniable advantage of this method of treatment.The first procedure is carried out by a doctor and teaches the patient the basics of manipulation.

Preparat-kondilin The drug should be applied locally strictly on condyloma, trying not to get on a healthy tissue.Podofillin with a special applicator is applied in a volume of no more than 0.5 ml per procedure, once or twice a week.The duration of this course of treatment does not exceed five weeks.The patient should ensure that after four to six hours, the treated areas of the tissue do not get liquid.Complications include the development of wetting dermatitis, the appearance of ulceration, as well as systemic damage in the form of nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea.Podofillin not used during pregnancy and lactation.

Solkoderm, which is also used in the treatment of genital warts, is a complex of acids( nitric, acetic, lactic, oxalic), as well as copper nitrate.It is available as a solution in 0.2 ml ampoules.The medication is applied to the warts by the applicator, after which it is important to wait until the product dries completely.The application of the drug may be accompanied by local burning of the skin( mucous membranes), there is a possibility of tissue scarring after the procedure.


Also in the fight against condylomas can be used TCA( trichloroacetic acid) and nitric acid.TCA is used in 80-90% concentration and leads to coagulative necrosis of the treated tissue.Nitric acid has the same effect.The advantage of this method of treatment is its ease of use and cheapness.Cautions with these drugs are carried out once a week, for a month.The method is quite effective, but complications can occur in the form of wetting and ulceration.

Note: treatment of genital warts with medicines should only be performed as directed by a physician.The use of these medicines has its own characteristics, as well as a number of contraindications.

Combined therapy

Cervicalcancer Represents the use of immunotherapy in conjunction with cryodestruction, laser therapy or electrocoagulation.This approach allows to achieve great efficiency and reduce the likelihood of relapse in the future.

So, the use of immune preparations with cryodestruction worked well.On condylomas affect the temperature -160-180 degrees, wait 40-120 seconds.Manipulation is repeated twice.The affected area of ​​the mucosa( skin) is treated with an interferon-containing emulsion to stimulate local tissue immunity.And to stimulate general immunity, the patient is credited with a tablet of kemantan, 0.2 mg three times a day for ten days.

Summary: , each of the above methods has its drawbacks and advantages.To say that some method is bad, but some good is not rational.The choice of method of treatment, first of all, is based on the clinical picture of the disease and taking into account the characteristics of the patient.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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