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How to get rid of a post-act: effective methods of treatment

How to get rid of post-acne

Resigning is the result of an illiterate effect on acne, most often associated with mechanical actions, forced extrusion.For most people, the problem of acne is well known - even with the absolute health of the skin during puberty, acne can appear.If acne appears as a cosmetic defect, then you can cope with them on your own at home.But if acne is classified as acne, then this is already a serious disease and it should be properly treated under the supervision of doctors.Otherwise, there will inevitably be a post-ache period.

Table of Contents: As manifest as postpartum How to treat postakney

As the post-

manifests This is a complex of flaws in the skin that are a consequence of the progression of seborrhea and acne, attempts at self-management of the problem and manual opening of acne.

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Doctors to postpone carry the following phenomena:

  • pore expansion;
  • stagnant spots;
  • significant expansion of capillaries;
  • constantly available "grid" of capillaries;
  • scar formation;
  • hyperpigmentation of the skin;
  • uneven skin texture.

The intensity of these manifestations is always variable and depends not only on how often and aggressively the mechanical effect on acne and acne was.The age of a person plays an important role in the intensity of manifestations. If an acne develops in a young person, then his skin has a high degree of regeneration, the immune system is strong, but acne, which proceeds in an adult already, leads to severe post-partum manifestations.

In order to understand what is being said about post-acne, it is worth considering each of its manifestations in more detail:

  1. Expansion of pores.Sebaceous glands start to work in the strengthened mode that leads to accumulation of a secret in the duct.To this should be added dirt, dust, cosmetic products and as a result will get too wide a flow of the sebaceous gland, its contents do not find an outlet and become inflamed.In some cases, enlargement of the pores leads to an uneven structure of the skin, and in some cases - provokes scarring.80022-cream-for-hair-dairy-haire-companies-buy
  2. Persistent erythema.If acne / acne has been given a mechanical effect incorrectly, then it can lead to the appearance of a cyanotic shade of the skin.The essence of the problem is that when squeezing out acne there is a violation of the microcirculation of the blood, therefore, cyanotic spots and scarring appear.Especially intense cyanosis and scars are manifested in the cold season, and this problem can be solved only with the help of qualified medical care.years
  3. Scars.This manifestation of post-acne can occur after unsuccessful removal of the closed gum, puncture and removal of the infiltrate without proper antiseptic procedures.Scars can be of different sizes, convex and drawn, wide and narrow, whitish or blue.Scars-after-acne-300x200

How to treat postakney

There are a lot of methods for treating the condition in question, but it is not the patient himself who should decide which one to choose, but his own doctor.In this section, we will look at the most popular and effective ways.

Correction measures with expansion of pores

Corrective measures for the expansion of pores First of all, you can use special drugs that reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands - for example, drugs retinol and retinoic acid.Such remedies not only reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands, but also soften, make the thin layer of the skin thinner.But it must be taken into account that the solution of the problem of expanded pores with the help of specific drugs will last a long time - in some cases, the effect is noticeable only a few months after the regular use of medicines.

To correct skin defects that are associated with the expansion of pores, it is possible and with drugs against hyperkeratosis - a condition in which the stratum corneum is excessively developed.For such procedures, preparations with salicylic and fruit acids are excellent, by the way, they can also be used at home.Experts recommend giving preference to fruit acids and regularly treating them with a skin - a maximum of 3 months will be noticeable results.

Please note: should not abuse procedures with acids - it can be addictive.It is recommended after 5 months of regular application of this method to take a break for 30-50 days, and then continue the course of treatment.

Against the expansion of the pores, an acid peeling chemical peel works perfectly, which is performed once every 2 weeks.It attracts a quick effect in this procedure - after 6-8 weeks of regularly conducted procedures it will be possible to note clearly positive results.

Correction of erythema resistant

Correction of erythema resistant In this case, preparations based on ichthyol, nicotinic acid, camphor, menthol, isopropyl alcohol are used - they improve blood circulation in the upper layers of the skin.The result of this treatment will be a narrowing of the capillary vessels, an increase in the elasticity of their walls, the inflammatory process will disappear.

Admission of these drugs is optimally combined with chemical peeling and topical application of drugs of ascorbic acid.Thus, the skin is not only a restoring action, but also a vasoconstrictive, protective.

Physiotherapeutic procedures will also be effective in the treatment of post-acne: doctors prescribe to patients vacuum massage, drug electrophoresis, cryotherapy, light therapy, ultrasound therapy.You can conduct a course of intradermal injection - it's about mesotherapy, biorevitalization, ozone therapy.A good result is the use of medicinal cosmetics.

Scar correction

There are several methods for treating scars on the skin after acne and acne, but none of them gives a 100% guarantee of getting rid of this cosmetic defect.It is believed that it is the scars that are very hard to treat, so it is better not to admit their appearance - a timely appeal to doctors for acne treatment will prevent the development of post acne and scars.

Deep peeling

Deep peeling Shallow scars and stagnant spots can be removed by chemical deep( or medial) peeling.The essence of the procedure is the dissolution of the upper stratum corneum and the formation of necrosis areas.At the site of the procedure, the skin darkens, and recovery occurs after all the crusts fall off.

Note: after the first procedure, scars will become simply less noticeable, the skin will regain its homogeneous structure, but this will not be enough.Experts recommend that after 3 months, repeat the procedure to obtain a pronounced effect.

It is possible to conduct TCA-peeling( median), which consists in applying a solution of trichloroacetic acid to the affected skin for 10 minutes.The procedure can cause pain in the patient, so anesthesia is often first performed, and after TCA-peeling, ice is applied to the treated focus.

Note: median peeling is performed only in a hospital environment, because the reaction of the skin to such an interference is unpredictable.

Laser skin polishing

Laser treatment of manifestations postakne is considered the most popular and effective procedure.The advantages of this method of treatment are the accuracy and dosage of the laser beams, but there are also disadvantages: the laser has an effect only with shallow scars.


After exposure to the skin with a laser, the site can become inflamed, become red and swollen, but these effects disappear after 20-30 days after the procedure.A laser resurfacing is performed under local anesthesia, after the procedure sterile bandages are applied with medicines that promote the rapid restoration of the skin.

Other procedures

Doctors can give recommendations on the conduct of dermabrasion, collagen injections - they also help to solve the problem of manifestations of post-acne.But similar procedures can be carried out to patients only after examination of their organisms and doctor's permission.The fact is that such aggressive intervention in the body is fraught with the development of severe complications.

You can remove scarring and surgical method, but this is already an extreme method, which is very rarely used.

Postdiagnosis predictions

Scars, as a manifestation of the post-acne, are treated for a very long time, with multiple procedures, an integrated approach.But even in this case there is no guarantee that it will be possible to get rid of a cosmetic defect!

Doctors say it is much wiser to prevent the development of post-acne, but even if this has already happened, you need to seek medical help.

Postakne - a state quite unpleasant, bringing a lot of discomfort and unpleasant moments in life, violating the psycho-emotional background of a person.Only competently selected cosmetic procedures and medications will help to solve the problem, but not immediately - you will need to be patient.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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