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How to make steam baths and baths from acne and black spots

How to make steam baths and baths from acne and black spots

Steam baths and baths are spoken not only by ordinary people, but also by cosmetologists - these procedures are considered extremely useful for getting rid of pimples and black spots.But in order to obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to know the rules for carrying out such procedures - with steam baths and baths, the effect is not only on the epidermis, but also on the circulatory system of the body.

Table of contents: Benefits of steam baths and baths for the skin Contraindications and indications for facial paralysis Preparing for the procedures How to make a steam bath The most effective recipes

Benefits of steam baths and baths for the skin

After several treatments the skin becomes soft, Light and smooth - this effect is achieved due to the medicinal plants used.In addition to strictly aesthetic effects, steam baths and baths from acne and black spots have the following effect:

  • , the contents of clogged pores become softer and self-exiting, it is extremely rare for a thorough cleansing to require the use of a scrub;
  • couples decoction medicinal plants soothe the skin and reduce inflammation;
  • the skin is completely cleansed of cosmetics( and remnants of decorative, and therapeutic), toxins and deposits of the secretion of sebaceous glands;
  • cellular respiration of the epidermis is getting better - this leads to the appearance of a healthy blush.

Https: // antigaymorit.ru/vp-content/uploads/2016/03/therapy-gaymoritis -higulations-01.zhpg After the procedure, cosmetologists recommend applying a moisturizing mask, scrub or cream to the skin.The fact is that after exposure to steam, the pores of the skin are maximally cleaned, opened and can "take in" the maximum amount of useful substances from skin care products.

Steam baths and baths from acne and black spots are the most popular procedure among the townsfolk.This is due to the fact that it can be carried out at home and without the need to purchase expensive means.


Contraindications and indications for facial paralysis

The procedures under consideration can and should be carried out by all people whose skin has flaws - for example, massive eruptions of acne or acne.Cosmetologists assure that steam baths and baths from acne and black spots can successfully replace expensive face cleaning procedures in beauty salons - the effect will be the same, and the costs( both temporary and financial) will be much less.

But since the steam procedures do not have a shallow, but a deep impact, there are contraindications to their conduct. It is worth remembering some of the warnings of specialists:

  • is strictly forbidden to make steam baths and baths from acne and black spots to people with diagnosed diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems;
  • very cautiously similar procedures are carried out to people with any pathologies taking place in chronic form( consultation of the attending physician will be required);
  • it is impossible to make steam baths and baths at elevated body temperature.

Preparing for

procedures To regularly clean steam baths and baths from acne and black spots, you need to prepare a set of necessary "tools".

Getting ready for the procedures First, you will need a plastic basin or a 3-liter bowl.Moreover, these utensils can not be used in other matters - for example, washing in it or washing vegetables is strictly prohibited.Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a new bowl or basin and designate its use only for the procedures in question.

Secondly, you will need a large towel that completely covers your head and face in a declined state.Such a towel should be sufficiently dense and do not allow air to pass through.

Third, it is necessary to stock up with various medicinal plants - for example, eucalyptus leaves, chamomile flowers, calendula flowers, aloe extract and others.But note that many plants can trigger an attack of allergy, so they need to be selected individually.

How to make a steam bath

For the procedure it is necessary to allocate absolutely free time - it's not worth hurrying and distracting.Expect that the preparation for the procedure, its conduct and actions after will take about half an hour. And now we do everything step by step:

  1. Boil 2-3 liters of water and pour into a prepared basin or bowl.
  2. Pour 1 cup of broth or tincture of medicinal plants into boiling water and mix thoroughly( not with hands!).
  3. We remove hair( we pin or tie with a handkerchief).
  4. We bow our face over the basin and cover ourselves with a towel.

Note: if the steam action is too aggressive and the heat can not be tolerated, then increase the distance between the face and water.But then, as the liquid cools, reduce it.

Actually the procedure lasts no more than 10 minutes, it should be stopped immediately, as soon as intensive steam from water with broth / tincture of the medicinal plant ceases to be released.Experts do not recommend immediately after the steam bath to wipe your face - let the skin dry out on its own.But after 10 minutes you can wipe the skin with a dry napkin and apply a moisturizing / nourishing cream or a scrub onto it.

It is possible to hold steam baths or baths from acne and black spots once a week.

The most effective recipes

Of course, the thoughtless use of medicinal herbs for the procedure under consideration would be foolish - there are certain representatives of the plant world that have a specific effect on acne, on adipes and so on.

The most effective recipes of :

  1. The most effective recipes From acne.In the bath you need to add lavender, aloe, string, plantain, tincture of calendula, chamomile.And, before adding you can prepare a decoction at the rate of 1 tablespoon per glass of water, and you can put dried herbs and in kind into boiling water.
  2. For dry skin.Cosmetologists recommend adding boiled oregano, marigold and thyme to boiling water.
  3. From wrinkles.Rosemary, sage and chamomile have a powerful rejuvenating effect.Moreover, they can be used both as independent ingredients, and in combination with each other.
  4. From the black points.Prepare a tincture of nettle or rowan fruit, add it to boiling water in an amount of 50 ml and pour 50 grams of coarse salt.
  5. For oily skin.Oak, aloe, mint, horsetail, linden have a drying effect and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

The results of steam baths and baths from acne and black dots will be visible after 2-3 procedures.But only regular carrying out of considered procedures will give expected effect and will improve a skin condition even at the expressed problems.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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