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How to quickly remove a toothache: an overview of medical methods

Toothbrus-01 The most common cause of toothache is caries( middle and deep), pulpitis, periodontitis( acute or chronic in the acute stage) and increased sensitivity of the teeth.The cause of development odontalgii can also be trauma, accompanied by the appearance of cracks in the enamel and( or) damage to the periodontal ligaments.In some cases, strong toothache accompanies sinusitis - inflammation of the paranasal sinuses( including haymorovyh).

When there are first unpleasant sensations, it makes no sense to try to make a diagnosis.In any case, the pain is unlikely to subside spontaneously.Carious cavity will not become less, and inflammation of the pulp or periodontal will only increase.The best thing to do is go to the dentist urgently.In any city there are 24-hour polyclinics, where they can quickly get rid of toothache.

Table of contents: Toothache: how and how to remove without taking the pill?Medications for toothache How to get rid of toothache quickly and without pills?How to relieve a toothache during pregnancy?

Important: it is also advisable to massage the hand in the area where the metacarpal bones of the index and thumb meet.Influence on reflex points is a good remedy for toothache;Acupuncture can slow the pain impulse.

Taking any measures alone, you can only stop the symptom for a few hours, but acute toothache requires treatment of the cause, that is, the pathology that caused it.Postponing a visit to a specialist, one can only wait for complications;The possible outcome of inflammation is often abscesses( in other words - abscesses), phlegmon, infection in the paranasal sinuses and the brain and sepsis( blood poisoning).Thus, the development of life-threatening conditions is not ruled out.

Toothache: how and how to remove without taking the pill?

Rimedi-naturali-contro-lafta_4283388a4ee4614b356ed4bc44c78903 If the pain develops against a background of medium or deep caries, in some cases it can be reduced by removing food residues from the tooth cavity and thoroughly rinsing the oral cavity with a solution of baking soda.

For a glass of water at room temperature, you need to take a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate.Avoid rinsing with hot water, as this will only increase inflammation.

When exacerbation of chronic periodontitis, when there is swelling in the area of ​​the patient's tooth( flux), or fistula on the gums forms, rinsing with soda and a teaspoon of table salt can help.In some cases, this way it is possible to "pull out" pus and at the time to calm a strong toothache.

Adult patients can be recommended to use as an emergency measure solution of ethanol( or regular vodka).Some time you need to hold alcohol in your mouth over the sick tooth( not swallowing).Some of the ethyl alcohol is absorbed( absorbed) through the mucous membrane, which will cause a brief local numbness and, as a consequence, the stifling of acute toothache.

Drugs for toothache

Pills Taking an anesthetic for toothache, you need to follow one simple but important rule: pills that relieve acute pain should not be taken less than 3 hours before the visit to the dentist.Otherwise, there is a high risk that the symptoms will be "blurred" and the diagnosis will be incorrect.

Note: is a "cure for a toothache" - the term is not entirely correct.The pain in this case is just a symptom that can be suppressed( removed for a while).To treat the same pathology, which caused the appearance of pain syndrome.

The most common and effective dental pain pills:

  • Analgin;
  • Tempalgin;
  • Baralgin;
  • Pentalgin;
  • Sedalgin.

Important : a well-known remedy Pentalgin containing naproxen and paracetamol is contraindicated in patients under 18 years of age, as well as people suffering from bronchial asthma or hypertension.

The most rapid remedy for toothache are tablets with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

These include preparations containing the active ingredient ketorolac:

  • Ketanov( prohibited in Russia);
  • Ketorol.

These drugs belong to the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.They can not be taken by asthmatics, women during pregnancy and lactation, and children and adolescents under the age of 16.It should be washed down with a significant amount of liquid( 200 ml), which will allow the drug to work faster.The daily dose should not exceed 3 tablets.


Following the administration of this group of drugs, the development of side effects, in particular dyspeptic disorders( nausea, vomiting, diarrhea), headache, increased irritability and drowsiness, is not excluded.

You can also recommend a non-steroidal Ketonal( Ketoprofen-based drug).


Nimesulide and Actasulide tablets are also classified as NSAIDs.They can not be removed from a child under 12 years old.These drugs are contraindicated in pregnant patients, as well as people suffering from diabetes, peptic ulcer, heart failure, as well as chronic liver and( or) kidney diseases.

Reliable and quick remedy for toothache - Indian Naise tablets.They help to cope with a very intense pain syndrome, including - developing with neuralgia of the facial nerve.The drug is contraindicated in patients who have a child.In a number of cases after the administration of Naise can develop such side effects as pain in the epigastrium( areas of the stomach) and the appearance of rashes on the skin.

The Nise and Actasulide tablets contain the same active substance, nimesulide.

Image 2528

Quickly remove the toothache with the help of an analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug Nurofen.The active ingredient of the agent is codeine.Nurofen allows not only to relieve pain, but to significantly reduce inflammation with gingivitis.Tablets are categorically contraindicated in hypertension( regular increase in blood pressure), as well as in renal and hepatic insufficiency.


Drugs of the latest generation are characterized by a combination of efficiency and safety.For adults, tableted forms are produced, and for children - syrups.Among the newest means are Ibuklin and Ibufen.Pregnant and lactating patients, as well as persons with renal and liver failure should not take them.

You can also take dentalgia tablets Mig, but they are contraindicated in diseases of the blood, ulcers of the digestive tract.In addition, they can not be taken by pregnant women, as the data on the complete safety of the drug for the fetus is not enough.

Image 2523

Please note : after ingestion of the drug against toothache, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with a solution of the drug with a powerful antiseptic effect - chlorhexidine bigluconate.The drug will help to slow down the development of the inflammatory process.

Quickly from a weak and moderate intensity toothache helps to cure the drug Bral.During the day, you can take no more than 6 tablets.Among the possible side effects of Brale include tachycardia( rapid heart rate), a drop in blood pressure, hypothermia( lowering of body temperature), and a feeling of chills.Before receiving it is important to read carefully in the annotation;These tablets are poorly compatible with many pharmacological agents.

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If the toothache is not very strong, you can also take Ascofen tablets.

Note: acetylsalicylic acid( Aspirin) is ineffective in tooth pain.

In the early childhood, the use of ibuprofen-based and paracetamol-based drugs for rapid relief of toothache is acceptable.Preparations with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect for children are made in the form of rectal suppositories( candles) and in the form of sweet and pleasantly smelling suspensions for oral administration.

How to get rid of toothache quickly and without pills?

To effectively combat toothache, you can not only use tablets for oral administration, but also with topical preparations.In pharmacy chains, you can buy gels with local anesthetics, which, when applied, provide a "freezing" of the diseased area for several hours.The undoubted advantage of this category is the almost complete absence of systemic effects on the body.Due to this, local drugs have almost no side effects, and the list of contraindications is very small.

Toothache in a child and an adult can be removed in the shortest time with the help of Kamistad, the active ingredient of which is an effective local anesthetic - lidocaine hydrochloride.It is not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation.


Babies, whose first teeth are cut, will help Dentol.The drug is also shown to adults with toothache of different genesis.

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If the cause of pain is inflammation or inflammatory-degenerative changes in periodontal tissue, it is advisable to give preference to Metrolgin Dent gel.


How to relieve a toothache during pregnancy?

Most drugs for toothache have contraindications for use during pregnancy, because active substances are able to penetrate the hematoplacental barrier and adversely affect the fetus.Especially great risk if you take these or other medicines in the I trimester.In the third trimester, taking medications can provoke premature birth.

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Relatively safe for the fetus drugs include spasmolytics Spazmolgon and Drotaverin( No-shpa), as well as analgesics Analgin and Baralgin.Temporarily remove the toothache of a pregnant woman can with the drug Ibuprofen.

Pregnancy-and-treatment-Teeth Before using any medication, a pregnant woman should consult a gynecologist.

Important: remember that a variety of "folk remedies" from toothache, such as applying boiled eggs, slices of fat or plantain leaves to a sick tooth, are absolutely ineffective.Do not rely on questionable recipes found on the Internet - most of them are given by people who have no idea about the causes and methods of treating oral diseases!

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