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Treatment of nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

Treatment of nail fungus on legs with folk remedies

Nail fungus can be treated not only with specific medicines, but also folk remedies.True, it is worthwhile to know - to experiment with folk treatment of fungal nail disease on legs is possible only if its spread has only begun, the detection of the disease occurred at the first stage, the primary signs are noted.In general, doctors recommend that the nail fungus be treated on the feet under the supervision of specialists and specially developed drugs.

Table of contents: Treatment of nail fungus on legs with iodine Treatment of nail fungus on legs with tea mushroom Treatment of nail fungus on legs with copper sulfate Treatment of fungus with birch tar and tar soap Sea salt and cooking in the treatment of nail fungus on legs Vinegar in the treatment of nail fungus on legsPurity in the treatment of nail fungus

Treatment of nail fungus on the legs with iodine


Treatment of nail fungus on legs with iodine It is the alcohol solution of iodine that is the most popular treatment for nail fungus on legs in the homethese conditions, and this fact is quite possible to explain!The fact is that this drug refers to antiseptics, which have powerful fungicidal properties.Iodine provokes protein folding, and scientific studies have proven that the fungus has a protein structure.

Before starting the treatment of the nail fungus on the legs with alcoholic iodine solution, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the features of its use:

  1. This tool is capable of destroying many kinds of fungi, but not all.
  2. After the use of iodine, burns, dermatitis, and even problems in the thyroid gland may occur.
  3. Alcohol solution of iodine can cause a strong allergic reaction, so it is necessary to conduct a test for susceptibility to this agent - spread a small amount of iodine skin on the elbow.Contraindication to the use of iodine as a treatment for nail fungus on the legs will become redness, rash and itching in the area of ​​the test.
  4. The nails and the skin of the legs after treatment with the agent under consideration become yellow.
  5. You can use iodine exclusively at the initial stage of fungus development, when there is only 1/3 of the nail lesion.Nail fungus

There are 5 ways to treat the nail fungus on the legs with an alcoholic iodine solution:

  1. One drop of a 5% solution of iodine is applied daily to the nail fungus, healthy nails also need treatment, but they will be enough 1drop in two days.
  2. In a basin of hot water( maximum water temperature, you can tolerate) iodine is added in small amounts.Now you need steamed feet in the prepared water for 10 minutes.Further, all affected nail fragments are cut, where possible, the skin is treated with hydrogen peroxide( 3% solution).Finish with the imposition of bandages to the treated nail with any antibacterial ointment.PR20130206125857
  3. A course of 6 weeks is conducted - 1 and 2 weeks, the fungal affected nails on the legs are treated with fucorcine, 3 and 4 weeks - treated with alcoholic iodine solution, 5 and 6 weeks - with 9% vinegar.
  4. In a vessel it is necessary to mix iodine, garlic juice, nitrofungin and vinegar essence in equal proportions( 1 teaspoonful), everything is thoroughly shaken.Every evening, you need to steam up the nails that are affected by the fungus, cut loose areas and work with the prepared product.Before each use, the mixture was thoroughly mixed( shaken).
  5. In the evening a foot bath is made from saline solution - for 1 liter of hot water 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of sea salt, the procedure time is 30 minutes.Then, without removing the feet from the saline solution, you need to grind the nail file or clean the scissors with the fungus affected areas of nails and skin.The next step - the feet are thoroughly washed with soap or shower gel.Now it is necessary to put on rubber gloves and grease your feet, nails, the space between your fingers with an alcohol solution of iodine.Apply three layers of iodine to each nail, but before applying the next layer of iodine, you need to wait until the previous one dries.The course of such treatment is 30 days.

In general, treatment with alcohol solution of iodine fungus nails can last no more than 60 consecutive days.If there are no positive changes in the appearance of the nails of the legs, then you need to seek professional help.

Note: when handling the nails on the legs with iodine, in no case should the same tools be used for nail and healthy patients.The risk of spreading the fungus across all the toenails is very high.

Treatment of the nail fungus on the legs with a tea fungus

Treatment of nail fungus on legs with tea mushroom If you put the tea mushroom in a sweet water solution, then a pleasant drink will be ready in a week.It also has medicinal properties, including the ability to kill disease-causing bacteria or, at least, to stop their growth.Therefore, folk healers quite often recommend a tea mushroom as a medicinal product with nail fungus on legs.

You can use the tool in two ways:

  1. Rubbing.Take a small fragment of the tea fungus, cleaned of films and crushed - as a result should be a jelly-like gruel.It is this gruel that is rubbed into the nail, affected by the fungus, at least 2 times a day.Of course, before the procedure the legs should be thoroughly washed and dried.
  2. Compresses.Take a fragment of the tea fungus, soaked for several hours in clean water - you can lay the mushroom in the morning in the water, and in the evening already begin to treat.In the evening, you need to wash your feet, then a piece of tea fungus is applied to the affected nails, wrapped in polyethylene.To keep the compress well, 2-3 thin socks are put on the leg.Note that the first 2-3 procedures will be accompanied by a rather intense pain in the affected nail - it is necessary to suffer.

Note: if you decide to resort to compresses from the tea mushroom, then in the morning do not forget to remove the loose areas of the nail and process them with greenery.And remember - the treatment of nail fungus on the legs with a tea fungus official medicine is considered extremely doubtful - no one will receive recommendations in this direction from specialists.

Treatment of nail fungus on legs with copper sulfate

Copper vitriol is often recommended by healers at the same time as prescribed medicines. The following procedures can be performed with the help of the means under consideration:

  1. Prepare a solution of copper sulfate: 1 teaspoon of copper sulfate is put into 1 liter of boiled hot water, as a result, a concentrated solution will be obtained.Before use, it should be diluted - 1 tablespoon of concentrate is added in a half liter of hot water.And then all according to the instructions:
  • Treatment of nail fungus on legs with copper sulfate pour the prepared bath solution into the dishes( basin, bucket);
  • is lowered into it pre-washed feet for 15 minutes;
  • remove the legs, dry with a towel;
  • The fungal affected nail plates are treated with a prescribed drug.
  1. Take 1 teaspoon of copper sulfate and calcine on fire until the color begins to change - vitriol should turn white or gray.To it we add 1 teaspoon of a powder of yellow sulfur and as much goose fat or tar.All carefully mixed and received ointment lubricate the fungal affected nails on the legs.

Treatment of fungus with birch tar and tar soap

Treatment of fungus with birch tar and tar soap Birch tar has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.Therefore, it can be used to treat nail fungus on the legs.Birch tar is sold in pharmacies - no effort will be required to extract it.

Natural birch tar should be applied to the skin of feet and nails.Preliminary need to steam up your feet - do a bath with soap for this purpose( 15 minutes for the procedure is enough).Do not forget to apply natural birch tar to remove the skin affected by the fungus and clean the loosened nails.

Natural birch tar is applied to well-dried feet and nails with a cotton swab.Then it takes an hour and a half not to go anywhere and do not have to shoe anything - the applied product must be completely absorbed with open air access.At the end of the specified time, thin socks are worn on the legs, and only after 2-3 days the legs can be washed and again to repeat the described procedure of treatment.

Many folk healers recommend using ointments based on birch tar:

  1. Mix 3 parts of tar, 2 parts of sulfur powder and 10 parts of fat( eg goose).All components are stirred when heated.Apply ointment to the affected nail fungus, on top you need to put a band-aid.
  2. Mix baby cream with birch tar - first 5% of tar from total homemade ointment will be enough, and as the condition of nails improves, the proportions of birch tar can be increased to 20%.

It is very convenient to use not special ointments, but a special talker - it is prepared from 50 ml of birch tar, 50 ml of medical glycerin and 70 ml of alcohol.With a similar method, the nails affected by the fungus are lubricated several times a day.

Tar_blue_1-829x500 Not bad itself has recommended in the treatment of nail fungus and tar soap - it contains up to 10% of natural birch tar.How can I apply tar soap:

  • grate soap to get 2 tablespoons, they need to be dissolved in water while heating.Then the legs are lowered into the resulting solution - the procedure should last no more than 20 minutes;
  • rub 1 tablespoon tar soap, add to this amount a little water and 1 teaspoon baking soda.The obtained product is rubbed into the affected nail plate with a toothbrush;
  • nails on your feet soap with tar soap, sprinkle with ordinary cooking salt and wrap with bandage.This procedure is done in the evening, and in the morning the bandage is removed, legs are washed in warm water.It is believed that enough 7 days in a row to do such procedures and the fungus will disappear.

Salt sea and cooked in the treatment of nail fungus on the legs

Hardly salt can be called a curative - even folk healers recommend using this tool as an auxiliary for the treatment of nail fungus with medicines.

How to use salt in the treatment of nail fungus:

  1. Salt sea and cooked in the treatment of nail fungus on the legs Dissolve 1 tablespoon of salt and soda in hot water, hold the foot bath for 10 minutes, then wash the feet with warm water.
  2. Mix table salt and a small amount of crushed mint leaves, apply the resulting gruel to the affected nail plates.
  3. Put a tablespoon of sea salt on a glass of water, completely dissolve.Wet a cotton swab in the solution and apply to the sick nail for just 2-3 minutes.Then the feet are washed with warm water.

Note: during this procedure, a person will experience severe itching and burning, perhaps even the appearance of pain.This is all considered a normal reaction to the application of a tampon.

  1. In a half liter of hot water, put a tablespoon of sea salt and add 1 teaspoon of any essential oil.Soak your feet for 10 minutes, then rinse them with warm water.The procedure is carried out once in 2-3 days, the course of treatment - 10 procedures.

Vinegar in the treatment of nail fungus on the legs

Please note that you can not use vinegar at a concentration of more than 9% for the treatment of nail fungus.And think about the fact that using this tool can cause burns, and during the procedure you will experience pain and burning - it may be advisable to turn your attention to medicines.

And yet, it is vinegar in folk medicine that is considered to be a very effective remedy for getting rid of fungal nail plate lesions. How to use the tool in question:

  1. 1402759891_670px-maintain-healthy-feet-3.2 Dampen the nails with vinegar, put on thin socks made from natural fabrics and go to bed - this is the easiest method of treatment.
  2. Warm water, add to 3 liters of 250 ml of vinegar( you can use apple or ordinary table) and soar your feet for 15 minutes before going to bed.Then, the feet are washed with warm water, wiped dry and applied to the affected areas of the nail and skin with medicines prescribed by the attending physician.Similar baths should be done once in 2-3 days.
  3. Moisten the cotton swab in 9% vinegar, squeeze and attach to the sick nail.Carefully watch that the tampon does not protrude beyond the nail plate - this can cause burns on the skin!Then the swab is fixed with adhesive plaster, put on socks.The procedure is carried out once in 2-3 days, the duration of treatment is 7 procedures.
  4. Mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar essence with 3 egg whites or 1 tablespoon of medical glycerin.The resulting mixture is impregnated with a cotton swab and applied to the affected nail plate for 15 minutes.The course of treatment in this way is at least six months.Vinegar
  5. Apple vinegar and vegetable oil are mixed in equal proportions, then a cotton swab is moistened in the mixture, applied to the nail plate and fastened with adhesive plaster.Such procedures can be performed every evening until a completely healthy nail grows.

Purity in the treatment of nail fungus

We recommend that you read:

In general, celandine is a poisonous plant, but if used competently, you can quickly get rid of fungal nail infection on your feet even in neglected cases.

1709-03 First, you can use the ready-made butter celandine - this product is sold in pharmacies.You should steam up your feet, remove with the help of scissors or nail files the affected, softened areas of the nails, wipe the surface of the plate dry and only then treat the nail with celandine oil.Such a procedure should be carried out every evening until complete recovery - when the healthy nail grows.

Secondly, you can prepare a mixture of 200 ml of celandine juice( twist the green mass of the plant in the meat grinder and squeeze it through 3-4 layers of gauze) and 200 ml of alcohol, it must be insisted for 24 hours.Then the resulting agent lubricates the affected areas of the nails after they have been steamed and cleaned.

In addition to these methods of folk nail fungus treatment on the feet, healers offer the use of hydrogen peroxide, garlic, lemon and onions - all these products will certainly cause burns, and procedures with their use are accompanied by severe pain and burning.Is it worth it to torment yourself, if the pharmacological market has a lot of drugs specifically designed for the treatment of nail fungus?

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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