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Erythrasma - treatment and prevention of superficial pseudomycosis

Erythrasma - treatment and prevention of superficial pseudomycosis

Superficial pseudomycosis, which is called sweaty armpit and obese people, is classified in medicine as erythrasma.The causative agents of the disease are fungi, which quite safely feel in violation of the properties of the skin - for example, with excessive sweating, diaper rash, dermatitis.Erythrazma can occur when violations of personal hygiene rules, or, conversely, if they are carefully observed.

It is noteworthy that the disease under consideration can last for a long time absolutely asymptomatic, only during periods of exacerbations patients complain of itching, burning, soreness in the lesions.

Table of contents: Symptoms of erythrasms and diagnosis of the disease Treatment of erythrasms with medicines and folk remedies Prevention of return of erythrasms

Symptoms of erythrasms and diagnosis of the disease

Patients with the disease under consideration rarely seek medical help - it is considered a banal diaper rash.In fact, most often erythrasma manifests itself in the hot season, when a person sweats much more than usual.But according to some signs, the patient can identify the disease at any time of the year.

The clinical picture of erythrasms will be as follows:

  1. The color of the lesions has red, yellow and brick shades - in each case the skin color changes individually, but the changes are clearly determined.
  2. The size of lesions can be variable - from a few centimeters in diameter to the volume of space.In some cases, small foci form in one area of ​​the lesion, which eventually merge into a single whole.
  3. Clear borders of the lesion are absent, the surface is smooth and shiny, but eventually becomes covered with small scales, if the disease develops during the hot season, the focus may become wet, there will be swelling and other signs of progression of the inflammatory process.

Erythrasma - treatment and prevention of superficial pseudomycosis

Usually, there are no uncomfortable sensations of erythrasma in the patient and medical treatment is required for 10-15 years of the disease course.But the danger lies in the fact that the pathology under consideration is contagious, the causative agents of the disease are able to migrate from body to body during sexual intercourse, through bedding, using one towel or personal hygiene items.

If there are suspicions of erythrasma, it is necessary to visit a specialist and undergo a full examination - only on complaints of the patient and "by sight" such a diagnosis can not be made. Which examinations in the diagnosis of erythrasms are carried out by doctors:

  • fluorescent study of the lesions of the Wood lamp - when irradiated, the spots will show up in red, but in any case it is impossible to wash the foci of erythrasma;
  • microscopic examination of scales - a dermatologist will see coccoid and long fungal cells under a microscope.

Treatment of erythrasms with medicines and folk remedies

Within the framework of therapy for the considered disease, external means are used - they disinfect the foci of pathology, contribute to exfoliation of scales.It is very important to choose the right medicine, this appointment should be made by the attending physician.But even if the appointment was made by a specialist, it is necessary to check the effect of the drug on erythrasm in a particular patient - just apply a small amount of the drug to the lesion and wait for 1-2 days, after which the result will be visible.

Most often with the medical treatment of erythrasms, the following medicines are prescribed:

  • glycerol-salicylic alcohol 5%;
  • sulfur-tar paste - it is applied 2 times a day for 10 days;
  • salicylic alcohol 5%;
  • erythromycin ointment - applied to the lesions 2 times a day for a week;
  • alcohol solution of iodine - they are treated with erythrasma for a maximum of 5 consecutive days;
  • Cream of Mycospores;
  • cream Clotrimazole.

Treatment of erythrasma with medicines and folk remedies Note: if the lesions are too extensive, the treatment with external means alone will not give the desired result - the doctors prescribe and Erythromycin inside at a dosage of 250 mg per reception 4 times a day, this treatment will last 4 days.

A good effect in the treatment of erythrasms is given by ultraviolet baths - such rays exfoliate, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect simultaneously, which contributes to the rapid disappearance of lesions.

Even the most powerful medicines will not work if the patient does not comply with the rules of personal hygiene - you need to wash thoroughly 2 times a day using a bactericidal soap.In addition, you must often wash your underwear, and if the erythrasma is already heavily launched, you will need to boil it.

Many believe that traditional medicine will help in the treatment of the disease under consideration - in part this is true.Even doctors recognize the effectiveness of such therapy, but only in combination with the use of medicines. The most popular and effective remedies for erythrasms from the category "folk medicine" are:

  1. 20130725132748 Tincture of birch buds on alcohol - this is sold in the pharmacy, but you can prepare yourself, taking 10 parts of vegetable raw materials and 1 part of vodka orMedical alcohol.To wipe this tincture you need all the lesions every day, at least 3 times.
  2. Spots of this disease should be washed with yarrow broths, chamomile pharmacy, immortelle or St. John's wort.
  3. It will be useful to take baths with the addition of St. John's wort, oak bark, oregano.

Prevention of return of erythrasms

There are a number of preventive measures that will prevent the return of the disease in question.

First, you need to start fighting against excess weight - this applies to the correction of nutrition, and physical education.As soon as you manage to get rid of extra pounds, immediately stop and Erythrazma.

Secondly, you need to buy a special deodorant in the pharmacy with the addition of aluminum, as the usual funds from this category will not help get rid of unpleasant odor and increased sweating.

Third, after taking a shower or a bath, you must carefully wipe the entire body, especially the folds.Then you can wipe the problem areas with camphor alcohol - it will dry the skin.

Erythrazma is a rather unpleasant disease, but it is quite possible to cure it.But before using any medications or folk methods, it is necessary to settle the dermatologist and undergo specific examinations - this will help to choose the right direction of therapy.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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