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Sharp pain in the right side causes

A sharp pain in the side

Pain is considered one of the most unpleasant signs that there are violations in the body.Moreover, this symptom can not be ignored, especially if the pain is of high intensity and occurs against the background of general health.Pain in the abdominal cavity is not uncommon, since it has a huge number of nerve plexuses, blood vessels, and there are many organs.

If the pain has arisen in the right side, then first of all you need to understand the causes of this phenomenon, which will depend on further therapeutic tactics.As a rule, sharp pain in the right side means that there are some disruptions in the internal organs located in this area of ​​the abdominal cavity.But there are also cases when pain in the right side signals about problems in another part of the body, and in this case, without a professionally performed diagnosis and consultation specialist can not do.

Note: sharp pain in the right side involves calling the ambulance team or self-referral for qualified medical care.The doctor will need to tell not only about the time of the onset of a pain attack, but also about what preceded the deterioration of health - for example, the reception of unusual food, alcohol abuse, excessive physical exertion.

The causes of pain in the right side may be very diverse, but most often this symptom is directly related to the progressive pathology of the gallbladder, liver and ducts.Much less often in patients with the symptom in question, a doctor diagnoses diseases of the genitourinary system or duodenum.Often, in acute conditions, the pain will also have localization in the right side - for example, with acute appendicitis, or rupture of the uterine tube against the background of an ectopic pregnancy.

Table of contents: Pain in the right upper quadrant Pain in the lower abdomen on the right side

Pain in the right hypochondrium

A sharp pain in the side

It is in this zone that pain occurs in the pathologies of the liver, duodenum and bile excretory system.If the pain in the right hypochondrium is pulling, constant and non-intensive, then we can talk about the progression of chronic diseases of the above organs.In the case of a sudden appearance of pain, or its strengthening, the doctor will diagnose "hepatic colic." Causes of development of hepatic colic and the appearance of severe pain in the right upper quadrant:

  • occlusion of the bile duct opening with a stone or tumor;
  • biliary tract spasm;Congestion of bile in the gallbladder
  • .

Against the background of these reasons, there is a sharp overgrowth of the gallbladder walls, which provokes an attack of severe pain.To help the patient in this state can only a doctor, in some cases, may generally need emergency medical care.

Note: sharp pains in the right hypochondrium, which occur suddenly - a great rarity.Most often, patients are disturbed for some time by painful pain in the right hypochondrium, and then, with provoking factors, an attack occurs.

Abdominal pain on the right side

Acute appendicitis

Acute pain in the right iliac region can signal diseases of those organs that are located exactly in the place in question.Most often acute pain in the right lower abdomen occurs with acute appendicitis.Moreover, the intensity of pain increases, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and an increase in body temperature are associated with it - these are the accompanying symptoms of acute appendicitis.


This condition requires urgent medical intervention, acute appendicitis is not treated by therapeutic methods and is outpatient - only inpatient and surgical intervention.

Ectopic pregnancy

In a woman of childbearing age, a sharp pain in the lower abdomen on the right side can indicate a violation of an ectopic pregnancy.It is also called tubular - a condition where a fetal egg is attached not to the uterine cavity, but to the right fallopian tube. In general, there are two variants of the "development of events" with an ectopic pregnancy:

  • tube rupture - pain sensations will be identical to those that the patient experiences with an attack of acute appendicitis;
  • abortion, when the fetus enters the abdominal cavity - the pain is paroxysmal, no additional symptoms( nausea / vomiting) accompany it.


A characteristic sign of the interruption of an ectopic pregnancy is pain that irradiates into the rectum and perineum.In any case, tubal pregnancy is a pathological condition that requires emergency surgery.

Torsion of the legs of the ovarian cyst

Torsion-legs-cysts At any age, a woman can have an acute attack of pain in the right ileal region against the background of the torsion of the ovarian cyst leg.In this case the pain arises always suddenly and its intensity is so great that the woman loses consciousness.

Pain in the twist of the leg of the ovarian cyst is worse with the slightest movement of the woman, other disorders may appear against it, such as stool discomfort, fever, the appearance of bloody discharge from the genital tract.

Torsion of the leg of the ovarian cyst is a condition that requires urgent surgical treatment.

Ovarian apoplexy

Apoplexy-ovary Pain in the right side of a woman can occur with apoplexy( break) of the ovary, and, according to the characteristic, it will resemble a clinical picture of an ectopic pregnancy disorder.Apoplexy of the ovary is characterized by bleeding, which can be abundant and, in the absence of emergency medical care, lead to anemia.

Only a doctor can determine what treatment a woman will need with ovarian apoplexy.If the bleeding is weak, anemia is not pronounced, then the therapeutic treatment will cope with the problem.And in case of heavy bleeding and pronounced anemia, surgical treatment will be required.

Renal colic

This condition may develop in a patient with a previously diagnosed urolithiasis.If the stone enters the mouth of the ureter, the patient experiences a sharp, intense pain that "gives" to the right iliac region.The nature of the pain resembles an attack of acute appendicitis, so sometimes even experienced specialists in the initial diagnosis can not differentiate these two pathological conditions of the .And nevertheless there are some signs which will help to diagnose correctly diagnostics:

  • at a renal colic a pain irradiates in an inguinal area and a waist;
  • patient with renal colic is restless, choose "painless" position of the body can not;
  • in the urine appears a blood impurity;
  • urination becomes frequent, but unsuccessful.

Only a doctor can provide qualified assistance to a patient with an attack of renal colic.He also chooses the tactics of treatment - in most cases the problem of renal colic is solved by the use of drug therapy.

renal colic

The sudden appearance of pain in the right side is the reason for seeking qualified medical care.In no case should you take medication with analgesic effect - it "smears" the clinical picture and makes it difficult to diagnose the problem.Most likely, pain in the right side will indicate the need for emergency surgery.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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