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Synechia: types, causes, symptoms and general principles of treatment


A synechia( spike) is a state in which fissures between adjacent surfaces are formed.They can form in the nose, in the uterus of an adult woman, on the penis in boys and between the labia of the girls.


Description of the synechia species

Syndrome of the nasal cavity

Such fusion can be congenital in nature, when pathology develops in the womb of the mother.In this case, the causes of the development of synechia can be atresia of the khohans and syphilis, spikes are formed on the back wall of the nasal passages.Acquired synechiae are most often formed as a result of cicatricial changes that occur in various traumas of the nose, burns of the mucous nasal passages.


Statistically, the acquired synechia is diagnosed more often, and the following can lead to the formation of such fusion in the nasal cavity:

  • red systemic lupus erythematosus;
  • diphtheria;
  • scleroma;
  • typhus.

Spikes( synechiae) can form in different parts of the nasal cavity and in the nasal passages.It is noteworthy that if the splicing is small, then from the sick person, no complaints are received.

But if the synechia seizes a large area of ​​the nasal cavity, the symptoms are:

  • constant tinnitus;
  • stable nasal congestion;
  • absence or partial reduction of smell;
  • permanent formation of crusts on the mucosa in the nasal passages.

Against the background of synechia in the nose, pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases of the respiratory system can develop.Spikes close the nasal passages, which provokes complete nasal congestion.The result is breathing through the mouth - dirty and cold air, passing through the pharynx, causes the development of laryngitis and angina that occur in a chronic form.

Diagnosis of synechia in the nasal cavity is based not only on the patient's complaints - the symptoms of this disease are too nonspecific. The doctor will be able to make an accurate diagnosis only after performing a rhinoscopy, probing the nasal cavity and probing the nasopharynx.

Synechia in girls

This disease most often occurs in girls, can solder not only the labia but also the entrance to the vagina. If the labia grow together completely, the urethra can also be closed - problems with urination in girls will be guaranteed.


Synechia of the labia, vulva and vagina occur against the background of inflammatory and / or infectious diseases of internal and external genital organs, excessive or insufficient hygiene, allergic reaction.

Regarding violations of hygiene rules, it must be emphasized that not only the inadequate procedures lead to synechia, but also excessive.The fact is that in girls the vulva is covered with a very delicate layer of protective "film", and its friction leads to the formation of micro-traumas. Such damage is a direct route to infection.

The allergy factor in the development of the disease in question "works" only if the girl is allergic to certain foods or substances, and they are constantly present in her life - the external genitalia swell, becoming more vulnerable.

The vagina of the vagina, labia and vulva is considered quite a dangerous disease, because it has the ability to quickly change into the chronic form of .The result is improper development of the genitals, and in the future this can affect the reproductive function.

Synechia in boys

Synechia Quite often, boys have a synechia between the glans penis and the foreskin.In principle, doctors do not refer this phenomenon to some dangerous pathologies and prefer not to treat, but to take a wait-and-see attitude.

Due to synechia, boys have problems with bare head of the penis - many parents take it for phimosis, but doctors quickly differentiate these two diseases.At the age of 3-4 months, the boys begin to develop smegma - whitish discharge, which accumulate under the foreskin.Parents should be especially attentive to hygiene procedures - you need to thoroughly wash out the foreskin and the glans penis, trying to completely remove the smegma.

Note: in normal synechia in boys disappear to adolescence - in 11-12 years the tissue of these fusions becomes loose and the glans penis loosens freely.

According to statistics, synechia in boys does not lead to any serious consequences.

Synechia in the female uterus

Synechia In an adult female, the synechia can form in the uterine cavity - there is fusion between the walls of this hollow organ. This disease is usually diagnosed on the background of frequent abortions and diagnostic curettage, after severe labor and performed surgical interventions on the uterus .In addition, synechia in the uterine cavity can form after a long oral hormonal contraceptive intake, and after the installation of the intrauterine device.

Primary symptoms of synechia in the uterus will be menstrual irregularities and pain during or after sexual intercourse .These signs are nonspecific and do not constitute an excuse for diagnosing synechia.The doctor will send the woman to a full examination and during the ultrasound examinations the fusion will be confirmed.The size, extent of fusion in the uterine cavity can be determined using hysterosalpingography.

If the synechia in the uterus has been diagnosed in a woman who has not yet given birth, this can be an obstacle to conception and a normal pregnancy course.

General principles for the treatment of synechias

The most commonly treated disease can be cured by therapeutic methods, but in some cases only surgical intervention can correct the situation.Of course, the doctors will prescribe an individual treatment regimen, we will cover only the general principles of getting rid of such accretions:

  1. Histeroskopla-rahim-ici-yapisikliklar If the synechia formed in the nasal cavity, the physician will insist on surgical treatment of - the specialist will simply perform excision of the adhesions.Moreover, the earlier this cardinal treatment is carried out, the faster the patient's health will be restored.The most effective treatment will be getting rid of synechia with the help of a laser - in the postoperative period scars are formed very quickly and the risk of relapse decreases several times.
    Note: if nasal congestion has occurred and there is a suspicion of the formation of synechia, then in no case can it be done by washing the nasal cavity and using vasoconstrictive drops to facilitate breathing - this will lead to a proliferation of mucosa and a greater spread of synechia.Vasoconstrictive drops in the case of synechiae in the nasal cavity can lead to impaired functionality of the organs of vision and the brain.
  2. Treatment of synechia in the uterine cavity is possible only by the surgical method - the hysteroscope performs excision of the synechiae.As a rule, within 2 months after the surgical treatment the woman recovers the menstrual cycle and normalizes her health.Relapses are extremely rare.
  3. Synechia in girls can occur against the background of infectious and inflammatory processes, because doctors first conduct a complete examination of the child and prescribe( if necessary) a course of antibacterial or antiviral therapy .If the parents have applied for qualified medical care in a timely manner for synechia, the treatment will be as follows:
    • administration of solutions of antibacterial drugs in the vagina;
    • hygienic procedures by decoction of chamomile with medicinal or solution of potassium permanganate;
    • use only soap from the "child" category - it should not contain flavors and other chemical additives;
    • treatment of external genital organs after hygiene procedures with pumpkin, almond or grape seed oil.

If therapeutic methods for the treatment of synechia of the vulva, vagina and labia do not work, then the doctor will resort to surgical treatment, which is performed under local anesthesia.

Features of treatment of synechia in girls by folk methods

Most often, doctors face the synechia of the vagina, vulva and labia in girls.Not surprisingly, it is for such a case that there are several funds from the category of "traditional medicine" that can be used in each specific case only to consult a doctor.

Synechia-y-breast-girls First, you need to adjust the nutrition of the girl.It is highly desirable to exclude from the menu products that presumably can cause an attack of an allergic reaction - chocolate, eggs, honey, cocoa, oranges, berries / fruits of red color.But you need to include in the diet foods rich in vitamin C - persimmon, tomatoes, broccoli, apricots and others.Even official medicine recommends excluding or restricting the use of foods rich in calcium - such as milk and dairy products.

Important! Treatment of synechia in girls by folk remedies should not be a priority, it is of an auxiliary nature.It is only permissible after consultation with a doctor.

Secondly, after evening hygienic procedures, you can independently disassemble the ASE19ASD synechia.To do this, you need to gently dilute the labia of the girls with two fingers, exposing the entrance to the vagina, and to drip into the resulting space 2 drops of pumpkin or almond oil.Be sure to remember that for the treatment of synechia, girls do not use ether, namely vegetable oil!During this procedure, it is highly advisable not to touch the delicate mucosa.

Please note: is a famous and useful sea buckthorn oil for treating synechia in girls not suitable.It is in childhood that this product often provokes the development of a powerful allergic reaction.

Thirdly, you can do two times a day to the girl's bath with a decoction of chamomile medicinal( for a glass of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers, infuse for 1 hour). And after the procedure you need to lubricate the external genitalia and the place of synechia with internal pork fat.Prepare fat easily - you just have to melt it in a frying pan and until the cracklings become golden color, drain into a vessel for further storage.

There is one more option - lotions with calendula infusion .Usually they are made to girls at the age of 2-3 years, when they can already lie down for 10-15 minutes.First, prepare the infusion of 200 ml of boiling water and a tablespoon of calendula flowers( insist 30 minutes).Then add 2-4 layers of gauze, moisten it in infusion and apply to the external genitals of the girl for 15 minutes.

Synechia is a harmless, but rather unpleasant, disease that medicine quite successfully heals not only with surgical, but also with therapeutic methods.

Konev Alexander, medical reviewer

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