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What to take with pains in the stomach

stomach ache Everyone felt pain in the stomach, probably.And it does not matter why they arose!It is much more important to get rid of unpleasant feelings as soon as possible, at least, so everyone thinks, faced with the problem in question.Indeed, there are a number of medications that can be used to relieve pain.But!Doctors do not tire of repeating the need to seek qualified medical help - a pain in the stomach can indicate the development of pathology, dangerous not only for health, but for human life.

Table of contents:

Pain in the stomach as a result of inflammation

The main pathologies that can cause this syndrome include gastritis, reflux-esophagia, peptic ulcer.All these diseases are of an inflammatory nature, in which the mucous membrane of all organs of the digestive tract is affected.


Headaches-pain-after-dinner The pain in the stomach with this disease is always sharp, cutting, a person tries to somehow reduce it, so it takes an uncomfortable position.If the treatment of gastritis is absent, then the acute form of the disease becomes chronic.In this case, the pain in the stomach becomes less intense, but constant.A characteristic sign for stomach pains against a background of gastritis - the syndrome occurs almost immediately after a meal.

Stomach Ulcer

This pathology, as a rule, is a complication of gastritis - ulcers form on the gastric mucosa.Stomach ulcer is characterized by severe pain and heartburn.It is noteworthy that after eating food, the pain becomes less intense, or completely disappears.

Taking anesthetic drugs for peptic ulcer is only a "masking" of the symptom.Lack of qualified treatment can lead to the development of perforated ulcers - a condition that poses a real danger to human life.


Reflux-esophagia( heartburn)

People even feel painless in the stomach, and they do not even think about heartburn.And in fact regularly appearing heartburn can testify to the development of severe pathologies!What happens with reflux esophagy?The contents of the stomach are thrown into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation.The ingestion of gastric juice into the esophagus is due to the fact that the sphincter between the stomach and esophagus is weakened.Yes, you can take appropriate medications and get rid of heartburn and stomach pain, but the lack of treatment of reflux-esophagia can lead to the development of gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Pain in the stomach during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special condition of the female body, during which there are great changes in the work of all systems and organs.Just for pregnant women, stomach pain and subsequent heartburn is, in most cases, a characteristic and fully explainable syndrome.The matter is that the growing uterus exerts pressure on all internal organs, not an exception and a stomach.But here there is a problem - in the period of bearing a woman to a woman, almost all medications are contraindicated.Therefore, one should not take the usual pain medication for stomach pain to pregnant women, even if previously they were perceived by the body perfectly.First, you need to explain your unpleasant feelings to the gynecologist, and he will be able to pick up and prescribe painless for intrauterine development of the fetus pain medication.

Note: pregnant women can take Rennie or Maalox - these drugs are not absorbed into the blood and do not enter the bloodstream into the placenta.But in any case, the consultation of specialists is necessary.

What to take with stomach pain

The names of medicines for stomach pain may be different, but they are all classified into several clear categories:

  • funds used during the therapy of stomach and duodenal ulcers;
  • preparations of the enzyme type, improving digestion;
  • antifermental medicines that are used to treat inflammatory diseases of the pancreas.

For gastritis and ulcer accompanied by heartburn, pain and acidic eructation, the following drugs can be taken:

  • Maalox;
  • Gastal;
  • Gastrofarm;
  • Almagel;
  • De-nil;
  • Anacid;
  • Flacarbine.

Important! The most popular are Maalox( the drug encases the walls of the stomach, protecting it from the negative effects of acids), Almagel( a more affordable analog of Maalox, has a minimal set of side effects, is recommended for allergy sufferers) and De-nol( also has an enveloping effect,Is Gastro-Norm).

my stomach hurts If the pain in the stomach is spasmodic, Besalol, No-shpy or Buskupan will help get rid of the syndrome.Many people note the appearance of pain in the stomach against the background of overeating, or the use of excessively fatty foods for a long time.In this case, you can stop the attack with Cimetidine, Gastromax or Omeprazole.If a person has already diagnosed a stomach ulcer, then if you have pain, you can take Epicurus, Omez or Controller.

Note: if taking the tablets did not give a positive result and the pain does not pass, then you should immediately seek qualified medical help.

How to take painkillers

Many patients complain that pains in the stomach are worse after taking pain medications.Paradox?By no means!The thing is that most people do not even study the instructions on the use of the drug and this leads to an unexpected effect. In order not to be in a situation when the pain in the stomach increased from taking an anesthetic drug, it's worth remembering the following :

  1. Gastal take 4 tablets a day, which should be divided into two or four doses.Use the drug 30 minutes before meals, or in the evening before bedtime.
  2. Maalox is used in the amount of 1-2 tablets directly with pain, or an hour and a half after eating.The tablets should be kept in the mouth until they are completely absorbed.Maalox can be taken as a suspension - 1 packet per reception.
  3. Controller means long-term treatment: 1-2 tablets per day for at least one and a maximum of four weeks.
  4. Almagel drink 2 teaspoons 30 minutes before meals or just before a night's rest.The maximum allowable daily intake is 15 teaspoons.
  5. Buscopan take 1-2 tablets three times a day after the main meal.
  6. Omez should be taken orally, without breaking and chewing the capsule, the dose per day is 1 capsule.Take this medication in the morning on an empty stomach, in order to obtain the expected effect, the duration of the intake should be at least two weeks.
  7. Besalol has a restriction - no more than six tablets are allowed per day.At one time, you can use 1-2 tablets, drink them with a lot of water.
  8. No-shpa is an antispasmodic and perfectly removes periodic pain in the stomach.Take it you need 1-2 tablets at most 3 times a day.But if during one day the spasm does not disappear, then this is an unconditional reason for applying for qualified medical care.
  9. Festal is taken once and perfectly stops pain in the stomach when eating disorders.It is an enzymatic preparation that saves from overeating.

Pain in the stomach is a syndrome that can be a sign of the progression of dangerous pathologies.Not only gastritis, peptic ulcer and reflux-esophagia are the reasons for the appearance of the condition in question - many patients with stomach pain are diagnosed with new growths in the organ that can carry both benign and malignant character.That's why you should not experiment with anesthetics and try to treat pain in the stomach by yourself - a timely appeal to a specialist can not only save the syndrome under consideration, but also save lives.And, literally.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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