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Burning in the throat: why does it feel burning in the throat and tongue?

Burning in the throat and tongue are very unpleasant symptoms, which bring a lot of inconvenience.Such phenomena can occur sporadically, for example, when using acute or hot food.But if the burning sensation worries regularly, you need to look for the cause of this condition.

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Causes of burning in the throat

There are many causes of burning sensation in the throat.And not all of them are associated only with the defeat of the upper respiratory tract. The most common causes of burning in the throat are such pathological conditions:

  1. Infectious-inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract;
  2. Diseases of the digestive tract;
  3. Traumatic lesion of the mucous throat with rough food, thermal burn with hot food;
  4. Allergic reaction;
  5. Irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat with tobacco smoke.


Burning-tongue-and-lips Acute respiratory illnesses hurt everyone.Many are familiar with these unpleasant sensations in the throat, which can be characterized as perspiration, burning.Viruses and bacteria settle on the epithelium of the upper respiratory tract, causing inflammation.

ARD is accompanied by fever, weakness, headaches, runny nose.

With pharyngitis ( inflammation of the pharynx), a person complains of sore throat and swallowing problems.In addition, a person is coughing.With laryngitis inflammation of the larynx occurs.In this case, in addition to burning in the throat of a person, the hoarseness of the voice disturbs.Sometimes even a person practically loses voice for the time of illness.

Infectious agents can also cause inflammation of the tonsils.This pathological condition is referred to as by tonsillitis .Burning in the throat and increasing weakness can be the initial symptoms of acute tonsillitis( ) .In this disease, the patient's condition deteriorates rapidly.Soon the temperature rises, a chill appears, and the burning sensation in the throat becomes transformed into a severe pain, especially worse when swallowing. Chronic tonsillitis can also be a burning sensation in the throat.In favor of this disease, typical changes in tonsils( increase, loosening), weakness, rapid fatigue, periodic increase in body temperature.

After the acute respiratory disease, there is often no complete recovery, the mucous discharge from the nose continues to flow down the back wall of the pharynx.This condition is referred to as the postnasal isting syndrome .Symptoms of this ailment are a burning sensation in the throat, congestion of mucus in the throat, coughing, expectoration of mucus, periodically stuffy nose.These symptoms are especially pronounced in the morning.

Diseases of the digestive system

If a person is often worried about burning in the esophagus and throat - you need to think about the pathology of the digestive tract.A burning sensation occurs when the esophageal mucosa and pharyngeal irritate with gastric contents that have a more acidic ph.How does the gastric contents get here? The reason for this may be such diseases:

  1. GERD;
  2. Gastritis;Hernia of the esophageal opening of the diaphragm.

Gastritis is called inflammation of the stomach.This condition is accompanied by heartburn, burning in the esophagus and throat, as well as eructation, pain in the epigastric region.

For GERD is characterized by a regular throwing of gastric contents into the esophagus.The reason for the development of this pathological condition is the weakness of the lower esophageal sphincter.GERD is manifested with heartburn, burning in the esophagus and throat, acidic eructation.Symptoms occur after eating. Hernia of the esophagus of the diaphragm occurs with symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty swallowing, heartburn, belching, bitterness in the mouth, regurgitation, hoarse voice, cough.

It is noteworthy that with these gastrointestinal diseases gastric contents can be thrown even in the oral cavity.In this case, due to irritation of the mucous membrane of the tongue, there is a local burning sensation and pain .

Burning in language

Language As already mentioned above, the burning of the tongue can be caused by diseases of the digestive tract.In addition, often the burning of the tongue occurs with the use of spicy foods or certain medications.In this case, the painful feelings do not bother the person for long and soon pass.

If the burning sensation of the tongue bothers for several days and does not go away, this may be a sign of glossitis - inflammation of the tongue.Glossitis can be observed with infectious diseases in the oral cavity, for example, with candidiasis.With this disease on the cheeks and tongue, you can find a white cheesy coating.

Please note! Glossitis can develop not only with infection, but also with somatic diseases.For example, B12-deficient and folio-deficient anemia lead to the development of Hunter's glossitis.In this case, the tongue becomes bright crimson, the papillae on its surface are smoothed, and therefore it looks polished.Gunter's glossitis worries a man with a burning tongue.

Burning of the tongue is also noted with xerostomia.This pathological condition, which develops due to insufficient saliva production, which is accompanied by dry mouth.Xerostomia does not exist independently, it is a manifestation of the underlying disease, for example, diabetes mellitus, iron deficiency anemia, nasal breathing disorders, salivary gland lesions, etc.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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