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How to treat a cold folk remedies?

How to treat a cold folk remedies?

In official medicine there is no diagnosis of "colds".Symptoms such as cough, nasal congestion, general weakness and fever are due to exposure to pathogenic microorganisms.The doctor in the patient's card can record "ARD" or "ARVI".Special treatment is required if the viral nature of the disease is confirmed( antiviral drugs - Remantadine, etc.) or bacterial complications( antibiotic therapy is prescribed).

In most cases, doctors prescribe drugs for colds to patients with symptomatic therapy, i.e., lowering the temperature and reducing inflammation.Patients are advised to observe a bed or half-bed regime.

To avoid the development of complications, it is better to take restorative means.Help to cope with the disease will help the body tested by centuries of folk remedies.The effectiveness of many of them is recognized and modern medicine.

Table of contents: Basic principles of treating colds Tea for colds Raspberries for colds Garlic for the treatment and prevention of colds Burning pepper Milk as a medicine for colds Mulled wine
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Basics of treating colds

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Basic principles of treating colds For cold,More warm liquid is possible.This will help the body to cope faster with intoxication and reduce the viscosity of the blood.

In the acute period of the disease, it is advisable to take funds with sweatshops.This will help normalize thermoregulation( i.e., knock off heat) and accelerate the elimination of toxic compounds.

Important: in the treatment of colds it is not recommended to bring down the temperature if it does not reach the febrile digits( 38 ° C).High temperature is harmful to many infectious agents.

During the illness, the need for vitamins increases.Of particular importance is ascorbic acid.Adequate vitaminization of the body helps to strengthen the immune system.

The room in which the patient is staying should be ventilated as often as possible.

Cold tea

Tea for colds Regular black tea with lemon is very useful for treating colds.Instead of sugar it is better to add honey, but only if you do not have allergies to beekeeping products.In order to keep all the useful substances in tea, it is better to brew it not with boiling water, but with water that has cooled down to about 80-85 ° C.Tea contains caffeine and tannins, which contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and increased sweating.In addition, the consumption of liquid in significant amounts accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body.

Lemon is a unique natural antiseptic and fortifying agent.It contains phytoncides and a large amount of ascorbic acid, which helps to strengthen immunity.

Honey has a pronounced antibacterial properties due to the high concentration of specific enzymes.It stimulates metabolism, helps the absorption of vitamins and increases sweating.If the throat hurts, it is better not to put honey in a glass, and to dissolve, without washing down with liquid, so that it is evenly distributed over the inflamed mucosa.

Raspberries for colds

Raspberries for colds The most delicious and very effective remedy for treating colds is raspberries.On a glass of boiling water you can take jam( 2 teaspoons) or a couple of spoons of dried fruits and leaves.You must drink 15-20 minutes.Raspberry is an excellent sweatshop and antipyretic, which allows you to dispense with chemist's "chemistry".Tea with raspberry jam or infusion of berries and leaves of medicinal plants are an excellent alternative to unsafe for the body of Aspirin and Paracetamol.

Berry has a natural anti-inflammatory and antipyretic compound - salicylic acid.Unlike synthetic drugs, it acts gently, does not overload the liver and does not provoke gastritis and ulcers.Infusion of leaves, in which there are many tannins, can gargle.

Note: some advise that when symptoms of a cold appear, resort to such a measure as curative fasting.It involves a complete refusal of food for 3-4 days.There is an opinion that the lack of food is able to mobilize the body and activate protective forces.Official medicine is skeptical about starvation.

Garlic for the treatment and prevention of colds

Garlic contains a huge amount of phytoncids, which makes it one of the most powerful natural antiseptics.During the illness, often add chopped fresh denticles into the food.To treat a cold, a garlic clot or squeezed juice is recommended to mix with honey in equal parts.The taught mixture should be taken 2 teaspoons a day, squeezed with enough liquid.

Note: people with gastritis or other diseases of the stomach use this remedy with caution.Do not bury the juice in the nasal passages to avoid burning the mucous membranes!

Boiling 3-4 garlic cloves in 200 ml of water, you will receive an excellent preparation for inhalation.Breathing over such broth for colds is necessary, tightly closing your eyes.Such inhalations are guaranteed to destroy most of the bacteria in the nasopharynx.From the cold will help wrapped in gauze chopped garlic.It should be held at each nostril for an average of 5 minutes.

Hot pepper

Recommendations for the treatment of colds are contained in the ancient Indian medical treatise "Ayurveda".Indian doctors recommended that if you catch cold, consume red bitter pepper - fresh( half a reception) or dried ground( 1/2 teaspoon).It is an excellent vasodilator due to the high content of capsaicin alkaloid.The drug is contraindicated in acute and chronic diseases of the stomach, heart and liver.

Milk as a medicine for colds

Milk as a remedy for colds With a cold, it is better to drink whole "rustic" milk, as there are more useful substances in it than in the reconstituted milk.But, as a last resort, it is possible to use for treatment and usual( package).To make a delicious, fragrant and very useful drink, take 1 liter of milk, ½ tsp.Cinnamon and nutmeg, a bit of vanilla( at the tip of the knife), as well as a bay leaf( 1 pc.), Sweet pepper( 3-4 peas) and 4 tbsp.L.Of natural honey.Put the mixture on a fire and bring to a boil.Infuse the drink for 5 minutes.

Milk contains the amino acid tryptophan, which takes part in the process of the biosynthesis of serotonin( this neurotransmitter is referred to as the so-called "hormones of happiness").In addition, it contains enzymes necessary to strengthen the immune system.

Mulled wine

When the body is weakened, strong spirits are contraindicated, but a little good wine will not hurt.On its basis, you can prepare mulled wine, which has proved to be an effective tool in the treatment of colds.At 1 liter.Sweet red wine take 3-4 tsp.Honey, ½ tsp.Nutmeg, a little sweet pepper, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, sliced ​​sour apple and 1 lemon.Put the mixture on a fire and bring to a boil.After 15-20 minutes you will receive an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of colds.In a quality wine there is a whole range of biologically active substances, spices and spices help improve blood circulation.Apple and lemon are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Important: is contraindicated in children, pregnant women and people with chronic alcoholism.

Vladimir Plisov, medical reviewer

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