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Poisoning by eggs: symptoms, first aid


Food poisoning is one of the most frequent causes of intoxication.And in a long list of products that can cause poisoning, chicken eggs are far from the last place, because they are present in the diet of almost any person.

Lipids and egg proteins are assimilated by us more than 95%.One eaten egg is equal to a glass of milk or 50 grams of meat.So why are there cases when this product does not benefit, but harm?What is the cause of poisoning with eggs, what are the symptoms of this condition, how to treat it correctly, and what to do to prevent poisoning with eggs?Let's talk about all this in order!

Contents: Cause of egg poisoning Poisoning by eggs: symptoms

Cause of egg poisoning

Egg is a closed environment isolated from the outside world, and it has its own bacteria.With the timely cooling or heat treatment, the reproduction of microorganisms is suspended.But in a number of cases, bacterial colonies grow and the product is damaged.

Poisoning adults and children can trigger:

  • Eating eggs that are damaged in shells;
  • improper storage;
  • insufficient heat treatment of eggs and dishes from them;
  • raw eggs used for food;

Salmonellosis But far from everyone knows that you can get poisoned with completely fresh eggs.This occurs when the products are infected with the pathogen of salmonellosis , a disease transmitted to humans from domestic animals and poultry.

The most common poisoning occurs when a person eats dishes prepared with raw eggs: pudding, sauce, home-made mayonnaise, cocktail "gogol-mogol", cream on egg whites.

Salmonella bacteria live on the shell from the inside.Such an egg does not differ from normal by external signs, but if it is not thermally processed beforehand, the infection occurs in 100%.

Moreover, the pathogens rapidly multiply( every 30 minutes, salmonella becomes 2 times more).The danger lies in the fact that due to external signs and taste, its presence can not be determined.The incubation period of the disease takes from 2 to 72 hours.In this case, Salmonella is not afraid of low temperatures, water( in it it can live up to 60 days), drying, salt.It bends only when boiled for a long time.

Egg poisoning: symptoms

Symptoms of poisoning with chicken eggs appear for two days, but there may be an acute form in which the patient starts to complain after 6-8 hours after infection.

Typical symptom of salmonellosis:

  • vomiting( can be severe and fairly frequent);
  • complaints of stomach pain;
  • nausea;
  • poor appetite;
  • total power loss;
  • gastroenteritis, manifested by prolonged diarrhea;
  • fever;
  • chills;
  • colic and painful intestinal spasms;
  • weakness;
  • colitis, accompanied by a stool with an admixture of blood and mucus( develops as a result of colonization of the intestine by pathogenic bacteria, where they begin to multiply actively);
  • complaints of dizziness, until loss of consciousness;
  • problems with sleeping;
  • insuperable drowsiness;
  • the voice can acquire hoarseness;
  • problems with normal breathing;
  • joins dyspnea;
  • lips get a bluish tinge;
  • double vision;
  • apathy;
  • imbalance;
  • the skin becomes pale;
  • sepsis develops as a result of the lack of adequate treatment( very rarely happens);
  • partial paralysis of separate body parts( legs, trunk, hands) is possible.

Because of the variety of symptoms, it is immediately difficult to understand the cause of the poisoning, therefore, if any of the above signs appear, you should immediately seek medical help to avoid dehydration and start the correct therapy in time.

Important: self-treatment for poisoning with eggs often leads only to a deterioration in the general condition of the patient!

Symptoms of egg poisoning in a child

Salmonellosis in children

The complex of signs of egg poisoning in children is the same as in adults, but they have this disease is much harder.A special risk group consists of newborns and infants, for whom salmonellosis can end fatal.The child usually gets infected from a sick adult through household items, so it is very necessary to thoroughly disinfect the house where there are children.

Important: is the first warning sign that should be paid attention to neurons - it's feces with blood streaks.

What to do when poisoning with eggs

poisoning Note: , before you do anything for poisoning with eggs, be sure to consult a doctor.The

It is the infectious disease specialist who will conduct the examination, prescribe the necessary tests, draw up a picture of the disease on the basis of the findings and make a diagnosis, after which he will select a treatment plan.The most informative study is the bacterial culture of stools, which makes it possible to determine the presence of the pathogen.

Important: first aid for poisoning with eggs is the measures of detoxification of the body.Before the doctor's arrival, it is forbidden to stop vomiting, moreover, it should be called to rinse the stomach to the patient.To do this, make a soda solution( 1 teaspoon of soda per 1 liter of water), which is given to drink and cause a gag reflex, which allows you to clear the stomach of toxins.

It is important to observe the drinking regimen to prevent dehydration: drink clean water or saline solution( it perfectly holds water in the body) in small portions every 15 minutes.

Next, the sorbent should be taken to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in the stomach. This can be one of these drugs:

  • Enterosorb;
  • Enterol;
  • Activated carbon;
  • Polyphepan;
  • Entereroz.

In addition to the curative plan, the following preparations are usually included:

  • saline solutions of type of Regidron;
  • with strong dehydration shows intravenous drip introduction of special infusion solutions , which perfectly cope with the main task - make up for lost in diarrhea and vomiting trace elements( sodium, potassium, magnesium);
  • antibiotics , their task is to eliminate the pathogen;
  • Probiotics - are assigned to normalize microflora in the intestine, which affects not only bacteria, but also antibiotics.

Diet for poisoning with eggs

It shows strict adherence to the patient's prescribed diet. It includes such items:

  • rejection of roast and fat;
  • in the first time after poisoning, you can not consume milk and products from it;
  • ban on fruit and vegetables in raw form, juices, because they further intensify fermentation in the intestines;
  • liquid cereals and soups are allowed;
  • it is important to drink a lot( reading water, compote of raisins, dried apples);
  • can be vegetable broth, boiled potatoes.


Egg poisoning can always be avoided by adhering to simple rules of choice, storing the eggs themselves, and not interfering with cooking technology with them.


  1. Wash-room If you cook scrambled eggs, a protein cream, an egg-based casserole, then do not store such dishes for longer than 12 hours.During this time, Salmonella will not have time to multiply to a huge number, when it becomes dangerous for human life.
  2. Eat only well-thermally processed products with the addition of eggs.
  3. Buy eggs in shops where there is a certificate on them, expiration date is indicated.
  4. If possible, try to avoid eating dishes such as fried eggs, soft-boiled eggs, gogol-mogul, as eggs are used for their preparation, which have not been properly heat treated.
  5. After direct contact with eggs, be sure to wash your hands and do it carefully.
  6. Avoid meals in places where you can not observe both cooking rules and basic hygiene.

Betsik Julia, medical reviewer

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