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The stomach got up: what to do at home

Stopping the stomach( doctors call this condition atony) is a serious enough disruption of the body, which is manifested by pain of acute or noisy character, deterioration in well-being, lack of appetite, frequent unpleasant eructations and general discomfort.

The stomach can stop working at any time, it can happen at any age, so you need to know not only the symptoms of the condition in question, but also the methods for solving the problem.

Table of Contents: Symptoms for Stomach Stroke Causes and Stroking Factors Gastric Stomach: What to Do at Home

Symptoms for Stomach Stops

It is not difficult to diagnose the condition of a "risen stomach" - its symptoms are too pronounced, they simply can not be ignored.The very first symptom of stopping the stomach is aching pain in the abdomen.These pains become less intense if a person takes a lying position on his side, but in general the pain syndrome is so strong that it can provoke the appearance of dizziness and persistent nausea.

But for accurate diagnosis it is useful to know all the symptoms of gastric stop:

  • Diet-in-pain-in-the-stomach when pressing on the stomach in the epigastrium, there is no pulsation;
  • there is a constant heaviness in the abdomen;
  • from the mouth emits an unpleasant odor;
  • a man suffers from belching with a sharp unpleasant odor of the air being separated;
  • person absolutely does not feel hunger, although the last meal was a long time ago.

Note: in some cases, gastric stasis is accompanied by an increase in body temperature, which means the attachment of an infectious factor.

Causes and provoking factors

Doctors distinguish several causes of gastric arrest:

  1. Abdominal pain Long-term emotional stress.Moreover, it does not matter which character of the emotion is negative or positive.
  2. Improper power supply.This leads to the fact that the body gets a little nutrients, microelements and vitamins, which provokes abnormalities in the work of the stomach.
  3. Action of anesthesia.It's about recent surgical interventions under general anesthesia.Often, drugs used for anesthesia, have side effects, which includes stopping the stomach.
  4. Depletion of the body.Such bad habits, like smoking and the use of alcohol or drugs, drain the body, it begins to function with disabilities.
  5. Overeating.If a person eats too much food, and before that he was slightly hungry, then the stomach simply can not cope with the amount of work that has fallen down and "announces a strike".By the way, the stomach can also stand with malnutrition, that is, with a small intake of food.
  6. Psychological factor.Most often, for this reason, the stomach stops in children - for example, during weaning of the baby from the breast, or with strong experiences.

Gastric tube: what to do at home

Of course, the condition in question requires diagnosis and differentiation, so the best option is to seek qualified medical help.But since in most cases it is almost impossible to implement, you need to know what will help to solve the problem at home.

Gymnastic exercises

Various exercises to restore the work of the stomach should be done only after the pain subsides.Gymnastics in this case will act as prevention, but if it is carried out regularly, you can permanently get rid of the attacks of the condition in question.

The most effective exercises in this case will be:

  • "bicycle" - a person lays on his back, raises his legs bent at the knees and makes them movements that resemble a bike ride;

a bike

  • "birch" - lying on your back to lift straight legs up, it is necessary to tear off the buttocks from the floor, it is desirable to get your feet behind the head and in this position to withstand 10 seconds;


  • "scissors" - lying on your back to lift straight legs and cross them in this position, then make vigorous movements that mimic the work of scissors.


Note: all these exercises need to be done only after preliminary preparation.In principle, they can simply be included in the morning exercise complex, and then there will be a double benefit: and the extra pounds will go away, and the stomach will work without failures.


Oregano The use of some funds from the category of "traditional medicine" will help not only to resume the work of the stomach, but also to stabilize its condition.It is believed that the effective plant for stopping the stomach is the milk thistle, the root of the althaea and the oregano.

Oregano must be poured with boiling water and insist for 30 minutes.The daily dose of this drug is 200 ml, which you need to divide into two divided doses.The infusion is prepared from 1 tablespoon of dry raw material and 300 ml of water.

Before eating, take a teaspoon of milk thistle( dry and shredded) and eat it with plenty of warm water.On the day of such receptions, there may be a maximum of three.

The root of the althea in case of stomach stop is used only in combination with fennel fruits.It is necessary to mix two plants in equal proportions, then take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and pour 300 ml of boiling water, insist for 30 minutes and strain.This drug is used in the amount of 250 ml after the main meals.

Note: to apply medicinal plants when stopping the stomach can only be done with confidence in the absence of an allergic reaction to them.

Correction of the food ration

As the appetite of a person disappears when stopping the stomach, it is not advisable to talk about what it is possible to eat and what to not eat.But as soon as the desire is there, one should use only light, non-fat, non-quick and non-minted dishes.

In general, for 2-3 days after stopping the stomach, it is necessary to limit the intake of the following products:

  • fatty meat and fish;
  • any meat products in fried, salted and smoked form;
  • beets, beans, beans and peas;
  • plums, grapes, bananas, apples;
  • rice, pasta;
  • cabbage is fresh and sour;
  • fat, butter;Whole milk and cream
  • ;
  • white bread;
  • confectionery and bakery products.

To avoid stopping the stomach in the future, it's worth getting used to eating at a certain time, giving up sandwich snacks.The last meal should not be heavy and too heavy - in the evening it is better to eat a salad of vegetables, boiled or stewed meat, a piece of baked fish.It is highly desirable once a week to arrange unloading days, when every 3 hours a small amount of a single product is consumed.

How to help urgently when stopping the stomach

Vstal sheludok So, the fact is already there: the stomach has risen, so you need to take some quick measures to get the organ to work in normal mode.The most reasonable solution will be the use of specific medications that can quickly "start" the stomach: Mezim forte, Pancreatin, Peknzital.In principle, these are all analogs, so there must be one thing in the home medicine cabinet.

As a rule, these medications are used immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms of stomach stoppings - it will be enough to have 1 tablet, you may rarely need to re-take the medication if after 20 minutes there is no relief.

The use of these drugs in cases of already diagnosed pancreatitis( inflammation of the pancreas) is absolutely contraindicated.

Note: many, if you have a stomach, drink a "pop"( soda with citric acid, diluted with water) or use baking soda.They have an active eructation, and the stomach starts to work.This method of solving the problem though effective, but very dangerous.With frequent use of such drugs can develop gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Stomach stop is an unpleasant condition that brings a lot of discomfort to a person's life.To correct a situation "urgently" it is possible it is possible specific medicines, but it not the decision of a problem.It is important to seek qualified help, get appointments from a doctor and strictly adhere to them.Only in this case it will be possible to prevent the stopping of the stomach and the development of various diseases in the future.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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