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Alcohol intoxication: first aid for alcohol poisoning

Alcohol intoxication

Alcohol for the human body is a poison that can cause harmful, painful and in some cases even lethal effects.The term "alcohol intoxication" is appropriate in the case when the ppm of alcohol in the blood significantly exceeds the index of 0.4.

Table of contents: Symptoms of alcohol intoxication How to remove alcohol intoxication Treatment of alcohol intoxication Droppers with alcohol intoxication

Symptoms of alcohol intoxication

If the amount of alcohol in the blood fluctuates around 1.5 ppm, this condition is called the initial stage of alcohol intoxication.This stage is fraught with a painful abstinence syndrome.When the ppm levels reach 2-3, the middle stage of alcohol intoxication occurs, and all values ‚Äč‚Äčabove these figures indicate a severe stage of the condition in question.

Naturally, at home, it is impossible to accurately determine the ppm, so to differentiate the stages of alcohol intoxication use the presence / absence of certain symptoms. For the first and second( mild and moderate) stages of alcohol intoxication, the following symptoms will be characteristic:

  1. Alcohol intoxication Dizziness.It appears because of the active but negative impact of alcohol on the coordination center in the brain.
  2. Headache.Alcohol dilates the blood vessels, which leads to the intake of ethanol in the brain in huge quantities.This symptom with alcohol intoxication is always of high intensity.
  3. Nausea and vomiting.This is a natural reaction of the body to the introduction of poisonous substances into it.
  4. Thirst.As a rule, this symptom appears in the morning after drinking alcoholic beverages.They reduce the synthesis of antidiuretic hormone, which leads to increased urination and loss of the body a large amount of fluid.

The above symptoms correspond to the first and second stages of alcohol intoxication, harm to the body will be provided, but still remediable.The second stage of the condition in question can result in alcoholic anesthesia or go to the third( severe) stage, which has some characteristic features. For the third stage of alcohol intoxication, the following will be characteristic:

  • complete loss of control over your body - and walking, and just sitting pretty hard;
  • cold and sticky skin;
  • lack of intelligible speech.

Important! The onset of the third stage of alcohol intoxication is fraught with serious consequences, including alcoholic coma and human death.The first two stages of this phenomenon can be fully compensated at home, but if a person has symptoms of severe intoxication, then a "First Aid" brigade should be called up.Before the arrival of a doctor a sick person should be wrapped in a blanket, and if he is conscious, then cause him to vomit.

How to remove alcohol intoxication

It is worth knowing that there are a number of measures that will prevent alcohol intoxication. If you plan a feast, in order to avoid the development of the condition in question, you need to prepare the body:

  • just before the feast take several tablets of activated charcoal( 3-5) and continue to take them as you consume alcoholic beverages( for example, every hour and a half by 2-3 tablets);
  • before the start of the holiday, eat a plate of thick porridge from any cereal;
  • drink a glass of whole milk before drinking alcohol.

These methods will not save the body from the negative effects of alcohol, but minimize the effects of .

To reduce the effects of alcohol intoxication of the first and second stages, doctors recommend consuming a lot of water, but the brine is not worth taking - there is an acid in it that creates only short-term compounds with ethanol, which automatically complicates the elimination of toxins from the body. Excellent way to quickly restore health after drinking alcohol - drink Aspirin, which not only neutralizes the effect of acetaldehyde, but also has an analgesic effect.

Intoxication Note: vomiting when alcohol intoxication is excellent!In no case can not restrain vomiting, because this way the stomach is released from excess alcohol, which will invariably lead to alleviation of alcohol intoxication.

In the first and second stage, vomiting and subsequent sleep will be the best method to combat alcohol intoxication.But if in the second stage of the condition in question a person has fallen into an alcoholic anesthesia, then it is in no way possible to induce vomiting!You must constantly be near a sick person to prevent vomiting from getting into the respiratory tract with involuntary vomiting.

If alcoholic intoxication occurs in the easy or medium stage, then you can independently force the natural processes of alcohol withdrawal from the body:

  1. Take a moderately contrast shower - the water should be cool, but not icy.The procedure is carried out for 5-10 minutes, but if the condition does not allow you to take such a shower, you need at least rub the body with a damp towel.
  2. Take painkillers to relieve headaches, but they should not contain paracetamol.
  3. No later than 2 hours after the onset of symptoms of alcohol intoxication, take Filtrum or Polysorb - enterosorbents will reduce the negative effect of alcohol on the body, will promote the rapid removal of toxins from the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.
  4. After getting rid of the acute symptoms of alcohol intoxication, it will be useful to use chicken or beef broth.
  5. To calmly fall asleep, you can take valerian or motherwort in tablets.

Treatment of alcoholic intoxication

We recommend that you read:

Treatment will be needed in case of severe alcohol intoxication and first of all it will be necessary to prevent further absorption of alcohol into the blood.To this end, a person with strong alcohol intoxication is given to drink 10 tablets of activated charcoal, and then the stomach is washed.Such a procedure can be carried out by introducing a large amount of warm water into the patient's stomach, after which a vomitive reflex is induced by mechanical irritation of the root of the tongue.Simultaneously, doctors take measures aimed at preventing the development of collapse, for which intramuscularly administered cordiamine or caffeine.

The most effective treatment for severe alcohol intoxication is the method of rapid sobering. First, the patient is intramuscularly injected with vitamin B6 and literally in 5-10 minutes he begins to think much better, there comes a kind of enlightenment of the mind.At this point, the patient is given a drink "cocktail" of corazole, phenamine and nicotinic acid, diluted in 100 ml of warm water.After 10-20 minutes the patient's condition is normalized, thinking becomes active, behavior is included in the norm, emotional confusion disappears.

Please note: phenamine is not available in pharmacies, so it is impossible to make such a cocktail at home.Such a method of rapid sobering is used only in medical institutions.

To reduce the concentration of alcohol in the blood, doctors use:

  • 1 ml of a 1% solution of nicotinic acid;
  • 20 ml 40% glucose solution;
  • 10 ml of a 5% solution of ascorbic acid.

Droppers for alcohol intoxication

If a person is diagnosed with a severe alcohol intoxication stage, his body can be irreparably harmed.Doctors in this case necessarily appoint a patient with a dropper with a complex of drugs that can prevent the development of severe pathological processes against the background of alcohol poisoning.Most often assigned:

  • Dropper Ringer's solution, calcium chloride 1%, glucose solution 5 or 10%, sodium hydrogencarbonate 4%, panangin, isotonic solution 0, 9% - solutions of electrolytes and sugars;
  • rondex, reomacrodex, polyglucin, reopolyglucin - plasma replacement solutions;
  • haemodes and neohemodesis - means included in detoxification therapy;
  • thiamine chloride, pengamatcalcium, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride, nicotinic acid - vitamins;
  • no-spa, euphilin, papaverine, magnesium sulfate - antispasmodics;
  • 20% sodium benzoate, 25% cordyamine, 10% sulphocamphocaine - analeptics and psychostimulants;
  • Relanium 0, 5%, thiapridal, flormidal 0, 5%, thiopental sodium - drugs from the psychotropic group;
  • Mildronate, heptral, pyracetam, metadoxil, Essentialial nootropics and hepatoprotectors.

Complexes of the above medicines are able not only to remove a person from alcohol intoxication, but also to save him from the effects of severe poisoning.

Alcohol intoxication is a difficult condition that is difficult to treat.Therefore, if possible to prevent the development of such poisoning, if it is not possible to stop the forces of will in the use of alcohol, then it is advisable and completely abandon the libations.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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