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Paint poisoning: symptoms, first aid, treatment and consequences

Paint poisoning

Everyone knows that chemicals are dangerous to health and can cause severe poisoning.The mind immediately comes carcinogens, pesticides, pesticides. .. In fact, everything is much simpler - even ordinary paint can be poisoned, which happens often enough.

Work on the painting of any details in the apartment or private house must be performed at least once in 2-3 years.Many simply ignore the safety rules of this process - they paint without protective measures, do not provide fresh air into the room.And the result of such careless attitude and becomes a poisoning in pairs of paint.

Table of contents:

Classification of vapor poisoning

In medicine, there are two types of the considered condition - acute and chronic.

Acute vapor poisoning

This type of condition is diagnosed most often, "peak" falls on the spring and summer periods - at this time people are massively beginning to repair their homes.The problem is that with acute poisoning a person can immediately not notice symptoms, and this leads to a deterioration in health and development of complications.

Chronic vapor poisoning

This kind of condition under consideration is diagnosed in people who constantly inhale paint vapor through the upper respiratory tract - this may be related to professional activities.Most often with chronic poisoning with paint pairs, doctors note depressive states and constant fatigue in such people, and this does not happen even after a long weekend and a good rest.

Note: with acute vapor poisoning the first symptoms will appear in a few hours, but when the chronic form of this condition the symptoms will manifest only after a few months.

Paint poisoning - symptoms

Acute and chronic vapor poisoning will differ in symptom. In the first case, the following signs of body intoxication will be present:

  • poisoning the eyes begin to water, become red, a burning sensation appears;
  • begins a headache, the intensity of which is rapidly increasing;
  • in the mouth there is an unpleasant taste, and the smell from the mouth can have acetone notes;
  • begins problems in the digestive system - a person feels nauseous, vomiting may open or diarrhea( diarrhea) may occur;
  • dizziness.

In some cases, when the poisoning is acute, and the human body has a weak immune system, confusion, a feeling of euphoria, a sick person loses consciousness, his skin becomes pale and his breathing is frequent and superficial.

Signs of chronic vapor poisoning

In general, it is very difficult to diagnose this condition in time - the symptoms in the first months are either absent or insufficiently expressed.First of all, a person should pay attention to the general state of health - when chronic poisoning with paint pairs there will be weakness and lethargy, but the usual cheerfulness that is immediately after awakening from a full sleep will be absent.Against this backdrop, a person can observe a rapid fatigue even after performing physical and / or mental work in small quantities.But those around you can pay attention to the sudden absent-mindedness and forgetfulness of a person who develops a chronic poisoning with paint pairs.

The most dangerous thing in this - a person quickly gets used to unpleasant sensations, ceases to pay attention to symptoms.He tries to solve the problem on his own - for example, in the mornings a person drinks a large cup of strong coffee, in the evenings( with "tiredness") - a couple of drinks of alcoholic beverages.And this kind of behavior seems to help, but the improvement is temporary, in a short time a person with chronic intoxication experiences all the symptoms indicated, and they become more intense.

It is also worth mentioning some atypical signs of chronic paint poisoning:

  • decreased appetite;
  • there is no desire for sexual intimacy;
  • increases sweating;
  • hair becomes dull and brittle;
  • increases blood pressure( briefly, but regularly);
  • swells joints after performing hard work.

Please note: should be given first aid in case of acute vapor poisoning.And this help should be correct so that it is possible to avoid the development of severe consequences of such a sharp intoxication of the body.

Help with acute vapor poisoning

If symptoms of the condition in question are present, the patient needs first aid. This concept includes the following actions:

  • to ensure the flow of fresh air - for example, open the window wide open, door, make a draft;
  • provide the patient with a copious alkaline drink;
  • in case of loss of consciousness, patients must lay it on the floor, turn on its side and trunk, and head - this will prevent ingestion of vomit;
  • to the nose of the patient you need to bring a cotton wool soaked with ammonia.


Note: if the poisoning with paint pairs led to too severe a course of intoxication, you should immediately call an ambulance team.If the poisoned stopped breathing, then it is necessary for him to make artificial respiration "mouth to mouth", in the absence of a pulse on the carotid artery - an indirect massage of the heart.

After first aid to the patient is rendered, he is placed in a medical institution where the doctors conduct a full treatment.

Principles of treatment of vapor poisoning

380x214 First, the victim is fully examined - in the laboratory they find out which toxins have entered the body.The fact is that in different types of paint and even in different grades of this finishing material, absolutely different chemical components can be present.And the treatment of poisoning with chlorine, lead or ammonia is radically different.

Secondly, the patient must intravenously inject glucose.Simultaneously, doctors wash the patient's stomach, carry out activities aimed at clearing the lungs of accumulated poisonous substances.

Thirdly, as part of the therapy for the poisoning with vapors of paint, special medications are prescribed that will support the cardiovascular system, improve the functioning of the liver and kidneys.Necessarily carried out and vitamin therapy.

Note: , many people, when the first symptoms of acute poisoning with steam colors appear, try to restore health by popular means - they drink milk in large quantities( "give sediment and remove toxins"), use activated carbon and mint / lemon balm.This self-treatment is fraught with the development of severe consequences, so it is advisable to seek professional help.

Help with chronic vapor poisoning

With the development of chronic poisoning with vapors of paint, only a qualified physician can provide competent help - no self-medication, much less the intake of some stimulant drugs should not be.

In the medical institution, the patient will undergo a full examination, then only the specialist will be able to select an effective treatment.It consists in the appointment of detoxification therapy, immunomodulators, maintenance therapy to improve the functioning of the heart, vascular system, liver and kidneys.

Treatment-in-poisoning-fungi-complex-process( 1) Note: treatment of a patient with diagnosed chronic poisoning with vapors should only be performed in a hospital environment - the physician will conduct regular examinations, observe the course of the disease and monitor the analyzes in dynamics.

With competent therapy, the patient's health is fully restored, the toxins are gradually eliminated from the body.Of course, it will be necessary to stop activities in close contact with paints and regularly undergo preventive examinations, sanatorium treatment( at least once a year).

Possible consequences of steam poisoning

If the poisoning with paint pairs is chronic, or when acute poisoning has not been provided with professional medical care, in the future serious health problems may occur. Possible effects of the condition in question are:

  1. Cardiovascular system disorders - develops hypertension or hypotonia of a chronic nature.
  2. Problems in the operation of the respiratory system - inhalation of paint vapors may cause a burn of the upper respiratory tract, which leads to the inability to take a full breath, and this is fraught with chronic oxygen starvation, which affects the vessels and brain.
  3. Pathologies of the ophthalmologic direction - even a slight burn of the mucous eye leads to a decrease in vision.

In addition, if the action of toxins on the body occurs in a chronic manner and no therapeutic measures are taken, then the pathologies of the liver and kidneys - the main "filters" of the human body develop.

Prevention of vapor poisoning of

To avoid vapor poisoning by the paint, the safety rules must be followed when working with this finishing material.

Paint-spray gun spray gun These include:

  • work only in a well-ventilated area;
  • always wear a respirator or mask, which must be changed frequently in case of a large amount of work;
  • to do frequent breaks in work - every 60-90 minutes you need to go out into the fresh air and rest for 20-30 minutes.

Paint poisoning is a difficult condition requiring professional medical care.To hope for folk remedies, grandmothers' advice and some fashion magazines about health is not worth it - only a properly conducted detoxification therapy will help to restore health completely.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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