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Pain when urinating Pain in urinating in men is not only an unpleasant, but also a truly dangerous symptom.Unfortunately, many men do not pay proper attention to this sign, expecting that everything will pass by itself.And meanwhile for the painful urination can hide very serious diseases.

Table of contents: Reasons for the appearance of pain Urethritis Venereal diseases Prostatitis Urolithiasis Nasal degeneration

Causes of pain

Painful urination in men often occurs suddenly and is acute.In chronic diseases, painful urination almost constantly worries a man, although it becomes less pronounced.The study of the nature of pain, its localization, irradiation will help to determine the correct diagnosis.

In general, pain associated with micturition in males occurs with such diseases:

  1. Urethritis-y-men Urethritis;
  2. Venereal diseases;
  3. Prostatitis;
  4. Urolithiasis;
  5. Neoplasms of the urinary organs.


Urethritis is the inflammation of the urethral wall.Inflammation causes all kinds of opportunistic bacteria( E. coli, Staphylococcus, Klebsiel) and causative agents of sexually transmitted diseases.The urethra in men is longer than in women and has bends.Thanks to these anatomical features, bacteria, getting into the urethra, here and "get stuck", not moving further to the bladder.Indeed, men often suffer from urethritis and rarely cystitis.

The main manifestation of urethritis is painful urination, accompanied by a burning sensation .As a rule, painful sensations are most pronounced at the beginning of urination.From the urethra there are abundant discharges of a different nature, especially pronounced in the morning.In addition, after awakening, a man may notice clumping of the edges of the outer orifice of the urethra due to accumulation of secretions.When examining the urethra, one can also notice the redness of the sponges of the urethral opening.


Venereal diseases

Painful urination often accompanies venereal diseases.When, during unprotected sex, a man becomes infected from an infected partner, the bacteria enter the urethra. Microorganisms cause inflammation of the urethra.That is, venereal disease develops specific urethritis.However, the clinical picture of the disease will have characteristic features depending on the infectious agent.

So, acute purulent urethritis develops suddenly with copious purulent yellowish-white discharge from the urethra of .In addition, urination is accompanied by severe pain and burning in the urethra.When the inflammation spreads higher in the urethra, the man's health worsens - the temperature rises, weakness develops, the pain when urinating becomes unbearable. Chronic gonorrhea occurs in men with few symptoms.

For trichomoniasis urethritis, foamy whitish discharge, accompanied by pruritus , is characteristic.Characteristic is also the appearance of pain during urination.It is worth noting that in the absence of treatment, trichomoniasis is often complicated by prostatitis, which aggravates the disease.

Chlamydial urethritis in men can also be accompanied by painful urination, burning in the urethra of .In this case, urethral discharge is scanty mucous or mucopurulent.In some men with chlamydial urethritis at the end of urination and during ejaculation blood drops may appear.


Prostatitis is a fairly common ailment that is increasingly common among young men.Prostatitis is caused by microorganisms that penetrate the prostate from the urethra or from other organs.The secret of the prostate has a bactericidal effect.And to develop an inflammatory process, the following conditions are necessary: ​​hypothermia, sedentary work, irregular sexual life.

An early symptom of acute prostatitis is pain, which can be as sharp, shooting, or constant aching .Pain concentrates in the perineum and extends into the scrotum and sacrum.During urination, painful sensations also arise.In this case, urge to urinate occurs frequently, and urine is excreted in small portions.In acute prostatitis, a man feels weak, there may be an increase in body temperature.



Pain in urolithiasis can be sudden or permanent.Localization and irradiation of pain directly depends on the location of the stone in the organs of the urinary system.

a rock So, with the location of the stone in the kidney, there is a pain in the back of the .When the stone moves along the narrow ureter, pain spreads to the groin and even the external genitalia.When the stone lingers in the lower part of the ureter, there are frequent urge to urinate.

Because the urethra of men is narrow and with bends, stones are easily stuck here.Blockage of the lumen of the urethra is accompanied by pain, which increases with urination. Immediately when trying to empty the bladder the man faces the fact that it is very difficult to urinate, the jet is weak and splashed in different directions .Do not exclude the appearance of blood in the urine due to trauma to the stone wall of the urethra.

Neoplasms of the urinary organs

Neoplasms of the urinary organs may also be accompanied by painful urination. As a rule, the first alarm bell, signaling a tumor process in the bladder, is the appearance of noticeable blood impurities in the urine of .Soon the dysuric phenomena join.A man experiences frequent urge to urinate.Urination is painful, especially at the end.There may also be a persistent and painful pain over the pubis, which only increase with urination.

Neoplasms of the urethra do not manifest themselves in the early stages.As the pathological process worsens, impurities appear in the urine, the patients begin to feel a burning sensation in the urethra.Urination is painful, difficult.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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