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Headache after alcohol Perhaps every adult person knows the state after taking alcohol, when the headache and there is only one desire - to go to bed.Why does alcohol cause such a reaction and how to get rid of an obsessive headache so that you can return to the usual rhythm of life?

Table of contents: Causes of headache after alcohol What to do with headache after alcohol

Causes of headache after alcohol

Doctors identify two groups of causes that trigger a headache after drinking:

  • endogenous factors;
  • exogenous factors.

The term "endogenous factors" is understood to mean the internal causes that are caused by the characteristics of the organism, which hinder the rapid splitting and withdrawal of alcohol.Exogenous factors are external causes, which include the properties of the alcoholic beverage itself. Several exogenous( external) factors should be distinguished:

  • mixing different types of alcoholic beverages when used;
  • reception of too much alcohol;
  • use of low-quality alcohol.

From endogenous factors are allocated:

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  • increase in blood pressure;
  • problems in the functioning of the liver, which prevents the rapid and complete removal of alcohol decay products from the body;
  • insufficient sleep;
  • spasm of blood vessels against a background of moisture deficiency in the body.

In addition, there is such a phenomenon as "rollback" - during the direct intoxication hormones are produced that dull the pain sensations, and as the withdrawal of alcohol from the body, the pain sensations become pronounced.

As a rule, the headache after alcohol occurs for a combination of reasons, therefore, the problem should be solved by a set of measures, rather than by a single "magic" pill.

What to do if you have a headache after alcohol

Removal of the condition in question will only be possible if the person understands its causes.When choosing a specific medication you need to focus on your own state of health - for example, if the headache after alcohol is accompanied by dizziness, then most likely there are fluctuations in blood pressure. Tablets that can be taken with severe headache after alcohol can be divided into several groups:

  • antispasmodics;
  • preparations for the stabilization of blood pressure;
  • absorbents;
  • anesthetics;
  • auxiliary.

headache The most famous absorbent is the classic activated charcoal, which should be taken at a rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of "affected" weight.This absorbent will help speed up the process of removing alcohol from the body.

Doctors say that the most common headache after alcohol is due to spasm of the cerebral vessels.This spasm is caused by two factors: a deficiency of fluid( urinary excretion is activated if a large amount of alcohol is consumed) and exposure to ethanol.Tablets that can remove spasm - No-shpa and Baralgin.

Paracetamol and Aspirin are considered as adjuvant, in this case they will have analgesic effect.It is advisable to take these drugs if the headache after alcohol is localized in the occipital region.

If you get dizzy after taking alcohol, you need to take any medicine that can stabilize your blood pressure.The simplest is Citramon, but more effective / powerful drugs for lowering blood pressure( for example, Papazol) can be taken only after consulting a doctor.

Please note: on the background of taking alcoholic drinks necessarily causes dehydration of the body, and this leads to a violation of the electrolytic balance, the depression of the central nervous system.It is extremely desirable to take in this state the means that are able to normalize and stabilize the electrolytic balance - for example, Panangin or Asparks.The central nervous system will normalize Glycine.

Recommendations of physicians:

  1. headache It is necessary to unload the gastrointestinal tract.From alcoholic drinks the liver and pancreas suffer as much as possible, therefore in the morning on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a glass of mineral water without gas or a mug of green tea without sugar.Such actions will help to "start" the digestive system.Tea and mineral water allow you to drink only with a small piece of dry bread;Mayonnaise, sauces and butter are contraindicated.Then, after taking the liquid, you can eat a bowl of vegetable soup( an hour after drinking mineral water or tea).
  2. Drink plenty of water.The liquid actively removes toxins from the body, so throughout the day you need to drink 3-3.5 liters of clean water in small sips.Water can be mineral, but without gas.
  3. Coffee is allowed.If there are no problems on the part of the digestive system, you can drink a maximum of a couple of cups of coffee - it neutralizes the effect of alcohol, will help stabilize the state of the vessels of the brain.
  4. It is advisable to take a contrast shower.By the way, this is the most effective "measure", the contrast shower allows to accelerate metabolic processes in the body, provides faster blood flow through the system, which will eventually lead to a rapid withdrawal of toxins.
  5. A walk through the fresh air will be useful.If you need to come to work in the morning, then to get to her place on foot will be the best solution.In the process of walking in the body, all processes, including metabolic processes, are activated that ensure the elimination of toxins.

Folk remedies for headache after alcohol

We knew( and experienced) our ancestors that after the alcohol the headache was affected, so there are quite a lot of folk remedies for eliminating this unpleasant condition. Here are just some of them:

  1. headache A saturated solution of citric acid.Perfectly helps in the event that after drinking alcohol not only the headache, but also there is nausea.With the use of a solution of citric acid, the body undergoes elementary chemical reactions that ensure the neutralization of alcohol in the shortest possible time.
  2. Fermented milk products.To quickly get rid of the condition in question, regain strength and provide the body with energy for the whole day, folk medicine recommends in the morning on an empty stomach to use any sour milk product.In these products there are bacteria that can accelerate the process of ethanol splitting, and high calorie kefir / sour cream / ryazhenka provides recovery.Brine from canned vegetables.
  3. .This product is very popular among the population just as an "ambulance" for headaches after taking alcohol.The main "healing" effect in this case will be vinegar.
  4. Sauerkraut.The fact that, to alleviate the condition after drinking alcohol, you need to drink brine from sauerkraut, they probably know everything.But few people realize that an effective preparation will be a specially prepared dish - in equal proportions you need to mix fresh and sauerkraut, grated carrots and half a glass of brine.
  5. Chamomile with mint.Prepare a decoction of these medicinal herbs easily: you need to take 1 tablespoon of mint and chamomile, pour 500 ml of steep boiling water and insist for 20 minutes.This broth should be consumed throughout the day in small sips, for a day you can drink no more than one liter of the drug.

Note: if morning after alcohol headache, nausea and vomiting present, periodically appear in the right side ( link to article 06.12) , doctors strongly recommend staying at home and devoting the day to their health.Most likely, this symptomatology indicates inflammation of the pancreas, so you need to adhere to a diet and seek qualified medical help.

How to avoid headaches after alcohol

headache Doctors insist that a person completely abandons the use of alcoholic beverages if he has a headache even after a small amount of drunk and against this there is a feeling of pressure on the back of the head.The fact is that these symptoms indicate problems in the work of the heart and the vascular system.Extremely careful in drinking alcohol should be in the event that outside such "activities" there is a noise in the ears - even a small dose of alcohol can become a "push" to the development of hypertensive crisis.

The factor of eating snacks plays an important role.It must be remembered that alcohol is absorbed very quickly and as fully as possible into the body in case of consumption on an empty stomach.Therefore, you need to ensure that when you drink alcoholic beverages there are a lot of snacks.

It's safe to say that there is no headache when using high-quality alcohol.For example, even a small amount of champagne is likely to cause a headache, since this drink is a wine material with unfertilized yeast.But the moderate use of whiskey, cognac, tequila( only natural!) Is absolutely safe in terms of developing a headache.

Headache after alcohol is a sign of either drinking a lot of alcohol, or poor quality drinks.Often, the condition in question also occurs after several types of alcohol have been mixed-for example, wine with vodka, or champagne with beer.To cope with unpleasant sensations, quickly to put in order health is quite real, but it is much easier not to allow the development of such a situation.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category



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