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Restoration after cesarean Cesarean section is an obstetric operation performed in cases where a woman can not give birth naturally.Women in labor for recovery after caesarean section need a little more time.To a woman to gain strength quickly, you need to adhere to some recommendations.

Table of contents: Postoperative period Meals of the woman in labor About the importance of movement after the operation Suture of the joints Intimate life

Postoperative period

If the operation has gone without complications and the baby is healthy, the woman and the baby are transferred to the joint residence room after 2 hours.To prevent the development of complications, it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of vital organs.To do this, the medical staff measures the pulse in the parturient, blood pressure, temperature, assesses the tone of the uterus, the nature of the discharge.Also, the doctor assesses the state of urinary function and, if urination is not possible, a urinary catheter is placed on the woman.

Recovery after cesarean The first day after cesarean section requires active medication.The operation is inevitably associated with a loss of blood.To restore the volume of circulating blood and increase the rheological properties, the mother gives rise to rheopolyglucin, sodium chloride and glucose solutions.In case of massive blood loss, blood components are introduced.

After the operation, a woman can be prescribed pain medication, which is administered within one to three days.When conducting any surgical intervention on the abdominal organs, there is a risk of developing intestinal paresis.To prevent this from happening to a woman, she is assigned a preserver.To prevent infectious complications, antibiotics are prescribed( in some cases, the antibiotic is given intravenously or intravenously before the operation).

In a hospital, a woman is 4 to 5 days or more in case of complications.

Meal delivery

Restoration after cesarean You can not eat anything at the first day after giving birth, you can only drink still water.But do not worry, the woman will not be hungry.All necessary nutrients will be filled with droppers.

On the second or fourth day, the woman giving birth should observe a sparing diet, because her intestines are still unable to work to the fullest.You can eat boiled, wiped food.It is allowed to add non-welded meat broth, steamed steaks, low-fat cottage cheese and cheese, mashed potatoes to the ration.Under the ban are products that enhance gas formation( legumes, flour products, grapes, etc.).If the woman is bothered by flatulence, you need to stroke the stomach clockwise for a minute.

Already on the fifth day the menu is gradually expanding.But this does not mean that you can eat absolutely everything.Now a woman needs to constantly remember that everything eaten can affect the baby's condition.Therefore, during the period of breastfeeding, you should not eat certain foods that can harm the baby.

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On the importance of movement after operation

The first day after cesarean section, a woman will feel weak, feel a pain in the abdomen, because of which the woman in labor does not want to move again.In addition, with active movements, seam divergence may occur.However, already 6 hours after the operation, doctors advise starting to turn from side to side, pulling the legs slightly up to the abdomen, perform simple physical exercises right in bed( rotation of the feet, hands, flexion and extension of the legs in the knee joint, etc.), andThen - and get up( strictly under the supervision of medical staff).

Important: you can sit down and get up only after the woman wears a special postnatal bandage( in many maternity homes the women in labor are tightly wrapped around the folded sheet at first).

Content_how_to_lose_weight_after_childbirth Lift from the bed carefully, without straining the abdominal muscles.You need to pull up your knees a little, turn over on your side, and then, leaning on your hands to sit.By the end of the first day a woman can already get out of bed and walk a little.

Many mothers are worried about excess weight and they are wondering when it is possible to start physical activities.In the postpartum period, only simple physical exercises are allowed.You can start more active work after a month and a half.It can be fitness, yoga, bodyflex.With exercises for rocking the press, it's worthwhile to wait half a year.

After discharge from the maternity home, the mother will be warned that in the near future it is impossible to raise weights in excess of three to four kilograms, that is, not more than the weight of the child.

Seam healing after caesarean section

Hemorrhoid-after-caesarean section During the stay of the mother in the maternity ward, the nurse regularly processes the seam with antiseptics( diamond green, potassium permanganate solution), and changes the dressing.Sutures are removed approximately on the seventh-tenth day.Skin healing usually occurs quickly.The suture is very noticeable at first, red or purple.As time goes by, it will become less noticeable.For faster resorption of the scar, you can take special ointments, for example, kontraktubeks.

You can not completely take a shower before removing the joints.But you can wash the body parts separately.Take full shower can be only after the seams are removed, but, of course, do not actively rub the scar.But visit the bath and bath in the bath should be postponed for two months, until the seam on the uterus is fully tightened.

Intimate life

The uterus after caesarean section represents a large wound surface.Therefore, before it is healed, and this occurs within a month and a half or two months, it is necessary to refrain from sexual intercourse.

The uterus seam completely heals within two to three years.If a woman plans in the future pregnancy, she should not become pregnant earlier than in the specified period.That's why you need to use contraceptives.And, of course, do not expect that it is impossible to conceive with lactation - it's a myth.

Restoration of menstruation depends on whether the baby's mother is breastfeeding.So, if a woman does not breast-feed, the menstrual cycle resumes after two months, if fed-in six months or more.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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