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Zayed: uzroci i liječenje

Cause-and-effect reasons

Zaeda is a household, not a medical term.Doctors call this pathology slit-like impetigo or angular( angular) stomatitis.Under misconception is understood as a violation of the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes on the inner or outer surface of the lips.Small wounds are located in the corners of the mouth.

Table of contents: Sniffing at the corners of the mouth: the reasons for the formationSymptoms that accompany seizures Diagnosis Than to treat sniffs in the corners of the mouth?

Congestion in the corners of the mouth: the reasons for the formation of

Zaeda-in-the-corner-mouth Usually, seizures are not an independent disease, but one of the signs indicating a decrease in overall immunity.Defects, as a rule, appear under the action of opportunistic microflora, i.e. microorganisms, which normally colonize the skin and mucous membrane, but do not cause diseases.The most common infection is streptococci.

Zaedy usually appear in the cold season, when the body reduces the activity of metabolic processes.One of the predisposing factors is the presence of chronic somatic diseases, which are characterized by seasonal exacerbations.Weakening of the immune system leads to an increase in the activity of the opportunistic microflora.

The immediate cause of seizures against a background of decreased immunity are:

  • bacteria( mainly streptococci);
  • yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida;
  • is a viral infection( most often the herpes virus).

Note: can be attributed to the number of external factors leading to seizures, long-term wetting of the corners of the mouth with saliva with incorrect bite and hypersalivation( increased salivation).In this case, maceration( impregnation and softening) of the skin occurs.

Factors contributing to the activation of microflora:

  • ARVI( including influenza);
  • total supercooling;
  • body overheating;
  • prolonged exacerbations of chronic pathologies;

Please note: Seeding may occur after direct contact with the sick person( for example, when kissing) or when using his utensils and personal hygiene products( toothbrushes, etc.).

The reasons for the entries are also:

  • Microtrauma skin;
  • dry skin;
  • low level of hygiene( especially with pathological bite, use of bracket systems and carious lesions);
  • hypovitaminosis, in particular - a deficiency of vitamin B2 in the body.

Important: , some diseases( eg, diabetes mellitus) are able to prolong the healing process of jaunts and complicate their course.

How-to-cure-zaeda-on-lips Inflammation can be caused not only by streptococci, but also yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, which belong to the conditionally pathogenic microflora.Development of candidiasis is often accompanied by fungal lesions of the mucous lips, tongue and mouth( with streptococcal slit-like impetigo, the process always proceeds in isolation).Fungal seizures are diagnosed in patients with a significant decrease in immunity( including against the background of HIV infection), as well as in individuals receiving large doses of antibiotics, steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cytotoxic drugs.

Note: is often a jaundice, one of the clinical signs of liver pathology.

Possible cause of seizures may be a disease such as iron deficiency anemia.Its characteristic clinical signs are dryness and blanching of the skin and mucous membranes, as well as fragility of nails and hair.Other types of anemia, too, often cause the appearance of cracks in the corner of the mouth.

The reasons for the formation of seeda as an independent symptom are:

  • squeezing out acne in the corners of the mouth;
  • use of unwashed plant food;
  • frequent lip licking;
  • combing the skin;
  • use of poorly washed dishes.

How does the jam appear?

At the first stage of pathology development, as a result of the introduction of pathogens into the mucous membrane or skin, an inflammatory process develops.As a result, a small bubble with a clear or slightly unclear content is formed.

With mechanical action( lip movements during conversation, laughter or eating), it bursts.At the site of the bubble, a small erosion or sore is formed, which is then covered with a crust.

In some cases, not bubbles may form, but papules, that is, small nodules.

Symptoms that accompany

When streptococcal, the formation of primary elements in the form of vesicles or papules is accompanied by a number of clinical symptoms.

The patient may have: a strong discomfort in the affected area;

  • ;
  • local skin hyperemia;
  • wetting;
  • small local swelling;
  • itching;
  • burning;
  • pain when opening the mouth.

Bubble rupture is accompanied by the release of a small amount of exudate( fluid) or the appearance of bleeding.Formed slit-like erosion, with a caked purulent-bloody crust.

Characteristic features of candida seizure are the presence of bright red erosion, often covered with an easily removable whitish coating, and the absence of crusts.This variety of angular stomatitis often has a chronic nature of the course with frequent exacerbations.

With started jaedings, long non-healing cracks on the lips form.


To identify the leading etiological factor( including the type of pathogen) allows a laboratory study of a patient's biological material.The study of scraping taken from the affected area promotes the detection of yeast-like fungi.If the result is negative, then candidal angular stomatitis is excluded.

Anemia can be confirmed or eliminated by determining the level of hemoglobin, leukocytes and ESR in the blood test.The study of blood sugar is of great importance for the diagnosis of diabetes.

To eliminate syphilis, Wasserman's reaction is used.

Than to treat заеды in corners of a mouth?

In order for jaedic treatment to be effective, an integrated approach to solving the problem is important.Symptomatic therapy usually produces a short-term effect, and then relapse develops again.In parallel with local treatment, general restorative therapy is needed, the purpose of which is to strengthen the defenses of the body, i.e., strengthening of general and local immunity.

Ointments for the treatment of seizures

For external topical application, mainly ointment dosage forms are used.To choose the most effective ointment for the treatment of seizures, it is necessary to know the nature of the pathological process, i.e., the nature of the pathogen.

Miramistin-ointment For bacterial cause of the disease, preparations with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect are effective - Miramistin, Tetracycline( including tetracycline ophthalmic ointment) and Trimystin.

To treat candidal seizure, it is recommended to use ointments with antiseptic and antifungal components - Stomatode, Clotrimazole and Miramistin.

If there is reason to believe that the seizures are caused by viruses, the treatment is performed with antiviral ointments - Acyclovir or Gerpevira.

With an unidentified pathogen, it is advisable to apply drugs that have fungicidal, antibacterial and weak antiviral properties to the problem areas of the skin and mucous membrane of the lips.These include Fukortsin, Metrogil denta, Miramistin and Stomatodin.


During the healing phase, external agents such as D-Panthenol and Bepanten are shown to patients.

In cases of significant inflammation, agents with antibiotics and glucocorticoids - Triderm and Gyioxysone - are effective.

Vitamins for the treatment of seizures

Vitaminotherapy is of great importance in the treatment of angular stomatitis, because it is hypovitaminosis that is one of the important factors predisposing to the development of pathology.

When bingeing, it is recommended to take the following vitamin preparations:

  • Vitrum;
  • Ascorutin;
  • Ascorbic acid( vitamin C);
  • Tocopherol acetate;
  • Duovit;
  • Multi-tabs;
  • Aevit( a complex preparation that includes vitamins A and E).

Deficiency B2 and many other vitamins can be replenished, making certain adjustments to the diet.

Vitamin B2( riboflavin) is widely present in the following products:

  • kernels of pine nuts;
  • almonds;
  • peanuts;
  • mushrooms( champignons, oily, white, honey agarics, chanterelles);
  • rose hips;
  • spinach;
  • cabbage;
  • processed cheese;
  • milk;
  • curd;
  • liver( pork or beef);
  • chicken eggs;
  • poultry meat( geese);
  • some varieties of sea fish( mackerel).

Traditional restorative products

Zaedy u rta For the treatment of seizures, folk medicine recommends consuming more natural honey and applying other beekeeping products.Healers are advised to lubricate the diseased areas with propolis, which can be mixed with butter.Excellent natural remedies for strengthening immunity and fighting bacteria are fresh garlic and onions.Cutted cloves of garlic can be applied topically, applying directly to the wound.

With candidal angular stomatitis help to cope with regular washing of affected areas with a concentrated solution of sodium bicarbonate( baking soda).

Restorative effect has a medicinal plant Echinacea.You can take infusions, decoctions, as well as pharmacy extracts and tablets.

Fresh crushed leaves of plantain( the gruel is applied to the corners of the mouth) are well helped.

Important: is not recommended to start taking specific immunostimulants or antibiotics on its own.Self-medication may not improve, but worsen the general condition.All pharmacological preparations should be prescribed by a doctor after the examination and obtaining the results of the tests.


If the jaed is not treated in a timely manner, the process progresses, hitting the deeper layers of the skin.When small lymph vessels are affected, exudate will always be released from the wound.The skin is overdried and contracted, and in the end a painful fissure is formed in the corner of the mouth.

Useful advice for those who have had a mischief

Jaeda treatment When treating treatment, it is important to eliminate a number of external factors, often leading to the development of an exacerbation.The patient needs to give up tobacco and get rid of the habit of periodically licking his lips.

It is advisable to use a hygienic lipstick to soften the skin.

During the treatment it is not recommended to eat spicy, salty and acidic food( including a variety of marinades), and fruits and vegetables should be eaten as much as possible.

It is recommended to process the jam with oil obtained from tea tree( olive oil and rosehip oil are also effective), akim with a powerful antiseptic, like 3% boric alcohol, also gives a good effect.Also shown are antiseptic dyes - brilliant green, alcohol solution of iodine and fucocin.After their use, the skin immediately needs to be treated with a moisturizer.

Chumachenko Olga, medical consultant

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