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Sprječavanje toplinskih opeklina u djece


Children are not sitting around, and it's well known to their parents: he did not have time to turn away "literally for a second", as the baby is already screaming in pain - a burn. .. Most often, such injuries occur at home, but they are virtually preventable in every case -Some safety rules.

Contents: Burns in the bathroom - how to prevent Preventing burns from electric heaters Thermal burns in the kitchen - how to prevent

Burns in the bathroom - how not to admit

Burn-hands-boiling water In the bathroom, children often get burns from. .. water!And here there is no fault of the parents, it's just that the rules and sanitary norms were formulated so that hot water from the tap comes with a temperature of 65 degrees( naturally, this is a flat with a centralized water supply).Such a temperature index is considered optimal if it is considered from the point of view of hygiene and prevention of burns. But!To get a burn injury to the child, it is enough to hold your hand under the stream of such water for 2 seconds.

Solving the problem:

  1. If there is a water heater, set it at 50 degrees or lower.For owners of electric boilers, such manipulation is not a problem at all.
  2. If the apartment has hot water supply, then it is necessary to proceed according to the following algorithm:
    • set the mixer handle to the middle position and open the water to maximum;
    • if the water is too hot, then it is necessary to screw the valve cock on a pipe with hot water;
      Remember - ball valves are not designed to regulate the flow of water!
    • to reduce the pressure of hot water should be until its temperature becomes safe for the child.

Such simple actions will help to save the baby from a thermal burn, even if he can independently open a tap with hot water.

Prevention of burns from electric heaters

All electric heaters are considered as potentially dangerous for getting thermal burns for children, but especially you want to allocate an electric stove, kettles and coffee makers, microwave ovens, irons and heaters.All of them are equipped with bright indicator lights, which light up and flash when the device is turned on.This can not but interest the child, so leaving him alone with the included electrical appliance in one room is strongly discouraged.

To protect your child from thermal burns when contacting household appliances, the should observe the following expert advice:

  1. Kuhnia ojogi All electrical wires and cords must be hidden from the eyes of the toddler, otherwise the child will always find a way to pull /Them, and the result will be the fall of the appliance.
  2. It is necessary to hide from small children household electrical equipment - thermobigi, humidifiers, curling irons, hair dryer and heating pad.
  3. All available sockets in the house / apartment must be closed with special plugs so that the baby can not switch on any electrical appliance by himself.
  4. Remove any electrical appliances you need as high as possible from the child.Perhaps, it will be inconvenient to get them, each time resorting to the help of a stool, but after all the prevention of thermal burns of your baby should be above all.

Thermal burns in the kitchen - how to prevent

Immediately warn: absolutely to exclude the risk of getting a burn in the kitchen is impossible even with respect to an adult, and even of children and not worth talking about. However, it is possible and necessary to take some preventive measures:

  1. Safety in your home You can not let a child play in the kitchen, even if it's cozy and warm.It is necessary at once to impart a concept to the kid, that this premise is intended only for preparation and the use of food.
  2. To solve several problems at once, the built-in home appliances will help - the child will not be able to reach the sockets, get tangled in the wires or bring down heavy objects.Therefore, if there is a choice and purchase of household appliances in the kitchen, it is necessary to give preference to the mentioned option.By the way, built-in appliances can be hidden behind the doors, and they have special clothespins attached to them - the kid will definitely be safe.
  3. The microwave oven should be installed above the countertop level, so that the child can not reach its buttons and turn it on.
  4. If a gas stove is installed in the apartment / house, it is necessary to control the gas supply - for example, it is possible to block the valve on the gas pipe.Otherwise, the child will be able to independently open the valves on the gas stove, the room will be filled with gas and further events can develop quite unpredictably.
  5. An excellent option is to purchase an induction cooker - its surfaces do not heat up, so even a tight touch to the included surface will not result in a thermal burn.
  6. Matches, electric lighters need to be kept on the uppermost shelves of the hanging cabinets.Children have an amazing ability to climb everything, which can be substituted for a chair, chair or box with toys for support, so matches near the plate - this is definitely not right and dangerous.
  7. During cooking, handles from pans and pans should be turned to the wall so that the child can not reach them.
  8. Already ready dishes in hot dishes should be put only on the middle of the table, before pushing away from him all the chairs and stools so that the child could not get them to the object of interest.

All the described preventive measures to prevent thermal burns in children really work, they need only be strictly observed.If the burn already takes place, then the parents should immediately call the doctor at home, and do not wash the injured area with water, lubricate with oil and apply some ointments.More details about what assistance the victim may have before the arrival of doctors was written in an article on our website.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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