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Milk spontaneous

Joy of motherhood can not be compared with anything.But at the same time, a woman who has just given birth to a child, especially a first child, always has many questions that require an immediate and detailed response.This is the care of the child, and features of nutrition, and lactation.

In particular, alarmed women often turn to the midwife with a question: why do I leak milk from my chest, even when I do not feed?What does this mean and what should be done in this situation?

Young mothers can calm down - there is no reason for panic here, not the slightest. Spontaneous leakage of milk during lactation is a completely natural and natural phenomenon of .And it should rather please than alarm.

Table of contents: Tides of milk What can cause leakage of milk from nursing?How to prevent milk from flowing?

Tides of milk

milk The fault is still the same hormone oxytocin , which begins to be produced before delivery.He stimulates labor activity, and he is responsible for the production of breast milk.Enough little emotional outburst, crying baby in the middle of the night or thinking about it in the middle of the day, between household chores and worries, so that

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releases oxytocin - and milk begins to ooze.

In fact, the process of lactation - that is, the production of breast milk - begins during pregnancy.He has several stages.The woman's organism prepares for feeding the baby, the breast becomes bigger, swells, and in the last weeks of pregnancy, colostrum can be allocated from the nipples.It's not milk as such.It appears later, about 2 to 5 days after the birth of crumbs.

At this stage, the woman's breast reaches its maximum size, it is filled with milk with very high intensity - this is called " hot flashes of ".They can be several throughout the lactation period.During flushes of milk, the breast becomes very sensitive, hot and even sore.The body temperature of a woman can also increase.If you lightly squeeze your chest now, you can not splash milk - there is nothing surprising in this, because she is overflowing with them.

Some women and obstetricians recommend tensing at the time of hot flashes.Otherwise, milk can stagnate, and this threatens the development of such not-so-pleasant pathologies as lactostasis and mastitis.Thus, spontaneous leakage is a kind of protection measure. It spills out excess breast milk from the breast and thus prevents the development of dangerous diseases that the nursing mother will definitely not need.

What can cause leakage of milk from the nursing?

Milk-from-chest After the tide comes the stage of "mature" lactation, the self-regulation process starts.The chest becomes slightly smaller in size and much softer than .Now it is already clear how much milk the baby needs, and it is produced exactly that much.The breast swells again only if, for whatever reason, the feeding time has been missed and the milk accumulates in it.

It should be said that the timing of the onset of mature lactation in each woman is individual.It takes only a few weeks for the body to stabilize milk production.In other women this period lasts up to several months.All this is perfectly normal and does not indicate any violations in the body, there is no reason to consult a doctor.Spontaneous leakage is typical for this period - the formation of mature lactation. It can be provoked by :

  • feeding the baby - when the baby sucks one breast, the milk flows from the other;
  • drinking hot drink;
  • sudden movement of the hand or body, especially shortly before the upcoming feeding;
  • accidental depression of the chest - for example, during a night's sleep;
  • any positive emotions, thoughts about the child;
  • as a response to the crying of the baby.

No need to blame yourself for inaccuracy and uncleanliness - you have absolutely nothing to do with it.As already mentioned above, this is the work of the hormone oxytocin, with all the desire to control its release, a woman can not.But about what it can and should do to avoid getting into awkward situations - below.

How do I prevent milk from flowing?

milk Everything is very simple.First, you need to buy a comfortable underwear specifically for nursing women from natural tissues , if you do not already have it.Synthetic underwear now is not the best option.Secondly, you must definitely use tabs in the underwear to collect leaking breast milk .In their structure, these tabs resemble daily gaskets and operate on the same principle.If there is a lot of milk leaks, then they are consumed very quickly.

To save money at home, you can use pieces of a clean diaper or gauze folded in several layers instead of them.But such shreds should be changed as often as possible, and before each feeding wash the breast with clean warm water.Then the bacteria will not have a chance, and your underwear and clothes will always be clean.


It is important to know that leakage of milk from the breast during feeding is a natural and harmless .Even when the child is already weaned, excretions can be noted for several more months - for example, when pressing on the chest or under a hot shower.This is also normal.


If leakage persists even six months after stopping breastfeeding, it is worth to see a doctor - there may be a hormonal disorder.

Of course, spontaneous leakage of milk can cause inconvenience, especially if this happens in people and the allocation is so abundant that it appears through the bra and clothing.But it's better to let the milk be in excess than it will not be at all - in fact in this case it is necessary to pass to the adapted mixtures, which is not at all beneficial to the health and development of the baby.

Therefore, do not be too embarrassed and worried - this is quite a physiological phenomenon, which will soon pass.In the meantime, you just need to carefully monitor yourself and do not forget about the tabs in the underwear - then no embarrassment in public places or before the home will happen.

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