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Oreh Breast milk is the best way to feed a baby.From the very beginning of life, this product gives the growing body all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.To ensure that your child receives only the best, a nursing mother needs to monitor her diet and clearly monitor the amount and quality of food consumed.One of the suitable products can be safely called a walnut.How much can you eat per day, and how useful are the nuts when breastfeeding the baby, and also whether there are any contraindications - all of this we will discuss in this article.

Contents: Than useful walnuts What is in this product?How to properly use walnuts for lactation Conclusion

Than useful walnuts

Like any other nut, the Greek contains quite a few calories.So, for 100 grams of walnuts 656 kcal are necessary, the overwhelming part of them being fats, and carbohydrates, in contrast, they have a rather small amount. Based on this, you can say that you will not spoil your figure by using a handful of fruits.In addition, including them in the diet with breastfeeding, your milk will receive additional amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, which, of course, will only help your baby.The product in question contains carotenoids and an essential oil.These elements make your baby less irritable and have a positive effect on sleep.

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Note: this type of nuts has ascorbic acid in its composition, which will help the mother with a slight cold or usual overwork.In addition, it is much better than taking the pill while breastfeeding.

What's in this product?


Walnut - a whole storehouse of useful components.In its composition there are many vitamins of group B, A, E, PP, K. There is also an opinion that citrus fruits, berries and fruits contain a huge amount of vitamin C. I want to note that the walnut not only not inferior to them, but significantlyExcels.But there is one nuance - if the fetus is ripe, then vitamin C in it is significantly less than in earlier stages of maturation.

As mentioned above, walnuts have a colossal amount of protein and almost no carbohydrates.

Given all of the above factors, many will think that a walnut - just an integral part of the diet of a nursing mother.Some even independently attribute to the walnut false positive properties, which have not yet been scientifically proven. Many argue that walnuts increase the amount of milk, but experts insist that this is just a placebo effect.The maximum that this product can do is increase the fat content of breast milk.

Important: should not forget that walnuts are an allergenic product, such is the essential oil that contains the fruit.In the event that there are people in the family circle who suffer from allergies to food or asthma, do not rush with the addition of walnuts in the diet.

Due to the abuse of nuts by the mother, the baby's body accumulates an allergen and can manifest itself even after a few weeks. Unequivocally it is necessary to exclude nuts from the diet to allergic people.For the rest, it's a useful product, but you should not abuse it.

How to properly use walnuts for lactation

Oreh The answer, as always, is on the surface: everything has its own measure.Do not rush to extremes and eat walnuts with kilograms, organizing yourself a breakfast, lunch and dinner.This will not lead to good consequences.But you do not need to completely abandon it.
Experts are confident that 2-3 walnut fetuses are quite suitable for the definition of a "daily rate", this will only improve your state and health of your baby .

But it should be noted that the walnut should be consumed only in raw form, do not fry, do not cook.It is also important to monitor your child's condition after you have fed him a breast and at the same time ate a few nuts. If the baby starts abdominal pain or rashes, then give up walnuts for a few days and see if his condition will change for the better.

Each organism is individual, therefore it is not necessary to give the child what you think is best for him or to make from him a "field for experiments".Do not play with the health of your child, take this matter as seriously as possible.After all, otherwise it can lead to serious consequences, ranging from excess weight and digestive disorders, to lactostasis.

In case the child reacts positively to adding walnuts to your diet, but at the same time its weight is below the norm, you can slightly increase the daily amount of nuts, this will only help the baby to get stronger .

For you personally, excessive consumption of walnuts also will not pass without a trace.Fanatic eating of a product can lead to inflammation of the tonsils and even vasospasm in the brain. It should be noted that walnut is strongly discouraged, and even forbidden, for psoriasis, colitis and eczema.


As mentioned above, some people, far from medicine, believe that walnuts increase the amount of breast milk, however this is self-deception and nothing more.Yes, this food contributes to the allocation of more thick milk due to the increased content of fats;It helps the growing body to saturate much faster and for a longer period of time.
So, we can conclude that this product is very appropriate to use during breastfeeding, unless, of course, not to abuse.Do not forget about contraindications.If all the conditions are met, then the walnut will be your assistant in strengthening your health and health of the crumbs.

Natalia Tavaluk, medical reviewer

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