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Een scherpe pijn in de buik - oorzaken en wat te doen?

Sharp pain in the lower abdomen - the reasons and what to do?

Pain in the lower abdomen is a syndrome that every second experienced.It is this that is so sharp and sharp that it forces you to call an ambulance and get registered with a medical institution for examination and treatment.The problem is that the pain in the lower abdomen is classified as a nonspecific symptom and can mean the development of a variety of different pathologies.Therefore, only the specialist will be able to diagnose the true cause of appearance of the syndrome in question - he will necessarily collect information about the nature of pain, the time of its appearance, whether it can be associated with a woman's menstrual cycle and other data.And it is worth considering - the localization of the pain syndrome may be inaccurate and not be an exact projection of the organ affected by the pathology.

Table of contents: Acute abdominal pain in men and women Acute abdominal pain in women Acute lower abdominal pain during pregnancy Severe abdominal pain in men

Acute lower abdominal pain in men and women

Most commonly considered pain syndromeIs associated with impaired functioning of the digestive and urinary systems.Doctors identify several reasons that can cause the appearance of abdominal pain in people, regardless of their gender. These include:

  1. Acute urinary retention.This pathological condition can develop against the background of urolithiasis, malignant tumors in the organs of the urinary system, with inflammation of the prostate gland in men.Acute urinary retention is characterized not only by the pain in the lower abdomen( it is clearly localized - 1-2 fingers below the navel), but also by a steady feeling of overflow of the bladder.At the same time, the toilet does not yield any results - urine either goes in extremely small amounts, or does not leave the bladder at all.
  2. Appendicitis.It is an inflammation of the appendix of the cecum, for which the acute pain in the lower abdomen with localization in the right ileal region is the main symptom.Very rarely appendicitis is manifested by pain in the left iliac region or in the area of ​​the navel - this can occur against the background of an atypical arrangement of internal organs.In addition to acute pain in the lower abdomen, the pathological condition under consideration is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever.

Note: if there is diagnosed chronic appendicitis, then acute pain in the lower abdomen will not be - for this development of the inflammatory process is characterized by aching, non-intensive pain.If the patient is worried about acute pain, it means only one thing: you need to immediately seek medical help.

  1. Acute intestinal obstruction.Acute abdominal pain in this condition is often the main symptom, especially if the pathology develops in the lower parts of the intestine.Typical for the pain syndrome in this case will be sudden appearance, increased gas formation( flatulence with a difficult passage of gases) and constipation.
  2. Infringement of an inguinal hernia.This condition always arises suddenly, but usually it is associated with excessive physical exertion - for example, pain syndrome occurs immediately after lifting weights.As a rule, patients with infringement of an inguinal hernia can not precisely specify a place of localization of a painful syndrome.On the background of acute pain, diarrhea appears in the lower abdomen, and after a few hours the escape of gases and feces ceases altogether, but vomiting begins.It is this development of the clinical picture that gives the reason for the specialist to put the unspecified diagnosis of intestinal obstruction.The final conclusion is made only after a full examination of the patient.

All the above pathological conditions present a danger to the health and even life of the patient, therefore, when acute pain occurs in the lower abdomen, and even more so when accompanied by the symptoms indicated, it is necessary to immediately seek professional help.Self-medication, taking medications with analgesic effect, using hot compresses and other methods of getting rid of pain is unacceptable.

Acute abdominal pain in women

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This syndrome can also mean the development of gynecological diseases, so you need to know what can cause acute pain in the abdomen specifically in women. Specialists identify several such reasons:

  1. Shutterstock_130870775 Torsion of the leg of the ovarian cyst.This condition is possible only with a previously diagnosed ovarian cyst, the pain in the lower abdomen appears after the torsion has led to the cessation of blood flow into the benign neoplasm.The woman will make complaints not only for acute pain in the lower abdomen, but also for severe vomiting, nausea.This condition requires immediate medical attention, usually doctors decide to perform a surgical procedure.
  2. Ovary apoplexy.This hemorrhage, which is characterized by rupture / breakthrough of the ovary wall.Women feel a sharp, intense pain in the abdomen - it is localized from the side where the pathological process occurs( if there was an apoplexy of the left ovary, then the syndrome in question will be present on the left side), irradiates into the rectum.The pain in many cases is so sharp and intense that the woman loses consciousness.In addition to pain, apoplexy of the ovary is characterized by severe weakness, pallor of the face, the appearance of sweat on the face( it will act as large drops) and dizziness - these symptoms are due to the ongoing blood loss.These symptoms signal a danger - medical care should be provided immediately.
  3. Acute inflammation of the uterine appendages.The pain in the lower abdomen in this case will be dull and aching.But if an acute inflammatory process begins to develop as a complication after the artificial termination of pregnancy or childbirth, the pain will be acute and intense.

All of the above pathologies lead to the fact that women's health and life are threatened.Doctors insist on emergency treatment for medical care when there is acute pain in the lower abdomen - as a rule, only surgical intervention can stabilize the patient's condition.

Acute abdominal pain during pregnancy

Acute abdominal pain during pregnancy First of all, if there is an acute attack of pain in the lower abdomen, there are suspicions about the development of an ectopic pregnancy( if previously the fact of conception was confirmed by a gynecologist).This condition is very dangerous in that there may be rupture of the uterine tube and the release of the fetal egg - the development of peritonitis, sepsis is almost inevitable.A woman can complain of acute pain in the lower abdomen, pulling sensations in the rectum, severe weakness and dizziness.Help can be rendered only by professionals - ectopic pregnancy implies the use of surgical treatment.

If the pregnancy was diagnosed as a uterine, but in the early stages( in the first three months) a woman has a sharp pain in the lower abdomen, this may be evidence of a miscarriage that began.Usually, this condition is accompanied by the appearance of low-intensity bloody discharge from the vagina, but if no help is provided, then the bleeding will intensify, the pain becomes more intense.You should immediately consult a doctor - in most cases, the pregnancy can be saved.

Acute abdominal pain during pregnancy can be a sign of abruption of the placenta - this pathology can occur either after a stroke in the stomach, or after the fall of the future mummy.This condition is characterized by bleeding, and, abundant.Premature detachment of the placenta is a direct threat to the future child, therefore, if acute pain occurs in the abdomen in the 2-3 trimester of pregnancy, it is urgent to contact a medical institution.

Note: a sharp pain of cramping in the last month of pregnancy can only be a sign of the onset of labor - you just need to arrive at the maternity hospital.

Acute abdominal pain in men

Sharp pain in the lower abdomen in men According to statistics, acute pain in the lower abdomen in women is most often associated with pathological processes in the organs of the reproductive system, but for men this syndrome is usually associated with a violation of the digestive system.Very rarely considered syndrome can be provoked by dysfunction of the prostate gland, testicles and their appendages.But all these pathologies, in addition to the pain syndrome, have other specific symptoms - they precisely and quickly differentiate the syndrome under consideration.

In acute inflammation of the testicles and the prostate, a man will complain not only of acute pain in the lower abdomen, but also of unpleasant sensations in the scrotum, a violation of urination( it will be either rapid or poor), the appearance of purulent discharge from the urethra.Usually, these inflammatory processes develop as a complication after the infectious diseases of the genital tract, as well as influenza, mumps and scarlet fever.

Note: in some cases inflammatory processes in the prostate gland, testicles and their appendages can occur with "lubricated" symptoms - pain in the lower abdomen, for example, will be blunt and non-intensive.This leads to the fact that a man turns late for medical help - the probability of transformation of an acute process into a chronic one is very high.

Pain in the lower abdomen of an acute, harsh character - this is certainly an anxiety syndrome.Patients often begin to engage in self-medication with the appearance of the described symptom - this is in principle unacceptable!The fact is that No-shpa, Analgin, Ketanov, Baralgin and other medications with analgesic / antispasmodic effect can "lubricate" the clinical picture - it will be difficult for the doctor to diagnose and determine the therapeutic measures.And the fact that the doctor's call will definitely be, you can not doubt - acute pain in the abdomen almost always means the development of a serious pathological process.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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