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sea ​​bass

Sea bass is a very delicious fish, appreciated by both gourmets, doctors, and nutritionists.You can learn it by the characteristic bright coral color of scales, a scallop with sharp thorns on the back and round bulging eyes.The sea bass does not remind us of anything else of its river brother - the composition and properties of this species are completely different.

In natural conditions it can be found in the depths of the Black or Norwegian Seas, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans .The depth of 500 meters is quite comfortable for sea bass, the shape of the body of the fish and its eyes indicate how this species has adapted to life deep beneath the water column.

There are several different types of sea bass.The most popular beak, golden perch, white, blue, stone .This perch is a predator, because its meat is so tender and juicy.He prefers not to hunt for his prey, but to wait for her in ambush.

Interesting! The perch is very voracious: under favorable circumstances it easily clogs the populations of smaller fish.Smallest specimens can fit in the palm of your hand, while the largest ones are more than one meter long and weigh more than 15 kg.

If the sea bass is not caught and not eaten, it can survive up to 15 years - for fish this is a long time.The way of reproduction of this species is amazing.Unlike most of their relatives, females of sea perch do not spawn, but produce fry at once.

Composition and caloric content of

At the end of the last century, this fish was so actively caught that today it was necessary to establish restrictions on catching sea bass - its number sharply decreased.And all because the meat of this fish is very valuable and nutritious.It has everything - minerals, vitamins, protein, amino acids, useful fats and a minimum of calories. In one batch of sea bass, you can find almost all the necessary daily rate of substances such as:

  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • calcium;
  • iodine;
  • zinc;
  • copper;
  • iron;
  • potassium;
  • sulfur;
  • chrome;
  • cobalt;
  • Manganese.

Fish In the case of vitamins, the whole of the alphabet is present in the sea bass - vitamins A, B, C, D, E, as well as nicotinic acid, referred to as PP.This fish contains polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, taurine and a powerful antioxidant myelin.

The one-gram slice of fish contains about 18 g of protein and only slightly more than 3 g of fat, while there are no carbohydrates at all.Calorie content of sea bass is 100 Kcal per 100 g.

Interesting! If the meat is boiled, then the calorie content can rise to 112 Kcal, but if you cook it, it immediately goes up to 180. The least caloric cold smoked fish - in a 100-gram piece contains only 88 Kcal.

Useful properties

a fish First of all, sea bass is useful as a source of proteins, microelements and vitamins to everyone who struggles with excess kilograms. People who adhere to a strict diet, often receive less than the required amount of nutrients.The perch will provide the body with everything that it needs, without adding a single gram of fat.

As fish meat is rich in fatty acids of the omega-3 series, it is recommended to use it for everyone who has high cholesterol and has a tendency to atherosclerosis.Due to the large number of antioxidants, the marine inhabitant warns of hypoxia and acts with regular use as a rejuvenating product - this is especially valuable for women.

In addition, this fish should be in the diet of all patients suffering from high blood sugar and thyroid dysfunction .

Harm and contraindications

Harm a sea bass can only if you regularly overeat fried fish.Very rarely, this variety becomes the cause of an allergic reaction.Do not get carried away with idiosyncrasy, urolithiasis and gouty arthritis.

Tips and tricks

a fish How to choose the perch?Fresh fish can be found only in seaside regions or in elite fish shops. In the markets and in supermarkets, sea bass is mainly delivered frozen.Carcases can be whole, or already prepared - without the head, gills and innards.The skin is often left, as it is difficult to clean the scales.You can also find on sale fillets of sea bass.

When buying, you always need to focus on the smell of fish.It should smell like seawater and algae, if the smell is slightly different - it could mean that the fish has been repeatedly thawed and frozen or stored incorrectly.Proteins in fish fillets begin to decompose after a few hours after defrosting, if it is not in the refrigerator.

A corrupted product can cause serious food poisoning, if the smell seems questionable, it is better not to buy it. Further it is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • scales - it should not be slippery, sticky, or brittle and over-dried;
  • tail and fins - slightly moist, but not dry;
  • gills - light red or pink, not slimy and not stuck together;
  • itself - when pressed, the meat should take the same shape, spring, and not form pits;
  • cut fillet - homogeneous, light, without yellowness and greens.

If you purchase a perch in a package, pay attention to its tightness and integrity and be sure to check the expiration date of the .After opening the package or can, the salted and smoked perch is stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days, the thawed fish should be cooked on the same day.

Important! Fish should be carefully disassembled: its fins are very sharp and can injure hands.They cut with scissors, and if you want to remove the skin, you will have to carouse the carcass with boiling water.

But then everything is simple, this fish has almost no bones, and therefore it is suitable for baby food.The fillet is prepared very quickly, it can be baked with lemon and fresh herbs, or fried in flour in a pan.And from the small fish you get a very delicious ear.

Sea bass can be salted or canned, it is tasty in both oil and tomato.If you are looking for a new dish for a festive table, cook a pie or a pie with perch - this is an excellent option for discovering tasty, lean and very useful sea fish.

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