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Acne en puistjes op de rug: de oorzaken van en de manieren van de behandeling

Acne on the back

Acne and acne are one of the most unpleasant skin diseases that a person can face throughout life.Often they are able not only to seriously spoil the mood with their unsightly appearance, but they can cause severe discomfort and even pain.

Often acne, pimples and comedones - small black dots, tightly clogging the pores, can appear not only on the face or sensitive parts of the body, for example, the buttocks, but can also form on the back and shoulders.

Contents: How are acne formed?Types of acne Causes of acne and acne on the back General rules and rules for acne on the back Acne and acne medications for acne

How are acne formed?

The formation of acne begins with the overlapping of the ducts of the sebaceous glands with the keratinized scales of the upper layers of the skin.Usually this happens when there are any disturbances, in a healthy organism the dead particles of the epithelium go out from under the skin together with the sweat and sebum to the surface and are separated from the body in a natural way.


The gradually occluded follicle begins to become inflamed, accumulates in itself more and more dead cells, dirt and substances that provoke decomposition and decay processes right under the skin.When the area of ​​pus becomes quite extensive, ordinary or subcutaneous acne appears on the surface of the epithelium.In the first case, the accumulation of pathogenic flora and purulent contents comes to the surface itself, leaving behind a small post-acne scar.In the second case, a large, noticeable pimple with a dense white crown is formed.


Types of acne

Depending on what caused the clogging of the duct, dermatologists distinguish several types of inflammatory skin processes of this type:

  • conventional open comedones or dark dots - the result of plugging surplus sebumThe mouth of the follicle of the hair;
  • papules or pineal eruptions are the initial stage of an abscess formation just beginning to collect its contents under the skin;
  • large whiteheads - the accumulation of subcutaneous fat under the follicle of the hair, which can not break through the upper layer of the epidermis;
  • pustules, ulcers, pimples - ripened papules, which completely accumulated purulent contents;
  • cystic inflammatory formations - acne, which is a hardened, decomposing mass of sebum, completely clogged the pore or follicle.games

Most often, acne and pimples are poured out individually and do not cause any particular harm or discomfort, as they quickly leave the skin. If acne and acne on the back and shoulders appear constantly, it is best to consult a dermatologist and find out the reason for the continuous formation of inflammatory areas under the skin.

Causes of acne and acne on the back

Small and large abscesses under the skin can form and form into whole rashes of comedones, acne and acne in the following cases:

  1. Disturbance of the normal functioning of the hormonal system of the body in case of illness or age-related adjustment: transitional age, climacteric state, pregnancy.
  2. Disorders of the digestive system, negatively affecting the exchange functions of the upper layer of the skin.Thus, in the case of various types of poisoning, the accumulation of pathogenic microflora in the digestive system, or failures during digestion, the body seeks to get rid of harmful and dangerous substances, secreting them through the skin.
  3. Tkany Intercostal neuralgia in some cases provokes acne formation on the back and shoulders.
  4. Skin reaction to irritating tissues, synthetic fibers, too narrow, pulling together garments.
  5. Increased secretory function of the skin, excessive sweating.
  6. Dermatoses of various types.
  7. Frequent disturbances, stresses, neuroses cause the glands of internal secretion to work in a strengthened mode, which leads to destabilization of the excretory function of the upper layer of the epidermis and the appearance of acne.
  8. Significant reduction in immunity.
  9. The lack of vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of the skin.
  10. The action of drugs taken orally used or used externally.
  11. Ignoring the norms and rules of personal hygiene.
  12. Allergic reaction.
  13. Increased or, conversely, insufficient UV light.In the first case, due to overheating, the work of the sebaceous glands and the production of protective enzymes increase, in the second case, the lack of heat and sun rays prevents the body from functioning normally, leading to general fatigue, exhaustion and decreased immunity.

Only after an accurate determination of the cause of the formation of acne on the back of the skin specialist selects the most effective and effective treatment.

General rules and regulations for acne on the back

In order to quickly and effectively get rid of regularly appearing acne on the back, you need to carefully follow several rules:

  • Visypania na tele It is necessary to visit a dermatologist and determine what caused the formation of an increased number of foci of inflammation on the skin of the back and shoulders. After finding out all the circumstances of the appearance of acne and acne and the appointment of appropriate drug treatment, you need to take the prescribed pharmaceuticals strictly by the course and regularly use ointments and creams with medicinal substances.External medicinal products are applied only to freshly washed, treated with antiseptic skin.
  • It will be necessary to pay close attention to personal hygiene. The skin should be fresh and clean most of the day, so take a shower with soap you need up to 3 times a day.It is desirable to use a medium-hard sponge for an additional scrubbing effect - this will help to clear the clogged pores faster.
  • The nutrition plays a big role in the treatment of acne on the back. It is necessary to refuse from harmful, fatty, fried, excessively sweet or salty food.It will take some time to maintain a diet, which should include a large number of products containing useful vitamins and trace elements for the skin: nuts, cereals, white bread, lean meat and fish, dairy products.In cases where acne was caused by the body's reaction to the appearance of a food allergen, the source of the negative reaction should be immediately removed from the daily diet.
  • During treatment for acne, drink as much liquid as possible. Pure water accelerates metabolic processes, normalizes the circulation of nutrients and supplies them to the upper layers of the epidermis.In addition, water helps to remove a large number of harmful substances that cause toxic reactions that appear on the skin in the form of acne eruptions.
  • Magic pill Skin will require a large number of trace elements and organic acids to quickly cope with the appearance of inflammation. It will be best to choose a vitamin-mineral complex containing the necessary doses of such components.In modern pharmacies there is a wide selection of biologically active additives and vitamin-mineral complexes designed to maintain beauty and radiant skin type: Complivit, Special Merz Dragee, Perfectil.For the most effective treatment before buying a vitamin complex should consult with a specialist.

Harmful habits and ingestion of substances that have toxic effects on the body have a very negative effect on the health of the skin. It is necessary to stop using tobacco and alcohol, it is desirable to stop taking medications that provoke negative reactions to the upper layer of the epidermis or consult a doctor to replace the daily drug with a safer skin.

In order to relieve the skin of excessive friction, irritation, discomfort and excessive sweating, you need to pay attention to clothing that is in direct contact with the body and bed linen.It is best to give preference to things from natural, breathable tissues that do not constrict movement and do not leave a feeling of discomfort after removing the garment from the body.

The implementation of these simple rules will help to get rid of the problem in mild cases of regular formation of a large number of acne and acne on the back and significantly reduce the number of ulcers in severe cases.

Pharmacological and cosmetic products for acne on the back

To eliminate acne on the back and shoulders the following remedies are prescribed:

  1. Etiological, aimed at eliminating the internal cause of ulcers: antihistamines( Claritin, Gystan) with allergies, sedatives( Afobazol, Persen) with stress and neuroses, hormonal drugs taken strictly in doses prescribed by the doctor - with endocrine disorders.To remove toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, sorbents are assigned( White Coal, Lactofiltrum).
  2. Mazy Ointments and creams containing hormones-corticosteroids to reduce the intensity of inflammation( Baziron), or special lotions and creams with a high content of substances that can have a strong antiseptic effect on the skin( Zinerit, Metrogil).Often, specialist doctors prescribe ointments containing both hormonal and antiseptic substances( Acriderm GK, Akriderm SK, Beloderm, Belosalik, etc.).
  3. Depending on the type of skin, its sensitivity and the financial state of the patient, cosmetic products are selected from various rulers that have proved themselves in the dermatological market.Regular use of specialized solutions, scrubs and ointments will help to reduce the amount of acne, will return the skin an attractive, radiant appearance and will have an additional heal and strengthening effect.Before using any chosen remedy, an allergic reaction test should be performed to avoid the appearance of adverse side effects.
  4. In some cases, it may be sufficient to treat the skin with simple antiseptic drugs, such as salicylic and boric alcohol.They have a drying and cleansing effect on the upper layers of the epidermis and prevent the penetration of harmful substances into the site of inflammation.

Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and nutrition is not only a good method of treating acne on the back, but is also widely used as a method of preventing relapses of such inflammations.Taking care of your own health will help keep the skin clean and beautiful.

Saponenko Marina, dermatologist



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