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Sick fingers: what to do?

Fingers hurt

The most mobile part of the human body is the hands.Their unique anatomical structure provides a wide range of movements, so that people can perform the finest work.Nowadays, not only the elderly, but also young enough people complain that their fingers are sore.What to do in this situation?

Before taking adequate measures, the cause of the pain and possible limitation of mobility should be established. When unpleasant symptoms appear, it is strongly recommended not to postpone the visit to the doctor: consultation of an expert arthrologist and rheumatologist is necessary.

Table of contents: Causes of pain in the fingers Diagnosis Treatment for pain in the joints of the fingers

Causes of pain in the fingers

Leading causes of pain in the joints of the fingers:

  • arthritis( including rheumatoid and psoriatic);
  • gout;
  • polyostoarthrosis;
  • rizartrose;
  • theosinovite de Cervena;
  • Raynaud's syndrome;
  • carpal tunnel syndrome( tunnel syndrome).

Sore fingers Important: Reynaud's syndrome, as well as tunnel syndrome, is found in about a third of patients who seek medical attention for pain and stiffness in the hands.

Arthritis is a disease of inflammatory genesis.Typical clinical manifestations of pathology are local swelling and swelling, skin hyperemia in the projection of the affected joint, pain and restriction of movements.The nature of the course, the severity of the symptoms and the dynamics of the process are determined by causal factors.

For arthritis of bacterial etiology, fever and a pronounced febrile reaction are characteristic.The rheumatoid variety( i.e., a disease with an autoimmune component) in addition to the fingers usually grasps other larger joints.In the absence of timely adequate therapy, a deformation of the hands develops.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic pathology characterized by steadily progressing deformation on the background of dystrophic and degenerative changes in tissues.Arthrosis affects more than half the population of the age group of 50 years.Against the background of this pathology, the lesion is usually symmetrical.Among the most common complaints in addition to pain include numbness and morning stiffness in the hands( reduction in the amplitude of movements).Over time, the limb is deformed, the muscles become thinner and weaker, and the skin coarsens.

Fingers hurt

Young people( up to 30 years old) rarely suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.The incidence rate among women is about 5 times higher than that for men."Trigger hook" for the start of a pathological process is usually a severe illness transferred, severe stress or hypothermia.

First of all, suffer from metacarpophalangeal joints;In parallel inflamed and wrist.The process almost always symmetrically affects both limbs.The pains have a property significantly increased at night( especially - in the morning), and in the daytime their intensity decreases.Local manifestations of the disease are accompanied by a feeling of general weakness, often hyperthermia with chills and a gradual decrease in body weight.

Psoriatic arthritis causes pain in the fingers of the hand in 5% of cases.The defeat of the joints develops after the characteristic skin manifestations of psoriasis.For the disease is inherent in the so-called."Axial" inflammation, which affects all the joints of individual fingers.

Tenosynovitis de Kervena affects the ligaments and muscles of only the thumb.A characteristic feature is a pain syndrome localized in the base of the base of the big toe in the wrist joint.Pain can occur either after a load, or spontaneously.It is strengthened when trying to unbend the joint in the direction of the forearm.

Similar symptomatology in rizartrose.These diseases can be differentiated by X-ray examination( for rizartroza, a change in the bone tissue is characteristic).

Reynaud's syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome are characterized by a combination of pain and numbness in the fingers.

Arthritis of the joints of the fingers Gout( gouty arthritis) is a metabolic disease in which urate crystals are deposited in joints.In the early stages of development, small joints( fingers and feet) are affected, and, as they develop, larger ones.For gout, especially during the exacerbation, there are clinical manifestations such as intense pain and severe burning sensation in the affected area, skin hyperemia and swelling in the projection of the affected joint, as well as a febrile reaction.

Poliosteoarthrosis of the fingers is rarely diagnosed in patients younger than 40 years.Representatives of the fair sex suffer them much more often.A typical manifestation of pathology is the formation of nodules on the back and side surfaces of the joints between the middle and nail phalanx.As a rule, they appear symmetrically on both hands.In every third case, the degradation of cartilaginous tissue with the appearance of nodules is asymptomatic, but more often the process is accompanied by pain and burning.


Precisely to establish why the fingers are sore, only an experienced specialist can.If you do not start treatment in time, you may lose the opportunity for active movements and disability.

The diagnosis is based on anamnesis and the results of additional studies.When collecting an anamnesis, the doctor should find out not only the nature of the complaints and the time of the onset of the first symptoms, but also the possible presence of joint diseases in the patient's close relatives.In the development of certain pathologies of the joints, an important role is played by hereditary( family) predisposition.

Studies required for complaints of pain in the fingers:

  • Radiography;
  • blood test( general and "biochemistry");
  • urine test.

Important: for identifying the etiology of the disease, i.e., the reasons that caused it, in the laboratory, the presence / absence of a specific rheumatoid factor, antibodies to streptococci and the level of nitrogen compounds - purines.

Treatment for pain in the joints of the fingers

Therapeutic tactics are determined by the type of the disease, the severity of the symptoms, the dynamics of the pathological process and the peculiarities of the clinical course.


Sredstvo ot boly palcev ruk When prescribing medicines, the possible presence of a hypersensitivity to their active components is taken into account.

Complex treatment of joints involves the appointment of a patient with pharmacological drugs from a group of chondroprotectors.Their active substances stop the degeneration of the cartilaginous tissue and stimulate its recovery.

One of the most effective tools in this category is Collagen Ultra, which includes extracts of medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals and hydrolyzate of natural collagen, the most important component of connective tissue.The preparation is available in the form of a dilution powder( biologically active additive!), As well as in the form of a gel and ointment for topical external application.

Note: , a number of specialists question the effectiveness of gels and ointments, because only a small amount of active substances penetrates directly through the skin and underlying tissues to the cartilage.

For symptomatic therapy, drugs from the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed:

  • Diclofenac;
  • Paracetamol;
  • Acetylsalicylic acid;
  • Ketorol;
  • Ketonal;
  • Indomethacin.

Sore fingers These remedies can not only reduce inflammation, but also reduce pain or reduce its intensity.

Note: administration of NSAIDs( especially long-term and uncontrolled) often causes the development or exacerbation of gastritis and gastric ulcer.Disorders are possible - nausea and diarrhea.

Ointments and gels with anesthesin, novocaine and other anesthetics are prescribed as analgesics.The temporary relief of the condition is also promoted by cooling gels based on menthol.

Note: can not be actively kneading fingers in case of intense pain syndrome.It is important to remember that in cases where the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue of the joint has already begun, physical exertion can only damage.

If rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed, the patient is usually given glucocorticosteroids.The intake of these hormonal drugs must be combined with the use of local remedies - ointments containing anesthetic.After relief of acute symptoms, the patient is also prescribed cytostatics, immunosuppressors and monoclonal antibodies to normalize the functional activity of the immune system.

Non-drug therapy in situations where

fingers are sore. In addition to medicines, patients are shown local massage and specially designed gymnastic exercises.They are necessary for stimulation of local blood circulation( as a result - improvement of trophism of tissues and their saturation with oxygen), and also for optimization of mobility.

A good therapeutic effect allows you to achieve physiotherapy.Depending on the nature of the disease, the patient can be shown paraffin therapy, ultrasound treatment or balneotherapy( mud therapy).Electrophoresis with solutions of anesthetics helps to reduce the pain in the fingers.

Of great importance is the normalization of the regime - the correct alternation of rest and strictly dosage physical loads.Patients are important to follow a prescribed diet, which usually involves reducing fat, fried and salted.Particular attention should be given to diet, if gouty arthritis is diagnosed.It is necessary to refrain from alcohol and smoking.

Pain in the joints of the fingers and traditional medicine

Sore fingers An excellent remedy for pain in the fingers is a tincture of hot pepper.The pods need to be poured with vodka or medical alcohol and allow the liquid to infuse in a dark place for several hours.Wadded or gauze tampons, richly moistened with the obtained alcohol extract, should be applied in the projection of the patient joint for 15-20 minutes daily 2-3 times a day.Usually the pains decrease or go away after a month of course treatment.Then this folk remedy can be used for exacerbations to stop new seizures.

At night, it is recommended to make a pack of boiled oat flakes or a mixture of yogurt with chalked chalk.

In the morning on an empty stomach it is advisable to take a mixture of 1 tbsp.Olive or refined sunflower oil and a few drops of freshly squeezed garlic juice.

Garlic juice can also be taken with milk or make compresses with it.Before application, the skin needs to be lubricated with cream.

In spring( in May), you can make a tincture from the inflorescences of lilacs.They need to be insisted on vodka for 1-2 weeks in a dark place, shaking the container daily.The liquid must be rubbed into sore spots during an attack.

Please note: fingers should be kept warm until the agent acts( pain in the fingers, usually in half an hour).Similarly tincture of chestnut inflorescences is prepared and applied.

One of the most effective folk remedies for the treatment of arthralgia is grated potatoes.Fresh peeled tubers are left in the sun until they acquire a greenish shade.Then they are ground, poured hot water and make a compress at night.

Narodnye-sredstva-pri-poliartrite You can prepare yourself an ointment that relieves pain in the fingers.To do this, take the previously ground juniper and laurel leaves and mix with butter.With this home ointment, the hands should be massaged every day, preferably in the evening.Similarly, a mixture of St. John's wort and Vaseline can be used.

The baths with the decoction of birch buds are good for the pain.To enhance the therapeutic effect in the decoction, it is advisable to add pine needles and sea salt.

For rubbing joints, folk healers are advised to use alcohol tincture of dandelion flowers.

Inside it is advisable to take a decoction of the branches of the viburnum( 100 ml per day) or vodka tincture on the shell and septums of walnuts( 1 tablespoon before meals).

Vladimir Plisov, medical reviewer

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